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A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

Association of Developmental Venous Anomalies with MS

Association of Developmental Venous Anomalies with Demyelinating Lesions in Patients with MS



We present 5 cases of demyelination in patients diagnosed with multiple sclerosis that are closely associated with a developmental venous anomaly.

Although the presence of a central vein is a known phenomenon with multiple sclerosis plaques, demyelination occurring around developmental venous anomalies is an underreported phenomenon.

Tumefactive demyelination can cause a diagnostic dilemma because ...
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The central vein sign

The CVS (Central Vein Sign) is an unmistakeable indication of MS. I expect it is an unmistakeable sign of CCSVI as well. Prevalence studies in future, as well as particular studies of MS treatments, should all use this sign as a definite verification of the presence of MS. There may be ways to measure changes to this sign to indicate efficacy of MS treatments.

The central vein sign and its clinical evaluation for the diagnosis ...
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For the past ten years I've used The Back Revolution, an inversion device designed to decompress lumbar discs: ... stems.html Could this work with CCSVI?
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Is Dr. Sclafani still around?

Have been trying to get ahold of him. Former patient question.

Last post I saw from him was a few months ago, but saw someone say they had the procedure from him fairly recently as well.

Hoping to see ... had sent him a PM.

If anyone could get ahold of him - it'd be much appreciated.
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TVAM and stem cells?

Would love to talk to someone who has had this procedure done recently about what it is and how it went. Has anyone here had it done in the last six months?
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Doppler ultrasound tests can be normalised

It is known that doppler ultrasound tests can yield different results according to the operator. This has been one of the problems leading to inconsistent results across the different tests.

Now there is a trend trying to normalise the tests:

Centralized and local color Doppler ultrasound reading agreement for diagnosis of the chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency in patients with Multiple Sclerosis.


An impaired cerebrospinal venous drainage was ...
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jugular veins are 10% narrower in MS than controls

Source: ... 017-0008-3


Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic disease of the central nervous system. As an association between MS and reduced cerebral venous blood drainage was hypothesised, our aim was to compare the size of the jugular foramina in patients with MS and in control subjects.


The mean diameter of the right foramen in patients with MS (6.3 ± 1.6 mm) was 10% smaller than that of ...
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Jugular anomalies again (June 2017)

I had to put "again" together with the date, because would look otherwise like the old Zamboni reports.

Jugular Anomalies in Multiple Sclerosis Are Associated with Increased Collateral Venous Flow

Some people can see it, some others cannot at all ... And by the way, we have a relationship with the gray matter damage. Maybe gray matter damage produces white matter damage, which produces NAWM, which produces an ...
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