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Mapping genes by computer

Computer Key Unlocks Heritable Disorders

Danish and Belgian researchers have found a computer key that maps genes underlying heritable disorders, such as breast cancer, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s disease. These results will possibly ease the discovery of new medicines and improve treatment in various disorders.
The results – which are published in the current issue of Nature Biotechnology – show that genes important for the development of diseases like Alzheimer’s follow the same cellular rules ...
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Swollen painful glands anyone?

I've recently had a couple bouts of swollen glands with accompying dull pain - usually on one side of my neck/jaw. I did a quick google search and found that this is one possible side effect of GA. Anyone else experience this? I'm quite certain that it's not an infection since I have no other side effects. I'm seriously considering cutting back to one shot of C every other day.
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Normal-appearing brain isn't normal

Newer imaging techniques reveal that normal-appearing grey and white matter actually do have abnormalities in MS brains, although I'm not sure exactly what those 'abnormalities' signify...


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The local chapter of the MS society here has started a free weekly pilates class and it is wonderful. Everyone in the class has MS and so not everyone can do the full version of each exercise, but everyone does what they can. I enjoy it so much more than yoga, where leg spasticity poses frequent problems. Encourage your local MS society chapter to sponsor a class and then support it! I know I feel ...
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Lumbar Stenosis and Associated Deformities

I am having more and more problems walking. It takes everything I've got to walk a few blocs. I remember my buddy reading my MRI of my spine eight years ago and telling me I have lumbar stenosis.

Read this article carefully:

My chronic back pain (upper right side), my foot drop, my difficulty walking lead me to believe that my stenosis is getting worse. Any thoughts on ...
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It was interesting to read that this study has finally started...however..i've been a little frustrated on how long it seems to take to start these trials...i know that there are certain mechanisms necessary to get a study off the ground (e.g. pass an IRB, funding, etc...), but i can't imagine there are not better ways to get these studies goin quicker...does anyone know if this has been brought up before to different powers that be ...
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H. pylori and MS

This bacterium seems to protect against MS, at least in Japan:


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how can i be perscribed LDN in the uk?

The only helpful info I can find is American, and from my experience, we often have to fight for years to get drugs here in the uk that are readily available in the u.s. partially because of money and the national healthcare system, and partially because of over caution and scepticism.

the uk ms society's page on LDN is their typical unhelpful 'sit on the fence' stance of 'some people say it's good, but some ...
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Varicella Zoster Often in CSF of MS patients

I found it specially interesting, that among people without any neurological diseases none had viral DNA in CSF...


Varicella Zoster Often Found in Cerebrospinal Fluid of MS Patients

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) Feb 08 - Cerebrospinal fluid from multiple sclerosis patients commonly contains varicella zoster virus DNA, Italian researchers report in the February issue of the Journal of Medical Virology.
"Our data on varicella zoster virus and multiple sclerosis suggest that the interaction between ...
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