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Mr. Impatient

I know I'm a nervous ninny and am about as impatient as an ADHD child with 2 mountain dews in him, but was anyone else's experience with their legs during the first week or so that they were weak? My legs don't get tingly like they would before the operation with very little use, but they are just feeling weak. I know I just got the procedure Tues. late afternoon, but I was just curious ...
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CCSVI before HiCy


Mel had hicy before having stents placed. I wonder if having stents placed and then trying to apply for hicy might not be allowed.

I wonder if Chris or Mel could have a quick word with Dr Kerr to find out if they would ever accept patients that have stents. (I wonder because of the risk of blood clotting whilst receiving revimmune)

If that is the case maybe I should consider Revimmune b4 CCSVI. ...
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Inhibiting Blood To Save The Brain?

I found this article couple of yrs ago. What do you think.. does this relate any to CCSVI?

Heartbeat throbbing in my eyesight?

Loobie mentioned this in his LoobieDoobie’s CCSVI stuff
thread on the CCSVI forum, and it raised questions in my mind. I did not want to interrupt the conversation, so I decided to make a new thread.
Loobie wrote:

“Since I can't catcher's squat, I bend at the waist to get things like pots and pans from the lower cupboards. Well that would ALWAYS, without exception, cause the following: vision would "close in" (seeing ...
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HiCy Study

I posted this in the Revimmune forum, but thought I'd put it here, too:

<shortened url>

Looks like Hopkins might be starting a HiCy trial, but it appears it will be a small study and not multi-center.
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shaving alert!

I found out this morning that if you're clumsy, uncoordenated, and stupid enough you can cut your chin while shaving with a Mach 3 SAFETY razer. What a clutz!!! 3 nice 3/4" long slices on my chin. Bleeds like crazy too. Had to put on a bandaide to stop the bleeding. You should have seen my hands a couple weeks ago when I helped my brother in law fix his dock. No wonder my wife ...
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(Shrimp Cocktail) can you say mmmmmmmmm mmmmm good

OK no bull, this is the best I have ever had. I made this last night and woke up this morning wanting more. It is so fresh with lots of onion and peppers. I think it's great for a hot summer day with a cold beer!! Add the crab and follow these direction to a T. Let me know if you do it and how it turns out for ya ...
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more research..

I just saw this article - apologies if it's been posted before. ... 091129.htm
Another major goal for the Hickman group will be to induce myelination by the oligodendrocytes that insulate the central nervous system motoneurons involved in multiple sclerosis, a goal preliminary experiments suggest may be achievable.
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neuro psych results, ssdi

I got the results back from the neuropsych evaluation.
Geez it's no wonder I walk into walls I'm an idiot IQ dropped a full 25 points! dur...
he also has recommended 2 x in his report that I apply for SSDisabiltiyInsurance. Has anyone done this?
It has been recommended to me to quit working my 20hr/wk so that I can get SSDI, but my measly job provides me with incredible health insurance.
medicaid insurance ...
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a new Grandpa!!

Just wanted to share...our youngest daughter & son-in-law just made us the proud grand parents (first time) of a baby boy! He's a real cute little bugger too! We were waiting in the hall about 30 feet from the open door of the delivery room, the son in law was counting to 10, pausing, counting again..and all of a sudden a baby started crying bloody blue murder! How cool, we heard him being born.
The ...
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