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For questions on how to support loved ones with MS.

Newly Dating a man with MS

I have recently started dating a man with MS. He is in a wheel chair most of the time.
It does not bother me in the least that he has MS, but I do have some questions.

1.On our first date, he explained to me that he was unable to cut his toenails, so I cut them for him.
Should I wait for him to ask for help or offer to help before he asks? ...
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Carepartner vs. Caregiver - looking for article sources

Hi There,

I am a freelance writer in Denver working on an article about "carepartnering" for the National MS Society's fall issue of Momentum magazine.

I am looking for people living with MS and their primary caregiver to interview for the article. I need to conduct interviews this week or next (by March 21). Those pairs can be significant others, a child and parent, siblings ... willing to ...
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Help: I'm working on an app to help families

Hi, my name is Wes Garnett. I have 4 family members living with MS, one of which is my Mom. I'm posting this because I'd like to learn from you the frustrations you've experience with supporting people or personally living with MS. The app is for private messages and health/medication/exercise tracking.

MS showed up in my family 9 years ago when my Mom was diagnosed. Since the very beginning communication has been an issue. At ...
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Did I take too long to tell him??

Hi everyone. I'm struggling with a relationship issue and hoping you can all shed some light on this. My fiance and I started dating Jan 2013. In december he moved in and a month later proposed. On Nov 18, I was finally diagnosed with MS, after many years of ruling things out. It has been three months since my diagnosis and I just told my fiance. Sadly, I told him only when he confronted me ...
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Adivce needed, is this normal for MS or should I take action

Hi all. I provide care for a friend with MS who was diagnosed around a year ago. I want to be clear that I am not a licensed caregiver, at least not yet. This person went from being able to attend work at a nice career normally to needing a cane/walker 95% of the time and have great difficulty doing day-to-day tasks in every area of life. It has been a big culture shock, but ...
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My mothers condition is drastically worsening. Need advice!

My mom has had MS for 27 years, since I was 1 year old. She is now completely debilitated and lives in a long term care facility. Although her disease has taken everything from her, she always stays positive and keeps strong. Recently, she's been struck with many different health issues at once and for the first time I truly fear for her life. She has a recurring blood clot in her upper thigh and ...
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MS Caregivers

If you are a caregiver who has a spouse with Multiple Sclerosis, please consider participating in this research study in understanding the factors that contribute to the quality of life of caregivers who have a family member with Multiple Sclerosis.

Please click on the link below if you are interested in participating:
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Infidelity because of MS?

This is my first time to this forum, so forgive me if I am either posting in the wrong place, or shouldn't be posting here at all.

I am a boyfriend of a woman who has been living with MS for 12 years now. We began dating almost 9 years ago, so since about our third date (she says she didn't want to scare me off by telling me right away) I have known about ...
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Having issues with girlfriend who has MS

hello. i started dating my girlfriend who has ms about a year ago but recently i have been having issues with her. she is constantly saying how i do not help her with her daily chores, yet she seems to forget that i do help her plenty. i have learned that memory is an issue with ms, but my girl friend seems to only remember times i tell her i am too busy to help ...
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Worried about depression

Hello all,

First time poster here - I'm new to this forum & dealing with MS. My wife of 20+ years was recently diagnosed with RRMS. It seems that since symptoms first surfaced last October, daily life has never been the same since - there's always something (dizziness, fatigue, etc).

A little background: Years ago my wife and I had a love of cycling. Every chance we'd get, we'd be out on our bikes riding. ...
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