WalkAide use at 4 years

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WalkAide use at 4 years

Postby cas » Sun Jun 02, 2013 4:50 pm

It has been four years since I started using the WalkAide. I wish my foot would dorsiflex instead of an evertion direction (up but toward the side away from me). It makes balancing that much more difficult. I still step correctly more than incorrectly which keeps knee, hip and back problems at bay. Unfortunately, walking and walking any amount of distance remains a real challenge. I still rely on grasping any sturdy object to get from here to there and use a cane. I stay close to home. I was advised to see a vascular surgeon because of real bad stiffness (MS related or the start of arthritis?). I feel stiff like Frankenstein’s monster. Then I started having numerous raynaud episodes in my hands. I was then told I need to see a rheumatologist not a vascular specialist. That process is in the works. I have taken Ampyra since it was approved. I don’t think it does anything for me. I have a weight supported treadmill and parallel bars in my house that I use daily. I still would recommend the WalkAide. Without it, I would be almost completely sedentary.
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