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love this topic!!!!

May 18, 2009

Detecting Nervous System Repair in MS: International Workshop Findings Published

What if a new therapy was developed to protect brain cells from damage and even regenerate new cells to repair damage caused by MS, but there was no way to prove that it works? The question of how to detect nervous system protection and repair in people with MS – without having to wait possibly years to observe a person’s disease progression ...
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CCSVI skeptics

I was curious to see what my neurologist would say about all this - here is his response to my asking for any leads for an MRV scan:

I am afraid I cannot support this. I have read the material and find it totally implausible. Doing MRV is not a problem but there are significant costs assoicated with it and absolutely no persuasive evidence that is would be beneficial. There are significant risks associated with ...
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a glossary?

I am way behind in reading this thread/forum. Could someone do a sticky glossary at the top: stent, stenosis, that kind of stuff...? Please.
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Blog Post Regarding CCVI

I've posted to my blog some info regarding CCVI, and have included a link to this forum.

Please give my post the once over twice, and report back if I've misstated anything.

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A few questions, but I'll go slowly.

The nurses in my office once mentioned that African Americans tend to be more affected by MS than caucasions. How would CCSVI explain why certain groups, such as males or African Americans , tend to be more quickly/negatively affected by MS? Any ideas?


Retinal vein occlusion.

Doesn't this sound like ON?

It seems to fit with the CCSVI. ... rview.aspx

I was looking to see which vein led up to the eyes and was only mildly surprised to see a diagram of the jugular vein leading you right on up
to it. ... &neck.html

Google Books Link
<shortened url>

Now, who wants to explain/investigate ...
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probably not new news?

I'm sure I may be the last to have seen this, but at least it is new for me on the Opexa site. Judging by the last paragraph they seem determined to get this to phase 3. I'm not sure how that affects us.
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Any updates?

Any updates/reports from the Campath recipients?
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At Stanford

I arrived after a lovely trip down the coast watching the redwoods etc. IT was nice, it is also very HOT, like 95.. You guys all know what I mean, I wlked into my hotel with the greatst difficulty and my rollator. step by painful nearly tripping step. I was glad to get to our room without breaking my aram again!

We're staying at the Sheraton right across the street. Disabled rooms on the top ...
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lhermitte's sign confusion..?

If one were to experience the lhermitte's sign, when they put their head to their chest does it take a few seconds and then you can start feeling it to set in and just becomes more and more intense while the head is to the chest, or, is it just when the head is put down to the chest (OR what ever else sets off the lhermitte's sign) is it just a quick zap like ...
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