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For questions on how to support loved ones with MS.

Infidelity because of MS?

This is my first time to this forum, so forgive me if I am either posting in the wrong place, or shouldn't be posting here at all.

I am a boyfriend of a woman who has been living with MS for 12 years now. We began dating almost 9 years ago, so since about our third date (she says she didn't want to scare me off by telling me right away) I have known about ...
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Having issues with girlfriend who has MS

hello. i started dating my girlfriend who has ms about a year ago but recently i have been having issues with her. she is constantly saying how i do not help her with her daily chores, yet she seems to forget that i do help her plenty. i have learned that memory is an issue with ms, but my girl friend seems to only remember times i tell her i am too busy to help ...
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Worried about depression

Hello all,

First time poster here - I'm new to this forum & dealing with MS. My wife of 20+ years was recently diagnosed with RRMS. It seems that since symptoms first surfaced last October, daily life has never been the same since - there's always something (dizziness, fatigue, etc).

A little background: Years ago my wife and I had a love of cycling. Every chance we'd get, we'd be out on our bikes riding. ...
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My mum was diagnosed with MS today... advice please?

Hello. My mum and I are very close, she is my best friend, and today we were told that she has MS. I am here hoping someone can offer some advice on where we go from here and what the future holds for us.

My mum is 50 years old. She first saw a neurologist about 4 years ago when she had optic neuritis. Prior to that, when she was in her late 20's she ...
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My Father, the best Care Giver

I am new to this forum in seek of some feedback after my 74 YOA mother entered the hospital just recently for a UTI and the flu. I saw this post and wanted to say that my mom has the best husband ever, my father.

My mom has very progressive MS. She is in a wheel chair, no use of any limbs, has a feeding tube and most of the time very limited speaking ability. ...
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My husband doesn't understand me

I need help, my husband has been to the appointments, but is still stressing me out about my obligations and duties as a wife. I am now pregnant, feeling depressed and feeling a lot of pressure, to be perfect.

I know how frustrating it can be for him, he helps, not very much, but he does what he can.
He acts like does everything,but nothing ever really gets done, around the house.
He refuses to ...
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Balance Vest helps MS patients

Improved balance occurs in MS patients using counter weight vest
interesting video for those with balance problems: ... ure=relmfu ... -the-news/ ... developed/
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Need some advice

My boyfriend was diagnosed with MS this past August.

We had only been living together since May 2011 before he found out, and we were together maybe 5 months before that. I am older than him, he is in his mid-20s, and I am in my early 40s. I kind of feel I have to share this because it's not so much his MS that's the's really him. But, I just don't know how ...
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Is this normal behaviour??

One of my friends was diagnosed with MS 2 or so years ago and had her first major relapse 2 months ago. I understand that balance and coordination are affected and her walking is coming along very well. I also understand that depression can be a factor with MS too.

However my concern is other elements of her behaviour. She has begun coming out with random things mid conversation that bear no relevance to the ...
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Copaxone virgin

Hi all. I just picked up my first Copaxone dosage package and I am finally going to begin my treatment. Any words of advise for a neebie? I have read up on all of the side effects and tips on rotating injection sites. Would rather hear words of advise and encouragement from those of you who have experienced it first hand.
Thanks so much!
Belky G
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