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A board to discuss the soon-to-be released drug Campath as a treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

Is Campath helping you?

This forum has gotten very quiet lately. For those of you using Campath off-label or in one of the trials could you please report your condition?
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Campath and malignancy

I think that we all know the risks of an autoimmune disease if you take the campath option, but does anyone know if there is a risk of cancer? I think that in the phase 2 trial they had 3 cases of cancer in the campth group (breast, cervical and lymphoma) v. one in the control group (colon) which they felt was statistically irrelevant, although they felt that the lymphoma might be related to the ...
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Price of CAMPATH soon to SKYROCKET?

If and when they approve Campath late next year I fear the price of a round of treatment will jump from $5,000 to $25,000, especially since Genzyme would not be making much money on an MS treatment that only has to be used two years in a row every 4 years (and maybe even every 5-6 years). Shareholders, do the math: 2 years of Rebif = $52,000 (effective for only 2 years). 2 years of ...
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Protocol update

I was considering ccvsi. I've got a request in at a vascular doctors office since I've been denied a second round of campath due to low lymphocyte counts that didn't rebound in time. After making the ccvsi call and gearing up to pursue it I got a call from my campath study neurologists office. Genzyme is making a tweak to the study protocol. Now at month 14 after the first dose if you didn't qualify ...
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did round 2 in march and angiogram for ccsvi in april

a one-two punch.....time will tell
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Campath Amazingly Effective - New Data

Significant Percentage of MS Patients Receiving Alemtuzumab in Genzyme's Phase 2 Trial Remain Free of Clinically-Active Disease

Apr 14, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Genzyme Corporation /quotes/comstock/15*!genz/quotes/nls/genz (GENZ 53.58, -0.06, -0.11%) today reported four-year follow-up data from its completed Phase 2 multiple sclerosis (MS) trial showing an estimated 71 percent of alemtuzumab treated patients remain free of clinically-active disease as much as three years after most patients received their last course of the investigational compound. The ...
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New significant data for Campath in MS

Significant percentage of MS patients receiving Alemtuzumab in Genzyme's phase 2 trial remain free of clinically-active disease - ... ageid/1307
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Campath 12mg - 2nd

Hello everybody
I'm writing here in behalf of my friend from Poland. He's in his 20's, asked me for help to translate. He's looking for anybody who already took second dose (second part?) of 12mg Campath. He would like to know is there any side effects. Please share your opinions. It's really tough to get any info at Polish discussion forums, that's why he decided to ask for info here. Thank you for any help.
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Month 24

My study is Care MS 1. This is Month 24. entering into the extension phase and just learned I received the 25mg dose both times. My MRI showed no new changes. My blood is stable: lymphs are low but within normal parameters. I didn't ask @ the levels on the CD 54+ (or whatever..they test a few and i don't have that part memorized-if u rly want to know how low they go w/ campath, ...
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Spotlight on Alemtuzumab

A good summary of the Campath research to date, that includes statistics for the early trials of the drug between 1991 and 2002 (along with the widely published Phase II trial results). The pdf linked below is much easier to read!


<shortened url>

Spotlight on Alemtuzumab

Alemtuzumab, formally known as Campath-1H, is a humanized monoclonal antibody directed against CD52, a protein on the surface of lymphocytes and monocytes with unknown function. A single ...
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