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Your spirituality and MS

I know we all have different beliefs on this forum but was wondering if everyone could list off things that helps them cope spiritually/religiously on rough days. I got my official MS diagnosis 11 days ago, im only 23 years old and even though it has been caught early and I'm blessed, I have days where I fear my future and think that I'll die of complications more than likely, and that anyone I pursue ...
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Not sure if this is the right place for this post

I'm finding that I get really angry really fast over just stupid little stuff, that wouldn't bother me before. It takes me a minute to realize what's happening, and step away and calm down - what is this? Anxiety, another mental issue? I need answers - I have two small children - 1 year and 2 & a half. I don't want to yell at them for something that's going wrong inside of me. I ...
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end of life issues

I see, being new to this forum and having vaguely browsed through the forum categories, that there is no mention of the end of life issues.

My husband is presently paralyzed (except for his left arm and hand), living in a nursing home, and is starting to have hallucinations and delusions brought by the MS.

So I was hoping to find some tips about how to deal with this on this thread ("Mental and Spiritual ...
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some of us may need to stop, sit back, and just breath.

music is an artistic manifestation of our inner most emotions. Carl Jung regarded music as a gateway to the eternal unconscious. ancient Mesopotamians used the vibrations of strings as a therapy for psychological disorders.

i like it because it soothes my nerves, and maybe.. indirectly calms my immune system :). i will use this thread ...
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Genesis According to George Gamow

Genesis According to George Gamow :-D

In the beginning God created Radiation and Ylem. And the Ylem was without shape or number, and the nucleons were rushing madly upon the face of the deep.

And God said: "Let there be mass two." And there was mass two. And God saw deuterium, and it was good.

And God said: "Let there be mass three." And there was ...
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one of bill's best

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Inspirational quotes

Can't help it...must share to you all..if i may...thank you.

Don't tell God you have a big problem, but tell your problem that you have a big God - Steve

Don't let your struggle break you, let it make you! - Ps. Kong Hee

I've failed over & over & over again in my life & that is why I succeed ~ Michael Jordan

Satan doesn't care how many people read about prayer if only ...
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Diet according to the Bible

Hi! everyone, i'm interested about what Bible (God) has to say about what we (human) should n should not eat (our diet).

Thanks to want2bike.

want2bike wrote:

Let me start by saying nothing is 100% but we should get the information and do what makes the most sense. Do not think it is ever too late to eat healthy.
If you believe in the Bible God put Adam ...
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Proudly present.... "The True Worshippers"

Jesus, It is You

Here's the link to youtube :

Verse 1:
Who makes the sun to rise
And bring the earth new life in every beam
JESUS it is You
Who turns the day to night
And watches me as I begin to dream
JESUS it is You

Who brings me food for my table
Who cares for all of my needs
Who walks the road with ...
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