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you all are amazing -- can I join you?

I just found this info last week, and the first night I could not SLEEP I was so excited. I have now tried to absorb everything you all have written on this forum. :-)

I've even dreamed about it. Last night I dreamed Janet Leigh was playing me in a movie about all this, and Dr. Dake was asking her what her transferrin levels were because that ...

Injection locations

Hey everyone -

I have been on rebif for 4 or 5 years now, and ive been using the recommended locations the entire time. However I am getting sick of using the back of my arm, my wife has to help with it which she does not enjoy, and i find it to be the biggest pain to do as well. So my question is, will i be fine if i just use the other ...
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This is an old article from the bbc which I just noticed again, as it was in the most read or something... ... 498061.stm

I found l-citrulline is sold as a supplement and I wondered if anyone had ever tried it?
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Anyone have news on Sativex?

I have heard that Sativex is working great for Neuropathic pain. Does anyone have information on the status of drug trials here in the US? Has anyone tried this drug? If so what was your experience? Does anyone know how I could get this drug?

Thank you for any information you can provide.

Fighter of MS
Suwanee, GA
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Talking points for dubious docs (and others!)

This has gotten some good response on the Facebook CCSVI in Multiple Sclerosis page, and I wanted to share it here (seems apropos!)

When bringing CCSVI research to your neurologist or physician, be prepared for the following comments:
(remember, your responses are given with a need for hostility. We want to get more doctors to look into the research.)

1. You can't believe everything you read on the internet!
A. The research has been ...

Sexual dysfunction

It's been an extremely difficult and emotional 1st yr of marriage for me and my wife. This is probably one of the most difficult issues for us to tackle. I have extreme difficulty achieving orgasm, and it is sometimes difficult to maintain an erection. This leaves my wife feeling inadequate and unattractive, despite my reassurances to her. How do I convince my wife that sexual intimacy is still pleasurable, satisfying and necessary despite my inabilities. ...
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CCSVI facts from my point of view

1) Most neuros are not even interested in this theory. People on this site claim the reason is because neuros are "indebted to drug companies" or they " are stuck on old ways of thinking". This may be true of some neuros but common sense tells us this is not true of most of them. They do not believe in this theory because their years of experience and knowledge tells them it is Bolonga, I ...
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:lol: :)
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Your EDSS?

Hi Everyone :D I have been comparing my EDSS with other fellow MS'ers. Can you share your EDSS or a loved one's EDSS with us? :D
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Normally, I don't have much spasticity in my legs. But if I get very stressed (like at the dentist getting a cavity filled, or watching a really scary movie), or if I get real cold real fast, my right leg gets so stiff I can barely work it. As soon as I become less stressed, or I get out of the cold, the spasticity quickly dissipates.

Since CCSVI made the scene, I've come to think ...
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