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blood coagulation factors linked again to MS

This time, the factors linked to MS are prothrombin ( and factor X ( Interestingly, PPMS and NMO patients did not show this profile.

Prothrombin and factor X are elevated in multiple sclerosis patients.

Animal models have implicated an integral role for coagulation factors in neuroinflammatory diseases like multiple sclerosis (MS) beyond their role in hemostasis. ...

Study of Myelin-producing cells a step forward for MS

A study found that the cells responsible for the production of myelin selectively introduce a myelin-insulating layer in a particular set of neuronal axons in the brain’s white matter...Read more -
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An interesting article about tick borne diseases


Although this article doesn't mention MS, it is a very good program about the conflicting demands and expectations of different participants in the diagnosis of tick borne diseases.

Lyme like illnesses are described and they are acknowledged as real but the context of how the diagnosis is made is a point of disagreement.

The problem we can have is putting ourselves in other peoples shoes and this program captures that.

For those who associate ...
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Pure, White and Deadly

Here's an interesting article discussing a documentary film on sugar.

I ate 40 teaspoons of sugar a day. This is what happened
For three years, Damon Gameau cut out sugar from his diet - then, for a documentary, he reintroduced the white stuff. The results were shocking. ... pened.html

I assembled a team of doctors, scientists and nutritionists all far more intelligent than myself and went about ...
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Hi all

I expect you get threads like this a lot, but I'm laying here worrying so thought I'd post and see what you think.

I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but I think I may have MS.

I have a few symptoms, the one that scares me most is the strange tightness on breathing out that I get every night before sleep and if I'm in a hot bath.

I recently went to ibiza. It ...
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Should I take drugs or not?

Hi everyone,
I would like to ask a question that probably all of you were thinking about at some point. My question is how to make a decision about taking or not taking any drug? Let's say if you have very mild symptoms, such as lost of sensation, tingling in arms and legs, tremor of the hand, muscle weakness of one hand, dizziness, fatigue and sleeping trouble. That is mine situation. I was diagnosed one ...
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MRI help

Hi I had an MRI done in July but I just received the disc today. My PCP read the report and referred me to the MS Center for Excellence with OMRF but when I read the report I question if what it found is more stroke like than MS. I am obviously not trained in this and my appointment w/ OMRF isn't until December. I was hoping someone on here could help explain what the ...
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I am going to join the gym soon

Hey folks, I was diagnosed with MS in 2011 and got really nad in 2013-2014, they switched me to rituxan and I've been stable ever since and was able to build up some strength.

My next goal is to build up more leg strength and be able to drive again, hit the breaks and acceleration etc.

Any tips for the gym and building strength with MS?

I'm a 27 y.o. Female btw
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Ocrelizumab Conference in November

I have been asked to attend as a Patient Advisor. Would be happy to bring questions from all you fine folks. This drug is being targeted for both RRMS and PPMS.

Go Google and you will read all about it. Getting pretty positive reviews so far.

I already intend to ask if they will provide financial support to those whose insurance may not pay for it. So write those questions down and I will take ...
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HI Friends please try pilates therapy to improve your mobility
please read ... 2-71285713
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