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Robbie I hope you don't beat me for doing this but I am asking everyone to check out the antibiotics forum and watch your video!!!!! I am so excited for you!! Chalk one up for Robbie!!!
Robbie stated:

It's been two years or more since i've been able to use a walker even for just a couple steps.

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If cold weather bothers you…

I’m one of the people who do OK in the heat, but cold weather really effects me. My legs and back stiffen up as soon as the cooler weather sets in. Last winter I started wearing thermal pants and tops under everything and it helped tremendously. The stuff is really thin and fits under all my usual clothes without bulking up at all. The tops come in all styles -- long sleeve, short sleeve, no ...
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Placenta as a parasite

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Hello everyone. Because I am highly allergic to copaxone and my body blocks the effects of the interferons my doctor has me on an "off-label" treatment for MS which is a once a month infusion of intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg). I have been trying to figure out how this fits in with the CCSVI model for MS and have been having difficulty figuring it out. From what I can understand IVIg is antibodies extracted from plasma ...
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exercise and CCSVI

hey all, I am still on the newbie-train when it comes to CCSVI and thus I don't necessarily understand everything. So, wanted to see what you all thought about the implications of CCSVI on exercise. If there is a blockage in the vein which causes reflux, and if exercise increases blood flow, wouldn't exercise result in worsening of the condition because of increased reflux? Conversely, would lowering the blood pressure have positive effects on MS/CCSVI? ...
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Oral methylprednisolone question....


This is my first post on behalf of my wife who is 33 and has MS since 2004. At present she is having a relapse - spasms in arms and numbness in foot.
Neuro has prescribed 5 * 100mg of methylprednisolone per day for 5 days.

Can you please provide your experiences with this steroid good or bad, side effects etc etc?

Also we have planned a holiday in two and a half weeks ...
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Time Zones

Can't seem to find info anywhere as to what I might be doing wrong, but how the heck do I change my default time zone? I go to 'your account' and then to the time zone line and set it to gmt+4 (I think thats EST), but it keeps reverting back to the default GMT+10. I have tried hitting the 'save avatar' button, logging off and on, and any other button I could push.
Probably ...
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snorting stem cells!!!

Sorry guys, this was way to cool to just post under the stem cell section. Plus the headline gave me a good laugh on a Friday morning!

Snorting Stem Cells
Snorting can deliver cells to the brain, research shows
Posted September 22, 2009
Content created by National Science Foundation

By Deane Morrison

If you had a brain malady that could be treated with stem cells, how would you like them delivered—by having surgeons cut open ...
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Quick Update From Mel & Jamie @ follow up!

All is great, scans look good for flow in both jugs, off the meds and see Dr. Dake in a year. Didn't have the MRI ready, but Mel's MRI has been stable since hicy anyway, and with all due respect we'd only be bothered about that if she hadn't shown a 100% turnaround. If we were searching for 'evidence' you know? But we're not. The evidence is there everytime I look at her.

Lots more ...


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