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Italian press

Found this online, it's from an Italian publication. Nothing really new here, but it's the beginnings of the press roll out in Italy. I know enough Italian from my opera training to translate that it refers to CCSVI as hope for a cure for MS, that the researchers do not want to create an illusion, however this recent medical discovery seems to give hope in the fight of MS. Dr. Zamboni is working in conjunction ...
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Two Questions

Is it possible to get muscle strength, increase endurance and energy reserves through exercise, such as at a gym, in an MS patient? I will have had MS for two years this August and a lot of it is like trying to get your hands around a ghost, figuring out what you're capable of still doing. Even when I think I know, the cards get reshuffled by the disease and I have to start over ...
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Flexor spasms

I buried the information in my regimen post but I want it to be here for everyone to note:

I have flexos spasms and I believe they complicated my recovery from the stent procedure. Here's the deal:

Flexor spasms are spasms of those muscles that flex your body. They are sometimes called restless legs, but the experience is that the leg pulls up, and/or the back arches and the stomach tightens uncontrollably. It can happen ...
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Abstract Frustration - NEJM

I found a really cool article,but can't get the article. can't even get the abstract! But maybe someone here who's better connected can.

Chronic Venous Insufficiency and Varicose Veins
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Minocycline and Copaxone combined?

Just curious...are any of you on a combo of minocycline and copaxone?

If so, did your neurologist or your GP prescribe the minocycline?

How are you faring on it?
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100% EBV infection in MS

This study found that all 305 of its MS test subjects were infected with the Epstein-Barr virus. While this doesn't prove that EBV is the sole cause of MS, it certainly suggests that the virus does play a role in the disease process.

The researcher leading the study stated that "people that are not infected with the Epstein-Barr virus do not get MS".

Of further interest, analysis showed about a 50-fold increased risk of MS ...
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Radiologist response

My cold-calling email to them.

Question: Are any of the radiologists in your group familiar with research regarding CCVSI in patients with MS? There is Dr. by the name of Michael Dake who is the Cheif of Interventional Radiologyat Stanford who has been evaluating patients with MS using MRV. So far I know of 2 patients with MS that have been diagnosed , by Dr.Dake, with bilateral jugular stenosis. During this month, both underwent surgery ...
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Pioglitazone (Actos/Glustin) - diabetes drug

This is promising - I wonder if they are doing any follow up. ... 243457517/
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alcohol & symptoms? (new person question)

Has anyone else noticed that drinking (say, enough to get a sturdy buzz - not fully drunk) can bring on symptoms?

I'm usually a very moderate drinker (glass of wine with dinner type). Other night drank a little more of a stiffer drink than I intended; *most* of my body had the normal person-who-has-a-buzz symptoms. But the infamous arm and leg went the extra mile -- as strong of symptoms as I've ever had. (weakness ...
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