Astrology, science and religion

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Astrology, science and religion

Postby GREENLY31 » Mon Aug 24, 2009 11:59 pm

It’s a fateful fact that a large number of people do not work or take decisions till the time they don’t consult astrology. They desire somebody or something to advise them how to work, how to think, and how to feel. These give believers a pleasant, neat means of interpreting actuality and of tailoring their behavior and prospect to fit the prescriptions of their faith in system. In India Astrological predictors themselves confess this, with some of them maintaining that astrology controls, influences and can serve as a guide.

Mostly, so many people choose astrology as a faith system rather than Hinduism Mormonism, Catholicism etc. A likely cause is that astrology meets the craving of many people for a preordination system, yet it does not contain the most disagreeable aspects of conservative religions. It is ridiculous and absolutely illogical, and almost certainly influences some to make ill-fated delicate decisions. In extreme cases, astrological belief may persuade individuals toward submissiveness after all, everything is written in the stars and planets. But unlike religions as Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Mormonism, and Islam, astrology is not based upon culpability, misogyny, and sexual subjugation. It is simply based upon credulousness, unawareness, illogicality, and the keenness of human to be led.

Astrology is a useful prop for those who are repelled by the more blatantly intransigent, inhumane aspects of conservative religions, but are not yet ready to free themselves from paranormal preordination systems. However it would be far more heartening to see believers in astrology rise from their illogical beliefs and start to believe in themselves.
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