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CCSVI Treatment for Primary Progressive MS?

Hi sorry if Im replicating (I did do a search and go to the newbie section first).

My sister has Primary Progressive MS, I have just been to see a consultant who does CCSVI, however he said he had little experience of doing CCSVI on primary progressive MS, although they have had some positive results for people with other types of MS, he had only done one operation on one patient with Primary Progressive MS ...

Symptoms spanning 15 years, never seen a neurologist

I have recently been seriously considering seeing a neurologist and asking for an MS workup. Over the years as different symptoms have come up, I have seen different doctors who run serology or do an MRI of a joint and say that everything is normal and then put me on antidepressants. I got sick of being brushed off so I stopped trying, but I am getting worse. My symptoms used to come and go but ...
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Increased risk of ischaemic stroke among patients with multiple sclerosis; Tseng C, Huang W, Lin C, Chang Y; European Journal of Neurology (Nov 2014)

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Inflammatory processes including autoimmune diseases which ignite endothelial dysfunction and atherosclerosis may promote development of cardiovascular diseases including ischaemic stroke. This study aimed to evaluate whether multiple sclerosis (MS) increases stroke risk.

METHODS A national insurance claim data set of 22 million enrollees in Taiwan was used to ...
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MS Positive Feedback Loop

The French Neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot, practicing at the Parisian la Pitié-Salpetrière hospital, first described Multiple Sclerosis (Sclérose en Plaques) in 1868. Among other things, he defined MS as a “rigidity disorder”. He thus set an unfortunate prejudice in the Neurology profession towards MS patients by claiming their “rigidity” symptoms were psychological in origin - signs of neurotic (usually female) hysteria.
I now believe it is just this rigidity which is at the root of MS ...
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My symtoms

Im 20 years old and i got some weird symtoms.

I´v had muscle twtiching in my enterie body for about 3 month now. It all started on the left triceps and the progressed to my enteri body once i seareched muscle twitching on google and found out about ALS. I also started to experince sleep paralysis 2 weeks ago so I decided to go and see a doctore, he did a quick nerulogic test ...
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Groovy fingernails

My fingernails are (longitudinally) groovy, and that's not groovy.
What does this mean ?

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Trying to figure it out and stay calm, looking for insight

Hi Everyone! I'm Sarah, a 28 year old female living in DC. My immediate journey began about a month ago, but I now believe I began having symptoms about a year and a half prior.

The short story about last year: I was sitting at my desk one day, and noticed blind spots in my vision. I rushed to the eye doctor, and it had already disappeared. He confirmed that I now get migraines with ...
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MS and computer screens?


so this might be a weird idea but do you think computer screens can affect/worsen MS? PwMS are light sensitive, the skull is to some degree penetrable to IR and after all the screen is a 40-60-80 W light bulb? And we stare into these screens for hours. I wonder if this can drive up inflammation in the brain.
Maybe PwMS should configure some color schemes that generate less light?

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Diet advice, meal plans, etc?

Hi there,

What does a typical healthy day's worth of meals/snacks look like for managing MS? My current diet is a bit scattered, some days I eat healthily, others I only have one meal a day or don't eat at all. I'm clueless in what foods are best or should be avoided. Plus, I have a tiny food budget for myself, hubby and two small children. Any advice is appreciated! ...
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