trying to give back

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trying to give back

Postby VirtuallyFine » Sat Mar 20, 2004 8:49 am

You know how you feel guilty b/c you are continually having to ask for assistance with things (well - not to project my neuroses on all of you - but this is how I feel)...

WELL! Yesterday I had the opportunity to help someone else. One of the guys I work with (I am the ONLY woman in my dept which produces a litany of funny stories apart from this) needed a ride to drop off his car for service.

I offered (feeling perky yesterday b/c I slept through the night)...and OFF I DROVE! :D

1st mistake...drove for 10 min the wrong way (south instead of north) to the dealership he was waiting to be picked up at (not MS, just my inability to work with directions) 8)

2nd mistake...when I figured out mistake #1 and turned around, I spotted the dealership sign, and in my excitement of knowing where I was finally, I pulled into the wrong entrance (the one BEFORE the dealership)...resulting in having to pull out (turning LEFT) into 4 lanes of traffic to get to the right entrance (which was all of 10 feet further down the road, but separate by those god forsaken cement dividers!)... :oops:

3rd mistake...picked up my coworker and offered to pick up coffee at Timmy's (Canada's understated Starbucks)...he says "GREAT!", so OFF I DROVE...pulled into timmy, found PRIMO parking, hopped out of the car and started walking into the coffee shop. My co-worker says..."did you want to leave your car running? " Me - "" :oops:

4th mistake....I locked the car doors (habit of mine).... :twisted:


Sometimes a girl should just enjoy her perky feeling all on her own...if she tries to spread the perk to thin...BAD THINGS HAPPEN!

I am tempted to blame this on the MS stupids I experience on occasion...however...i could always just be a flakey blond girl (thank GOD I decided to color my hair, I get away with so much more stupidity!!)

< March 20, 2004 = I want my life back *sigh*
> March 20, 2004 = one on alertec = getting my life back? *grin*
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