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Discussion of chiropractic methods used to address multiple sclerosis symptoms.

Eyesight and misaligned Atlas


A misaligned Atlas can affect eyesight. google the two you will get results.
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Atlas subluxation affects blood pressure ... tic-nucca/

Atlas Subluxation Complex (ASC), the misalignment of theAtlas/C-1, can cause symptoms ranging from headaches, muscle pain, fatigue, allergies, dizziness, ringing in the ears, depression, and high blood pressure to name a few.

The proper adjustment of C-1 can remove interference to normal nerve function and create an opportunity for the body to heal itself.

The diagnosis and treatment is rather simple – a chiropractor who specializes ...
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Fibromyalgia and trigeminal neuralgia both ms symptoms

The Atlas Subluxation Complex:

Millions of people are walking around right now with unnecessary pain. People suffering from a wide range of conditions including headaches, fibromyalgia, migraines, trigeminal neuralgia, TMJ, arthritis, herniated disks, back pain and more. These "structural" problems are contributing to other problems, such as high blood pressure, difficulty sleeping, depression and digestive problems. These seemingly unrelated problems increase our dependency on drugs while diminishing our activity and lives becomes something to ...
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physical and pschological reasons-misaligned Atlas


A misaligned atlas can be caused both physical or psychological reasons e.g emotions
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the healing crisis


I have found the healing crisis incredibly useful.
The Healing Crisis
AKA: The Cleansing Reaction, The Detox Reaction, and The Herxheimer Reaction

What is it?
Also known as the "Herxheimer Reaction", this reaction occurs when the body tries to eliminate toxins at a faster rate than they can be properly disposed of. The more toxic one's bodily systems are, the more severe the detoxification, or healing crisis. It is characterized by a temporary ...
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our incredible necks

Neck Problems
Amazing Incredible Neck

The neck is such a vital part of our body that if its functions are interrupted for even a few seconds we lose consciousness and begin to die. (That is why since ancient times decapitation, strangulation, and hanging have become such popular ways of doing people in).

The neck houses blood vessels, nerves, the thyroid and parathyroid glands, the larynx, the oesophagus, the trachea, the brainstem, the spinal cord, the ...
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ucc symptoms, a must read


u have an upper cervical spine injury, which may have gone undetected for some time. You don’t have to experience all of these symptoms, just some. However, the posture, head tilt sign, shoulder height sign and ear symptoms will, in my opinion, make it a strong possibility that you do have such an injury.

Is your posture poor? Do you have rounded shoulders and/or forward head posture? Does your head feel heavy to hold? ...
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