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An axonal model for MS

An alternative model for MS evolution has been proposed sometimes. According to this model, an unknown substance produces axon degeneration, which in turn activates microglia and produces the autoimmune attack. The autoimmunity is a consequence of MS and not the other way around.

In 1996 it was first proposed that something in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) of MS patients is what triggers the disease. Currently this path is still under research and several possible substances ...
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Minority patients with MS Needed for Survey

I am a medical education researcher and am fielding a survey to minority individuals with MS to understand their specific challenges as well as informational and educational needs. The purpose of the research is to develop a report/publication to inform supporters of patient education of the real-world needs within their community. I am offering a $20 gift card for complete responses to the final survey (should take no more than 15-20 minutes). Your responses will ...
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Slow motion feeling and MS


My movement like tortoise every time I wake up from sleep or after nap with little slur speech I can't talk becouse I feel tired I have to drink 3 or 4 cups of coffee be normal which take more than one hour.

Any advices or supplements that help me ??
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Several white spots but none acute.

Hello. I just want to start by saying i appreciate everyone's time.

I am really confused and could really use any input. I have had several things going on with me, for the last several years, like vertigo, tingling, numbness. I always attributed these things to different possible causes and mainly went about my life. About 6 months ago i began complaining to my husband that my vision seemed to be getting much worse, suddenly. ...
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MS in the Military

I am in the process of joining the military and am trying to get a medical waiver as I have MS. I was diagnosed in 2008 and have only ever had two minor issues since then. I have no permanent damage and have has successful treatment with Gilenya. Has anyone had success joining with MS or staying in the military with MS, or are they just as uninformed about what MS is as many ...
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If not in a flare-up, will physical exam show abnormal, etc?

Hi everyone!
I'm new to a possible MS dx, so please forgive me if I don't use the proper terminology.
My question is, if I'm not currently having an MS flare-up, will a physical exam by neuro still display weakness in limbs, uncoordinated movements, an abnormal gait and other common physical symptoms from MS? Including visual problems.
I feel fine when I'm no having a flare-up, but I'm curious as to if those movement abnormalities ...
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Seeking guidance—what testing should I have done?

Hi folks,

I am about four years in to my medical mystery journey. I have been diagnosed with bilateral Meniere's Disease (2011), and I also have had periods of MS-like symptoms, with inactive lesions twice showing up on my brain MRI with contrast. I have had two spinal taps—the first was negative and the second (most recently, in November 2014) was inconclusive. Oligoclonal banding was present in my CSF and blood. My neurologist noted to ...
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120 mg or 240mg Tecfidera dose

Hi All,
I'm a new MS patient. I'm older than the average newcomer at 53 and male. My initial outbreak was limited to slight facial paralysis, which passed after several days and double vision/vertigo which went away with steroids. I'm now on a regime of Tecfidera 240mg twice daily. My question is this. Do I really need to be on such a heavy dose as this? Is anybody doing a lesser dose with a good ...
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FDA-approved drug ‘boosts myelin synthesis’

The Journal of Neuroscience is reporting that a University at Buffalo researcher has discovered a way to keep remyelination going, using a drug that's already on the market.

According to scientists, there is a brief period after the myelin sheath has been attacked and damaged when it is able to repair itself, but this doesn’t last and the damage deteriorates further as someone with MS ages and their condition progresses..... Read More -
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