LDN study at UCSC ... when will results be out?

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LDN study at UCSC ... when will results be out?

Postby DizzyDean » Sun Jan 13, 2008 4:54 pm

I know that the study has finished. Does anybody know when they will publish? Any inside word on the trial findings?
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Postby Kathyjo » Fri Feb 01, 2008 5:53 pm

Yes, please read my reply. I just posted. In fact, I will copy it here.

I am new to this site and it feels good to be able to communicate with others about the crazy struggles that come with this baffling disease. I was on the UCSF study on of LDN, in the spring. I often find it is hard to really tell how treatments are working because of the daily variances of the disease. I feel like I shoot bullets at a moving target, unable to tell if I hit the mark. With LDN it was different, I felt significantly better the 2nd 8 weeks of the study, my fatigue was less, I could tolerate heat better and I just felt healthier.. When I went off the drug my improvements went away within a week.
The data was not evaluated until late fall. I was just informed, in January , that I was on LDN during the 8 weeks that I was improving. They decided that they would begin prescribing LDN if the patients wanted. Nothing has been published, but I was told that that the data did not prove any significant improvements with physical problems, but because enough people reported an improved sense of well-being they chose to prescribe. Go to the following url to look up the study. No results are posted yet. http://www.ucsf.edu/msc/research.htm
I have been back on LDN since early January, but have yet to feel any significant changes. I will keep you posted

"I had side effects while on LDN treatment for Multiple Sclerosis.

I am 60 years old

I am female)

I have RR/SP/PP/PR MS for15 years -I have had 2 or 3 different diagnosis, so I am not sure what I have now, possibly SP

I tried LDN for 8 weeks

I took4.5 mg's per night

I obtained my LDN from UCSF

If I know it, the filler used was ? I do not know, but I will check UCSF and new pharmacy to see if compounding was different

My doctor was at UCSF

I have the following known allergies: __Sulfur_____

I was also taking the following medicines at the time: Baclofen,(creepy crawly feeling in limbs) Gabapentin,(electric shocks in legs) Cymbalta (back spasm pain), Atenenol (blood pressure) My God, I sound pathetic, but believe it or not I am ok!

My side effects with LDN were vivid dreams and a bit of insomnia"
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