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Vitamin much?

I've read that 120mcg a day is sufficient under normal circumstances. However, how much is recommended for a person taking hi doses of vitamin my case 5000iu of D3 per day? I also want t start taking 500mg of Calcium and 150mg of magnesium.

Also, since i've read mixed review. Can Vitamin k2 induce blood clotting? I ask this because many sites say not to mix vitamin K with anticoagulants. However, they do not ...
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Gut Bacteria. Variety or Count?

Whenever I buy gut bacteria, I always try to go for the ones with the most variety or that are different to the last batch I bought. Is this choice a good one? or should I go for the higher count with less variety? Basically, trying to increase the range of bacteria in my gut as well as the count.

The other possibly invalid belief I have, is that these bacteria should actually, once established, ...
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rHGH @ 2IU (Somatropin)

I am 32, male, I have had MS for 15 years - physically I am fortunately in a fairly good state without much disability. 5"10, 59kg (130lb) which isn't great. That's on the very low end of the healthy BMI range, which isn't exactly ideal. ... .155.short

I have just started prescribed Somatropin @ 2 IU per day and will report back on how I'm feeling.

There's been ...
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Intro and my story

Hi all, I'm a 48 year old female who is searching for answers and came across this forum. Apologies for the super long post, but I want to give some background in case anyone here has some thoughts.

I have been very active my whole life: tennis, regular yoga, and especially hiking and running. I climbed Kilimanjaro four years ago and have done quite a few other long treks, for example. Last fall during a ...
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frustrated after visit to neuros - I'm newbie

Hello everyone,

first post, however it won't be nice introduction. So I have been to neuro today and decided to quit rebif after 5 month. I had such big pressure from neuros after just saying that. At one moment I was lost and didn't knew what to do. Right away after diagnosis I was told that my prognosis are optimistic and my MS is not serious. I didn't believed, because I had 34 lesions on ...
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First Dr appointment with GP

Interesting appointment and went much as I expected.

Told the Dr all my symptom, most of which he said can be caused by many different things. He told me he doesn't thing I have MS because my symptoms are not caused by MS. He was focusing on numbness and poor balance. He tested numbness by running his finger across me and asking if I could feel it and was it the same on both sides ...
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Treatment with Methotrexate and Rituximab

If there is anyone who knows about the treatment of MS with Methotrexate and / or Rituximab (Rituxan) in the US or Canada or the rest of the world, please let me know or send me a pm.
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American Society funds grant to explore new MS pathology....

American Society funds grant to explore new MS pathology model

America’s National Multiple Sclerosis Society has provided a grant to a Wayne State University School of Medicine professor to explore a new model of MS pathology..... Read More -
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Unsolicited Ads

Has anyone been receiving unsolicited advertisements for Aubagio from MS One to One, their marketing and administration arm? My wife is on a regimen from another supplier and we have never asked for anything regarding Aubagio. I contacted MS One to One and they said they are aware of some "misdirected mailings" but were unwilling to tell us how they were made aware that we were potential customers. Further, they were unwilling to provide a ...
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Not Sure About Potential Symptoms

Hello All,

I'm posting here because lately I've been getting worried that I may have symptoms related to MS, but I am honestly not sure and figured I would get your guys' opinion on a few things. I have been back and forth to the doctor a number of times over the past few years for some of the symptoms, but the potential for MS has never really been seriously explored by any of them. ...
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