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Interferon Beta 1b

Just saw this interesting bit of news re: a study they did on the effectiveness of taking Interferon Beta 1b after the initial MS attack as opposed to waiting.

The drug companies, of course, tell everyone that they should start using these drugs immediately. The Mayo Clinic, a couple of years ago, suggested a wait and see course before starting treatment and they were ridiculed by some for publishing their report.


Research News

Summaries ...
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Another LDN eBook

Here is another free eBook on Low Dose Naltrexone that covers alot of ground:

"The Faces of Low Dose Naltrexone"

Download at:
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Role of Mycoplasma Pneumoniae?

Hi All, this may have been discussed before, but I was hoping to get a summary of information on Mycoplasma Pneumoniae, MS, and the role of ABX. Thank anybody who has the time to respond in advance...

I just tested positive for Mpn. I did this test because I heard about it on the site of Dr. Russell in Sacramento. A patient of his with MS tested positive for it as well as Cpn. I ...
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FDA- tysabri and a thought-

New warning from out this week from the FDA- PML seems to be a growing complication in only MS patients. But is not a concern in Crohns. If we consider PML within the CCSVI paradigm, we can see how slowed venous return and blood deposition into brain tissue could allow for a virus like PML to attack the brain. Shouldn't the docs be asking "Why no PML in other patients using Tysabri? Why is it ...
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A CCSVI Patient Log: All About Steve

This is Steve’s treatment and recovery log. The Stanford imaging and surgery are scheduled for 9/28 and 9/29. I thought it appropriate to start with his MS symptoms and history. Please forgive me if some of the future entries are very dry and clinical.

About the man: Steve is 56, ½ Sicilian, ¼ Italian, 1/8 Irish, and 1/8 German. He was born and raised in Schenectady, NY, and he’s lived in the Dallas area for ...

Insurance denied for MRV

Any hints on what dx local vascular doc can use? He went with the swollen ankle angle.

Medicare is primary and XYZ is secondary. The secondary denied. I am keeping the name of XYZ confidential. :evil:

I can't physically go to Stanford.
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CCSVI and vaccination

Another connection between vaccination and neurological disorders before CCSVI is recognised and widely accepted: ... -vaccines/
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Looking for answers to questions re the surgery

Hi All,
I’m Hoodyup’s aka Andrew’s wife. He’s posted another thread. I read the responses and comments. Frankly, I am not here to whine and don’t need any online support. Yes, I’m pretty abrasive these days because of this stupid MS and well…I’m just down right pissed at it AND the medical profession and I’m not even PMSing or on steroids. As of today, I’m now moderately pissed at Andrew for going behind my back ...

BIG dose o'prednisone ?

So my neuro prescribed 500 mg/day (10 pills of the 25mg tabs twice a day) for the next 4 days of prednisone, followed by smaller and smaller doses over the next week and a bit.

Does that seem like a lot? He also prescribed something for my stomach and some ativan to help sleep.

Anyone else experienced a dose like this? did it kick your relapse in the ass? I've had facial numbness for over ...
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Am 25 and really want to get married

My boy friend and I had decided to get married when I got my diagnosis ( 3 weeks back). I do want to get married, but if there are married people out there with MS, could you tell me if it is a good idea for the spouse?

I do not want him to end up living a care giver's life and I do want him to have a fun life. We had made plans ...
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