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A forum to talk about the general challenges of daily life with MS.

Baby pictures.

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Thoughts on the power of HOPE

In reading "Man's Search for Meaning" by Viktor Frankl, I'm taken aback with the profundity of this book. It is about how people in the concentration camps survived and how 'overridingly' important hope is, to the exclusion of about everything else in it's significance. Just a couple of thoughts that have really, really hit me and made me think a whole bunch.

"He who has a Why to live for can bear almost any How" ...
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advice on a planned vacation

am appreciating any advice one might have on a planned vacation. My husband and I will be going on a vacation that brings us to warm/hot but beautiful breezes, in December. I live in NJ and managed to get through these past 2 days of warm with no worse feelings from the heat, spend most of the time in the pool, however, last month we had a hot, humid day that just doing anything took ...
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i need to vent

apparently it is only ok to be handicapped if you are old. yesterday i did my grocery shopping and could barely make it back to my van, limping along hanging on the cart more than trying to steer the dang thing. so yes, i am parked in the HC spot, and yes, i have a damn placard. this elderly couple just stops and glares at me watching me try to unload these groceries into the ...
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Fishing report for 5-30-09

fishing here on Sabine is really starting to pick up. the gulls are picking shrimp from the north end all the way to the jetties. :D makes for easy catching! at any rate me and dad and Dalton made a fast trip Saturday and managed some supper. I took a couple videos mostly of Dalton and his awesome fishing and boat driving skills!! he is so ...
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Throw a few good days in the mix and I think it results in a net negative. No I wouldn't trade the good days for the world, but a few days without ON and dizziness just make it worse when they come roaring back. It just lets you down. OK, I'm done. I freakin' hate this shitty ass disease. I go almost two weeks where I really (except for bladder and bowels) did well. ...
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Attitude of Gratitude - Memorial Day edition

To all Veterans and active service members:


To all the men and women who put their lives on the line so we can be insulated from it all and live our lives:


To the family members who are our neighbors and have to leave their families and lives behind to keep us safe:


We should all think of this as more than a three day weekend and try to ...
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bored and under the influence, lol

this is my son and he has some crazy moves :roll:

he did not get his dance moves from me!
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Random Thoughts

***Apparently my family (parents/siblings) thinks MS is something like the flu or a bad kidney infection. They were lovingly by my side in January when everything went down and I got the dx but since mid-Feb., the subject hasn't come up. I avoid mentioning it because it just sounds whiny but I would like to talk about it sometimes with them. It's as if nothing in the family has changed...but in my life, it seems ...
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driver's lisence suspended, voluntarily?

this is sort of long. it's some of my feelings on losing my driver's license. Which at the point isn't much of a big deal, but I'm making it one. Californians love their cars, I guess, Everything is spread out, here.

catlover1968 wrote:
If they only knew........

that's how I've been feeling, as the "lace curtain" and double vision get worse. I've had my share of accidents in the past, but all were due to ...
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