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NEW: Dr. Zamboni's presentation on lymphatic discovery

Dr. Zamboni explains the importance of the most recent discovery from the University of Virginia, published in Nature: which is that a lattice of lymph vessels carrying immune cells are associated with veins flow which out along the cerebral veins into the extracranial veins.

"This is a very important article published in Nature. It is found that it is NOT true that the brain is segregated from the point of view immune system, because it ...

Quote of the day

"Now, here you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!"

Lewis Carroll
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New discoveries show importance of veins

The new discoveries of the lymphatic vessels and immune cells in the CNS and the glymphatic clearance system of the sleeping brain are pointing to the importance of the veins that drain the brain.

Lymphatic vessel drainage runs next to veins, and requires open venous flow, since lymph cells end up in the jugular blood flow.
Really hoping these discoveries move CCSVI research forward.

Here's more on the connection-- ... ...

Diagnostic accuracy of Doppler sonography and more things

A study from Poland, comparing Doppler and other techniques:

Diagnostic accuracy of Doppler sonography and magnetic resonance venography for the assessmentv of impaired outflow from the internal jugular vein in patients with multiple sclerosis ... 8,0,1.html

Objectives: This prospective study was aimed at evaluation of diagnostic value of Doppler sonography and magnetic resonance (MR) venography in the internal jugular vein territory.

Material and methods: There were assessed 126 ...

Cheap Provigil alternative?

A number of people use Modafinil (ie Provigil) to reduce symptoms. Some wish to use it, but find that it is too expensive. I recently stumbled across the following information while looking into another topic.

I am NOT recommending or even suggesting anyone try the below, just highlighting the fact. I personally will be sticking to Modafinil manufactured for human consumption. This is a research chemical.
Eugeroic ...
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Confused with results

8O Hi everyone,

I apologize that this is so long, but like many others on this section of the board, I'm here because I'm insanely frustrated and confused. :(

I'm a 29 year old female who has been to many drs lately for a variety of symptoms that have gotten worse over the past few years. The most notable ...
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Information On Various Stem Cell Clinics Inquiry

Hello to all,

My post may seem simple but since I know that posting of specific information can be a somewhat problematic issue (at least on other forums) I was hoping to get opinions on clinics where people with RRMS have had favorable outcomes.

I have found a clinic in India that does 4 intrathecal catheter treatments and 4 intravenous treatments with MUSC. I have MRI issues, particularly in my neck and two spots in ...
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Here's a weird subject, lidocaine.

Weird day today, at least for me. And I'm pretty weird to start with.

Several years ago I was at the dentist (my favorite place to be) and getting a cavity fixed. As the dentist is starting to work, I stop him and tell him that I feel everything. He asks if I feel pressure and I respond 'no, that hurts.' He starts poking around and I tell him when he's using sharp pokes, when ...
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Test could find complete virus history

A new blood test can find just about every virus you ever caught — in a single drop of blood.

Doctors are hoping the test might be used to find out whether viruses might cause a range of chronic diseases such as diabetes or heart disease, and to see whether infections early in life can affect your immunity later.... Read More -
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