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Visible effects of CCSVI, simple at home test

I'd like to get a better idea if this CCSVI thing is real or not, but faster than years from now. I have a simple do it at home test that should show if CCSVI is real or not. I hope you can help me.

Basically, having impaired flow out of the head won't only show up as MS, it should also have visible effects, namely:
When my wife does exercise, her head turns red, ...

more Viatamin D research

More research linking Vitamin D defiency to MS. Or, as some of you will claim, researchers just padding the pockets of the ...ummm... Vitamin producers???? :lol: ... erers.html
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Franks mom ABX log

I convinced my mom to give the ABX protocol a try.
She was diagnosed in 2001 with PPMS. On top of that she has Morbus Addison and Hashimoto-Thyreoiditis.
Her current EDSS is about 2.5 - 3.0, the progression was slow but continuous.

Most pronounced symptoms are significant fatigue and muscle weakness, some balance and gait issues including foot drop on the right side.

She started NAC (1200mg) on Nov 2nd, added 100mg Minocycline on Nov. ...
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The word is spreading...

So there is a blog called Zero Hedge that provides contrarian views on the economy, markets, and politics. In any case, one of the topics was the CTV article. I just wanted to say that the word is spreading, even in non-MS forums. Also, may I suggest that perhaps we should Sticky a thread just for publicity/media? That way we can keep track of the growing number of positive or even negative reports in the ...
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If I have PPMS

Which of the CRAB drugs is supposed to be best? The doctor said I have progressive MS & told me Rebif or Copaxone would be right for me but I can't find any info online about which drugs are for PPMS.
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Documentary on CCSVI on Canadian Television - now online

Dear All, the first documentary on CCSVI and the liberation treatment was aired tonight on CTV W5. The documentary is now online. You can access it by clicking on the following blue "LINK":


Part one and two (accessible on the menu bar on the right - part one will play automatically when you go to the link above) are about 15 minutes combined. There are further "W5 extended" segments with interviews of Dr. Zamboni ...
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Heaters & Movement ?

Im so dizzy everyday now Im not sure what is going on , The heat is now turned on full blast its winter and i feel so dizzy, also I was driving around my 3 year old wanted to go through the car wash so we did , as soon as the machine was rotating next to me i felt as I was falling over, I said whoa outload, it scared the crap out of ...
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Woohoo CCSVI

I have been so preoccupied this year, I have missed this discovery completely. Boy oh boy, do I have catching up to do and I plan to read every post on this topic.

Thank you to those of you who are posting your CCSVI journey so we can share in the process almost first hand.

I had 3 or 4 phone calls about the W5 special yesterday which brought it to my attention or else ...
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I made contact with Stanford and this is my first post

Hello to all on this forum!

I have been monitoring since my RRMS dx in 2004. I've been following the CCSVI forum since April or May. I recently went off Tysabri after 24 doses (last dose 8 weeks ago). The CCSVI model and research makes so much sense to me. I think it is a very exciting time for the MS community. I made the decision to explore my possibility of being treated by ...


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