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Lost Routine/MS?

I had a great job last year, loved it. Full of energy, happy, no problems. However at the beginning of September I started feeling nauseous, getting sick at work, forgetting my calculations, slurred speech, exhausted. So of course went to my Doctor and told him what was going on. Meanwhile at work, getting sick and having fevers, I ended leaving because I just wasn't dependable anymore. I was very upset.
After that, I started noticing ...
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Stay away from Beets and Sugar Beet byproducts

I noticed on serveral MS sites they recommend eating Beets. Based on some of the research I have seen I have to recommend to stay away from beets and beet root and beet sugar. I recently develop the early signs of MS and the only thing I could have caused it was the fact that I ate beets frequently since I was diagnosed with mild anemia. I ate them for the extra iron. Google Aze ...
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Advice needed on odd symptoms?

I had an eye test a few days ago and the optician noticed that my eyes sometimes flicker from side to side. They've done it for about 6 months but it's becoming more frequent and noticeable to others. I've also been having some dizzy spells, and my memory is awful lately. (I'm 37 with 3 kids so put it down it being busy). I've also noticed that a problem with my fingers. I struggle to ...
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Scared 21 year old, advice welcome!

Warning: Long post ahead!

I'm a 21 y/o female who has been having some pretty awful symptoms that have been getting worse rapidly.

First symptom was general tiredness and fatigue and im not sure when that began. But the other stuff started (or at least became noticeable) mid October 2014 when my " attacks" began.

My symptoms, of which there are many, are as follows:

**Headaches - tend to be over the temples and ...
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desperate for input

My symptoms started June 8 2014. I had this weird cramping/pain episode start in my right calf and then it just went away after a few minutes. Later that night my right calf got tight and stiff and after a half hour it pasted again. The following day I went to my primary doctor who referred me to a neurologist because with my random leg pain and eye floaters he wanted to rule out MS. ...
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19 year old male with alarming symptons

Okay, so for the longest time, I thought these symptons were strictly from anxiety that had came out of the blue, 2 months ago, but now I'm starting to think differently.

The first thing I noticed was feeling tired and fatigued at different times. Some days I could make it up stairs and work out no problem, other times, especially nights, I got kinda tired.

The next thing I noticed was tremors in my fingers ...
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Hesitant to start Ampyra

I am on the fence regarding starting Ampyra. I have a 60 day trial sitting at home. I am scared of the possible seizures. I have no kidney disorder and I do not take anything else besides Copaxone. My walking has been getting worse and worse, with my rt leg very stiff. I get foot drop and stumble from that. My rt leg also kicks out weirdly when walking a lot of the time. I ...
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Anybody ever felt like you just got punched in the gut?

Sometimes I'll get this weird feeling in my stomach. It's a combination of three feelings:

1. like someone just punched you in the solar plexus,
2. A "pre-hungry" feeling like you haven't eaten in a while, and
3. That feeling you get when you ate too much.

It is the weirdest thing. I've had the "MS Hug" before, and it sort of feels like this is a variation of that. It happens whether I've eaten ...
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