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A year ago my boyfriend was paralyzed from his neck down. He was told that he would never walk again. I went to hug him goodbye while he was in intensive care and he tried moving me off his leg (I wasn't near his leg-his sensations were off)-his leg moved! Soon after his other leg began to move. His body went against all the medical evidence. We were told that 99.% of the time people with his injury do not regain function. His doctors said he was a miracle. He had to relearn how to walk and hold utensils again. He is only 24 and he has not regained full function in other areas. He has nerve damage/pain that may never go away. He tries very hard to live as if he doesn't have an injury. His hands are still paralyzed and he never complains. Sometimes his hands cramp up and you can see that he's in pain but he still doesn't complain. I couldn't imagine not having full use of my hands. The injury happened over a year ago and he still goes to therapy three times a week. He is going to college and trying to have normalcy. His therapist thinks the Bioness H200 would be extremely beneficial for him. We had him fitted for the wireless H200 units but his insurance won't cover them and I can't seem to jump the right hoops for funding. He needs the medium. If you have a medium unit please let us know. Or if you have more experience with getting funding for them-any help would be greatly appreciated. I was calling everyone and their brother for awhile. But I was in a car accident and had a mild stroke and a traumatic brain injury; I had to take some downtime for myself. (Haha yes we've been a mess but we're on the mend! :) ) THANK YOU FOR READING (231) 631-3326
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