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2014 case rpt:Optic Neuropathy, Demyelination in Hyperemesis


Simultaneous Optic Neuropathy and Osmotic Demyelinating Syndrome in Hyperemesis Gravidarum (2014)

pastable portion of first paragraph:
"A 16-year-old African American girl at the 20th week of pregnancy presented with blurry vision. She had been having nausea and vomiting requiring home intravenous ondansetron. She could tolerate only liquids and had lost 30 pounds (approximately 25% of body weight) over the course of pregnancy. On the day of admission, ...
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Neuro symptoms MRI on Tuesday

I will try to be brief.
The most prominent symptom for me has been EXTREME fatigue. Probably for at least a year. It does come and go though. For a couple of months it will be debilitating. Then it will ease up and I'll feel relatively alright.
Other symptoms: Tripping over virtually nothing, terrible balance and spatial awareness (always bumping into things), constantly dropping things, itchy spells when I'm going through a period of fatigue, ...
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How many have noticed results on twice daily dosing?

Just wondering. Dont really notice anything with daily dosing at night, wondering if anyone has benefitted from twice daily.

I weigh 65kgs and usually take 4mg.

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May 2018
METIS Department, EHESP French School of Public Health, Rennes, France ..
Ozone, NO2 and PM10 are associated with the occurrence of multiple sclerosis relapses. Evidence from seasonal multi-pollutant analyses ... 5118300422

•Season-dependent associations between short term exposure to NO2 and O3 and risk of MS relapses were observed.
•Confirmation of PM10-associated risk of MS relapses.
•A multi-pollutant approach should be systematically intended, especially when assessing ...
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Multiple Sclerosis: an "EMotional" issue. The microbian code

This is an excerpt from my last page posted in my blog about MS as an emotional issue (not only but above)…that I would like to share with you.

It is curious to observe the inverse way that I have followed in my long way to healing where we inmerse in, going in my case from physical to non-physical factors. So I started with CAM therapies with something so physical and elementary as exercise and ...

Joint and Muscle pain while on the Vitamin D Protocol

Hi to all on the Vitamin D Protocol,

I started the protocol 3-8-18 just 4 months ago. But the second month in, I started having much joint and muscle pain in mostly my legs and lower back. I've read other patients comments about this but not how long this pain lasts. My pain is not lessening and it's been 2 months since it started. My Dr. did recommend a different formulation which I will try ...

2018 review: Nutrient Interactions with Chronic Rx Use

Evidence of Drug–Nutrient Interactions with Chronic Use of Commonly Prescribed Medications: An Update

Conflicts of Interest
Diane L. McKay is a member of the Nature’s Bounty, Co. Scientific Advisory Council. Hua J. Kern is an employee of the Nature’s Bounty, Co. Susan H. Mitmesser was an employee of the Nature’s Bounty Co. when the work was performed.

The long-term use of prescription and over-the-counter drugs ...
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Personalized medicine: Selective therapy

Here there is a freely available review about the state-of-the-art as it was 2 years ago. ... 8516672017

Personalised medicine for multiple sclerosis care


Treatments with a range of efficacy and risk of adverse events have become available for the management of multiple sclerosis (MS). However, now the heterogeneity of clinical expression and responses to treatment pose major challenges to improving patient care.

Selecting and managing ...
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Finding a doctor who will prescribe for the CAP

My daughter was diagnosed with MS 2 years ago and we live in Melbourne Australia. Does anyone know who would be willing in Melbourne to prescribe and oversee treatment with the Combined Antiobiotic Protocol?

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Undiagnosed and Anxious

Hi guys, I've come to this forum by way of my MS research. Over the past 6 weeks, I've been experiencing a myriad of symptoms that have led me to a possibility of Multiple Sclerosis. My symptoms began as a left sided headache that was accompanied by left sided facial numbness, left arm weakness, and ringing of my left ear. I of course headed to the emergency room where they ruled out stroke, but left ...
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