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A forum to post questions, answers and discussion about general medications not specifically for multiple sclerosis, such as prednisone, painkillers, etc.

FDA Warning on Tylenol (acetaminophen)

The FDA has recently published a new warning that acetaminophen can cause rare and sometimes lethal skin reactions such as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) and toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN) as well as acute generalized exanthematous pustulosis (AGEP). SJS and TEN can cause the skin to separate from the body and slough off.

FDA Warns of Rare Acetaminophen Risk ... 363067.pdf

Other problems with acetaminophen include...
The People's Pharmacy wrote:Long-term use ...
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Tecfidera or thyroid nodule?

Good evening. I am curious...I am losing hair by the handful and have been on tecfidera now 2 weeks. Only side effect is belly ache and when I gotta go...means few minutes from then. My hair is falling out. Endocrinologist appt is two weeks from now and tecfidera doesn't show that side effect. I had a ton of hair...but now I feel.. well soon...will be noticeable. Anyone notice this from tecfidera??
Or you think thyroid ...
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Azathioprin : imuran

Hi to all out there in interweb land

I have just been diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis (in addition to relapsing remitting ms) and my liver specialist has advised me that he will soon want to start me on Azathioprin for hepatitis. I understand this is also used as an ms treatment so the question is: anyone out there taking it for ms and does it work?

A little anxious as have got used to fampyra ...
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Corticosteroids Boost Risk of Clots

Corticosteroids Boost Risk of Clots ... -of-clots/

    Blood clots deep in the veins are among the leading causes of death in the U.S. They are called deep vein thromboses or DVTs. When a blood clot breaks loose and lands in the lungs it is called a pulmonary embolism and can be a life-threatening event.

    A large new study from Denmark shows that people who start taking oral corticosteroids ...
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Is Pinexel PR better than the antimuscurinics?

Having tried different antimuscurinics with mixed results my uro gave me Pinexel 400mcg once a day to see if it helps

The uro said to take one tablet before bed but the instructions in the box says one in the morning? which is it?

Has anyone used Pinexel prolonged release 400mcg? Were they more effective then the antimuscurinics?
Did it help with how many times you pee per day and accidents? would you recommend
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Hi there,

New to the forum...dx'd almost 7 yrs ago.

My spasticity (especially in my legs) got pretty bad over the winter with the cold we have in Canada. It was a brutal winter, My family doctor prescribed baclofen to help, and it did at first. I was taking 20 mg before bed, and when I woke up in the morning, then a half a tablet on a 4 hour schedule after that.

I'm now ...
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SMIV: not working?

I got SMIV last week on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for a bad relapse. It was 1g each day (I think). It was my first time getting this. Haven't noticed any change yet (it's been 3 days since the last dose)... Does it mean it didn't work, or just too early? :(
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Has anyone on this board tried hyperbaric oxygen therapy to help heal their symptoms of MS that haven't gone away on their own? I have been doing some research online and have found that many people, especially in the UK, routinely use HBOT to help their MS symtpoms. It also seems as though HBOT has significantly helped many MSers that have bladder problems. I really only want to try the HBOT treatments that are done ...
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Can THC pills help with spasticity?

I don't think my Neuro is comortable with prescribing Sativex, but I have heard that Marinol helps some people with spasticity problems. I'm anxious to know if it has helped anyone here.
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Concerning pain medications...

Does anybody have any thoughts on pain medications? I'm just curious as to which ones work best. My 300mg x 3 a day of gabapentin used to work, but the pain's getting a lot worse, and it's taking more and more, and now I'm up to 600 mg x 3 a day, and the pain still leaks through sometimes.

Is there anything anybody could suggest? A friend I met awhile back in one of the ...
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