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First Exoskeleton Gets FDA Approval For U.S. Sales

Finally starting to see the first of the robotic devices for paralyses as hopefully in the near future these will be designed for those of us with neurological diseases and not just for spinal cord paralyses. ... a-approval
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Walkaide for sale


Walkaide is available for sale.
I am a second owner of this device; my family purchased it in a hope that it will assist the mobility of my elderly father who suffered with a stroke.
Unfortunately, this device will not help him. My family cannot justify keeping this, so I am selling this.

However, I bought this from the original owner who claimed it as a near mint/new condition. I will include other accessories ...
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Foot Drop

Has anyone out there had any luck with a brace for foot drop? I have foot drop in one foot and seems to be getting worse. However, I am still strong in that leg. I have seen numerous braces advertised but hate to waste $$ on a device that won't help. Also I am skeptical of much advertising. Thanks for any info you can pass along.....
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Walkaide experiences

I am a new member to the Forum. I am currently in my second week of testing a Walkaide and would like to hear from others about their experiences with the Walkaide and with Hanger. Has anyone had to have their Walkaide repaired? How did Hanger handle the repair? Has anyone had to have their Walkaide recalibrated at a Hanger Clinic OTHER than the Hanger Clinic at which it was originally purchased? Has anyone be ...
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Baclofen pump

This device has been suggested to me a few times by my neuro. I find baclofen very effective for leg cramps/spasms, but it does bring with it some sedating effect. With the pump, the baclofen goes right into the bloodstream, without the sedating part. I am very hesitant, for a few reasons. I'm not crazy about the idea of abdominal surgery, with the permanent implantation of the device and the spinal catheter. I also don't ...
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WalkAide use at 4 years

It has been four years since I started using the WalkAide. I wish my foot would dorsiflex instead of an evertion direction (up but toward the side away from me). It makes balancing that much more difficult. I still step correctly more than incorrectly which keeps knee, hip and back problems at bay. Unfortunately, walking and walking any amount of distance remains a real challenge. I still rely on grasping any sturdy object to get ...
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Bioness L300 Think Before you Buy!

My mom was thinking about getting a Bioness L300 and now I find out from her therapist, the Bioness study has finished…and it showed that its the SAME as an AFO! She said the study shows the people using the Bioness and those using an AFO had the same results and there is NO difference between them!

When talking to Bioness, they told us it was so much better, and they would help us try ...
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I have bad foot drop in my right leg and I'm looking around for something to help with it. I know about the Bioness and WalkAide, but I may not be able to afford these options. I recently read about the MuSmate and was wondering if anyone has experience with it. I'm not particularly thrilled with the idea of having a bungee cord going down my leg, but I'm willing to keep an open mind. ...
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Foot Strain

I have been using the Walkaide for the past several weeks with success, i.e., feeling supported enough to walk without a cane for about 1/4 mile on an even surface. However, the other day I walked in soft shoes (not sneakers as used previously) on an uneven country road for about the same distance, and I seem to have strained my foot (above ankle and around prominent outer bone on the foot that drops). Since ...
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