2011 Meta-Analysis - Latitude and MS

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2011 Meta-Analysis - Latitude and MS

Postby jimmylegs » Mon Feb 23, 2015 1:51 pm

Latitude is significantly associated with the prevalence of multiple sclerosis: a meta-analysis
http://jnnp.bmj.com/content/early/2011/ ... 0432.short
"This, the most comprehensive review of MS prevalence to date, has confirmed a statistically significant positive association between MS prevalence and latitude globally. Exceptions to the gradient in the Italian region and northern Scandinavia are likely a result of genetic and behavioural–cultural variations. The persistence of a positive gradient in Europe after adjustment for HLA-DRB1 allele frequencies strongly supports a role for environmental factors which vary with latitude, the most prominent candidates being ultraviolet radiation (UVR)/vitamin D."
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