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Lyon - a load of balls!


This site has forgotten how to be fun!

You know I've always considered you a clown, so the story below should please you.

I must admit that I've always thought of you as the Lion from the Wizard of Oz, but the bravery you have shown against the all powerful darkside deserves a medal.

We all need to become friends again (stenters and non-stenters) and fight the real enemy.

Maybe the way to settle ...
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One Small Step For Neurons, One Giant Leap For Nerve Cell Re

We can trust we'll be around for this (link below):

One Small Step For Neurons, One Giant Leap For Nerve Cell Repair

The repair of damaged nerve cells is a major problem in medicine today. A new study by researchers at the Montreal NeurologicaI Institute and Hospital (The Neuro) and McGill University, is a significant advance towards a solution for neuronal repair. The study featured on the cover of the October 7 issue of Journal ...
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Update the home page

When I first started coming here, not knowing anything about MS, I did alot of reading on the front page of this site. Only to much later realize that everything was very much dated.

I know there are always new people checking out this site, but many may give up before even finding the forums as the site appears old.

Just a suggestion.

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I got a magazine on M.E research this morning (as I subscribed when I thought I had M.E). They have discovered abnormal blood flow in the brains of M.E patients as well.

M.E symptom wise can be similar to MS except they do not have lesions and they can recover fully. Usually there is no progression with M.E

I wonder if M.E will be proven to have issues with jugular veins. I bet they were ...
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Head & neck numbness - esp at night - MS oddity?

I have had an occasional symptom for 15 odd years now but it's recently returned very strongly. Just wondering if any of you MS'ers also have it?

My actual head & neck goes numb at night - I usually wake up with this symptom. It sometimes includes my arm or arms and hands too. Once I move a bit, massage my neck and move my arms, then a gradual "trickling" feeling occurs in the numb ...
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I need HELP Please !

Hi everyone
Hope everyone is doing well.
I have had two Doctors tell Me I have Ms one is a family Doctor that did the original Mri of My brain and found white matter or lesions right in the area that is common for Ms and the other Doc is a optical neurologist and He says the same as family Doc but did tests on My eyes and said it has not affected My vision ...
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New here

I'm 46 & have 2 kids & live north of Los Angeles in So Cal. So far my left arm and leg are weak but also I can't think as fast as I could before - but how much of that is overload from kids talking nonstop? Thats a big problem of this much is the disease & how much is normal aging problems?

I had MRI's and am going today for the eye ...
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Question about incision site for CCSVI

My question is this.
After the surgery, do they make you lie flat to let the incisions heal? Where do they do them exactly?

I ask because right now...
1. I can't lie my head down flat. I get the spins and freak out.
2. I can't put my feet down flat because of the problem with my legs and feet. They have to be elevated pretty high (above the heart) at all times.
3. ...

CCSVI, why all the hoopla? Is it really that good?

So, CCSVI is the "in" thing here? We are not posting much about anything else. Has it been decided (unofficially, of course) that this is "the cure". Sorry, just wondering. I don't see any solid evidence from what I've read so far that this is all it's cracked up to be just yet. I guess I'm just wondering why it's the center of all conversation when it's just a hypothesis so far.

(Don't shoot me, ...
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How to turn HMTL code off of signature?

I click include signature in post, but every time I do, my signature has HMTL code in front and behind it. My profile says HMTL is off. How do I get the code from NOT displaying in my posts?

See my signature below.
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