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'Autoantibodies' may be created in response to bacterial DNA

'Autoantibodies' may be created in response to bacterial DNA (w/Video)

Autoimmune diseases have long been regarded as illnesses in which the immune system creates autoantibodies to attack the body itself. But, researchers at the California non-profit Autoimmunity Research Foundation (ARF) explain that the antibodies observed in autoimmune disease actually result from alteration of human genes and gene products by hidden bacteria.
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Look what I found!!

this morning !!

8.6 lbs and 20" long, she is so sweet. she did have slightly low blood sugar so they started and IV to get her levels up (mom did not eat much yesterday and they said that had much to do with it) other than that she is doing great!!!



her name is "Landry Abigail" :lol:
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driver's lisence suspended, voluntarily?

this is sort of long. it's some of my feelings on losing my driver's license. Which at the point isn't much of a big deal, but I'm making it one. Californians love their cars, I guess, Everything is spread out, here.

catlover1968 wrote:
If they only knew........

that's how I've been feeling, as the "lace curtain" and double vision get worse. I've had my share of accidents in the past, but all were due to ...
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random numb patch?

I first noticed it on Thursday... and its now Sunday and its still there.

I have a random numb patch on my chest from just below my collarbone to just midway on my breast. And its only on the left side.

This is new... and very random. Wondering if anyone else has these random patches?
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NMO / Devic ?!


my younger sister and me were both dx with MS in 2006.

I'm confused at the moment: Some weeks ago my sister went to a hospital to see another neuro bcause her doctor thinks about switching her to tysabri (at the moment she is on Rebif44) - she had 7 excerbations within 1 year and at least 7 new lesions in the spinal cord... Now she has sometimes troubles walking.

The doctor in the ...
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Dealing with an MS parent


I'm posting here because I'm really not sure where else to turn for advice on this. My mother was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS in 1999. She has definitely declined since then, but is still pretty functional in terms of mobility, and less so dexterity. She has improved a good deal since starting Tysabri about one year ago. However, the cognitive decline has really been an issue as of late. She has marked emotional lability ...
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how often?

do you see your neuro? or dr treating your ms....
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I've got a question since I feel I'm being nailed by Anthem in the same way UHC nailed me. After telling me that all I had to pay was the $50 office visit copay, they called me back after two doses on my new insurance and told me that was incorrect and I owed them $486/dose for the last two. Does anyone else pay that much who is insured? I'm curious because this is the ...
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Heres something interesting for you

I just got an email via someone through my site who is going to JH for HiCy. They told me they talked with Carrie and in Sept they are going to start trying something different.

1. HiCy and then Tysabri
2. HiCy and then Copaxone
3. 3 different dose amounts based on a blood test they have developed.

I am trying to find out what the blood test is because that has me fascinated!

So ...
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Interesting thoughts

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