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Nature's Touch Wild Blueberries Pesticide Residue Free

I was shopping at Costco a couple of days ago and was excited to find this product, "Nature's Touch Wild Frozen Blueberries Certified Pesticide Residue Free".

Fruits and vegetables are typically laced with pesticides (yes, even organic products which are really no better than their conventionally grown counterparts) and I avoid them as much as possible. But since I must use berries regularly (I mix them with the kefir water I make/drink), I am switching ...
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Drugs found to help benign MS patients

Women with multiple sclerosis and people diagnosed with the condition at a younger age are more likely to have a benign course of MS, remaining fully functional for decades, according to researchers at the School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences in New York...Read more -
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Neuromuscular Stimulation

Hello All,

I have started doing neuromuscular stimulation, where they attach electrodes to your body. The machine goes through 3 steps: Circulation, Detox and Muscle Rehab

Has anyone else tried this?

I'm having GREAT results.

My first session I went in for an hour. After, I was so relaxed and energized at the same time, it just felt so good. So from there, I hop into my wheelchair and go home. Prior to the session, ...
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Why foot drop is not broken foot nerves

If you have used a walking aid or FES (Functional Electronic Stimulator) you know the drlll. It straps on your leg just below the knee. If it is positioned correctly it feeds an electronic signal from there through a nerve which comes close enough to the skin at that point. That causes eversion, which is a movement of the front of your foot slightly upwards, and outwards, away from the midline of your body. This ...
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Problems with Cognitive answers but Nuero says SFN


Long story condensed into a few paragraphs. lol. I started out with numbness in my left big toe and it has since progressed into pain and numbness in both legs. Not a pain but a cramping pain that doesn't let up. This has all taken about a year to develop. Before that I had surgery on the same left foot for a torn ligament. The numbness started about two months after they took the ...
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Lucky Mice and perhaps us (in the future)

According to this article, a company from France called INSERM has successfully tested a drug with mice that seems to prevent MS disease progression.

here is the link ... ues-806939

(you will need to 'translate' the page as it is in French)

We can only hope this new approach really works BUT don't hold your breath!

(A friend of mine from France shared this with me.)
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PPMS and Rebif

Hi there,

My husband was diagnosed last week with what the neurologist believes is PPMS. But she also prescribed Rebif to him, which she wants him to inject 3x a week.

I was under the impression that Rebif is for RRMS patients. Is there a reason someone with PPMS should take it?

We go see her again in a couple days, and have decided to not start the Rebif yet. I want to make sure ...
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Question about diagnosis wording


My name is Cara. My husband was recently diagnosed (last week) with what his neurologist believes is PPMS. However, I was reading his diagnosis from the lab and the wording is confusing to me. Can someone help?

The findings say this:

"There is a severe leukoencephalopathy involving essentially every white matter region." (It then goes on to describe exactly *where* all of this leukoencephalopathy is.)

Then at the bottom of the paragraph, the last ...
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