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*UPDATE* Visit with New Neuro Doc

:? Ok as if I was not already confused enough about this MS since my Dx in Feb of this year!

I met with the new Neuro Doc ( Duke). Very nice doctor. He took alot of time with me which I greatly appreciated. However I left saying to myself "Who's right?" My first Neuro Doc or this one. He didn't seem to agree with much of ...
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Great News regarding Tysabri!

Hi everyone, I haven't posted here in a while, but my MS is still stable after 24 Tysabri infusions... I have some really great news regarding Tysabri, woo hoo!

Re: those who are concerned about developing PML with the use of Tysabri..., let me briefly explain what my neurologist told me about PML: PML occurs when the immune system has been compromised (or becomes so low that it cannot fight off the JC virus which ...
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Once relapse starts, anyone halted it?

now is the time when my brain goes to mush and all the strategies I normally have, I forget. Fear sets in.

Noticed a heaviness in my limbs last week, now I see the familiar strong reddish/purple colour under my eyes - that always happens just before a relapse and it's unrelated to lack of sleep. My arms and legs feel leaden, numbness is creeping back to my right side, and I know that ...
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Anyone use very small gauge needles?


I've been on Avonex now for 4 months and I'm still having difficulty with injection discomfort. I know try icing the spot down until it feels numb before the injection and I get the shot at room temp. My Avonex prescription comes with the standard 23 gauge/ 1 and 1/4'' needle. When I go for my next neuro visit I'm going to request a prescription for the 1'' needle but I don't know what ...
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Anyone in extension study feel like crap after vaccine?

It's been a little over a week since I got my first vaccine and I feel like complete crapola. I'm not fever, sore throat, aches, pains, etc. Just extremely tired, no energy either mentally or physically, afraid to venture too far from the homestead.

I helped out at my kids' school on Friday by working in the cafeteria. I had to help the little kids make salads at the salad bar, wipe the tables ...
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Got the flu,scared of relapse


My girlfriend has the flu i think (sore throat,fever,running nose),and we are scared it might trigger a relapse.She had her first ever relapse last month,and we are not sure if this makes it difficult for another relapse to occur so quickly-any strong views on this?

Also,does anyone have any tips about getting some protection from a possible relapse?

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New to forum, not to MS

Hi all.

First, let me start by saying that this is my first venture into an MS forum. I was diagnosed several years ago and have been handling things pretty well on my own, but I have come to realize that I just *might* need the support offered by such a community as this :D .

On a Monday in late September 2004, I woke up ...
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re: article High Time for HiCy?

This is a quote from the article

"He had to be candid with Lovelace: “This treatment may kill you faster than your disease.” Despite the great risks involved—Lovelace would be gravely vulnerable to infections for weeks"

This treatment MAY kill you faster than your disease?

Doesn't sound like it's very safe, even according to the doctors at JH. I am confused why so many people are willing to risk their lives.
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