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I think I was just told I have MS?

The doctor said my brain MRI shows 6mm missing from my frontal cortex (idk) brain. He said it could be MS and not to worry about but wants a brain wave scan? And another MRI in six months. Is this how it begins? I apologize if this makes no sense but just taking it in. And I have all the symptoms of MS. Been dealing with shoulder surgerys and pain for years with no answer. ...
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New report about inside-out genesis

Some people has noticed that at least for some lesions the damage is done from the inside to the outside, i.e. a primary neurodegenerative process triggers later the BBB breakdown and the demyelination.

A new article has found the same again, finding that lesions can be inside-out and outside-in. Unfortunately, the researchers do not clearly say in the abstract if a given patient can have both types or only one. ...

Missing user posts?

I recently tried to look at a specific users first post, and it was over a year after their join date. It would appear that either they didn't post for a long time, or somehow their old posts have disappeared? Yet when I look at my history, the posts go back to when I first joined.

Is there any other explanation for this?
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Inclined Bed Therapy Feedback Request

Hello again, it's been some time since our last discussion about IBT and I know there are quite of few people in this forum who are using and enjoying Inclined Bed Therapy,. many have told me so in the past.

There was a lot of interest in CCSVI and I think this complicated results from people who had remedial surgery and angioplasty. Now that the dust has settled a little, I need your help ...

Well, optic neuritis is setting in.... yayyy

So I became allergic to copaxone and haven't taken any medication in 3 months now. I have been feeling really great overall for the past few months. I still feel good but I have the pain and what not with my left eye. It is slowly starting to go blury as well.

I recently took an extremely high stressful job.... Yeah yeah I know, was really stupid. I took over managing a restaurant that was ...
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What do you all think of these studies of myelin repair?

It may be better to read on link page, but i copy and pasted here as well ... sclerosis/

To stimulate myelin repair or remyelination in MS patients, researchers are focusing on approaches that promote OPC migration, survival, and maturation. The past several years of research have produced a number of druggable targets, which fall into two broad categories: molecules that negatively regulate OPC function and molecules that ...
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MS Diagnosis

I have been experiencing a wide range of symptoms that fit the profile for quite some years now. I've had a few MRIs done now and each has shown brain lesions. The radiologist concluded that under the Mcdonald criteria, my lesions are consistent with MS. However, I don't have an appointment with my neurologist for another 3 weeks. I was wondering if this in fact means that I have MS or is it only a ...
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MS Uncertainty

How do you all deal with the uncertainty of this illness? I do not understand how to grapple dealing with unknown future ahead of me or how the MS could progress? Do any of you have any advice or wise words for how you manage dealing with these daily issues of uncertainty?
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Fampra / Ampyra together with Alpha lipoic acid

Is anybody on both?
4-AP and Alpha lipoic acid

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