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Levels of Anti-EBV Antibodies Could Predict MS Course

Researchers in London have identified a protein produced by the body in response to Epstein-Barr virus infection as a possible biomarker that might predict the severity of MS disease progression in patients.

It was found that patients with higher levels of the antibody experienced more aggressive disease.

Other research has shown that 100% of MS patients are infected with EBV. EBV infection is often asymptomatic, or can be mistaken for a common cold or flu, ...
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What to do about PPMS?

Hello everybody,
being a PPMS-sufferer I would be interested in any story about how to succesfully combat this especially nasty type of the disease. Wether novantrone, antibiotics or HiCy: If it helped, please let me know!
Thank you very, very much,
Anna from Munich, Germany
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Exercise is good for us!!! UGGHHHHH

Exercise as Medicine
Physical activity lowers risk for a wide range of diseases.

August 31, 2009
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In the 19th century, most work involved physical activity; in the 20th century, exercise became a leisure pursuit; today, it's an urgent medical necessity.

Exercise: It's cheap, readily available, and the single most effective step nonsmokers can take to avoid chronic and potentially fatal diseases. If it were being hawked on late-night television, you'd ...
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Starting Avonex, question

Hi All,

I'm about to start Avonex and have a question. This is a big deal for me and I don't want to take the first shot in front of a nurse, but in privacy with my wife. Will the nurse require that I take the first shot in her presence? I'm imagining they want to monitor that patients actually take the drug...

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The Search for a Cause of MS

I just came across a short article written by Dr. T. Jock Murray, the author of Multiple Sclerosis: The History of a Disease:

The Search for a Cause of MS

I'd like to know more about the arguments behind the belief that an autoimmune irregularity is the cause of MS, especially given that this is so often taken as fact by organizations like the NMSS.

The link above states:
After World War II, the research ...
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MRI reports?????????

Has anyone who received this procedure had any follow up MRI's since their operation????? It sounds like Zamboni has been studying CCSVI for quite awhile and I am sure there has to be SOME info. on whether any of the people have had changes on their MRI.
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Hello everyone,
I am a PPMS-sufferer from Germany and have lately been reading very much on this very informative website. What I do not quite understand until now - and maybe you can help me - is: What are the results on CCSVI in PPMS so far? Has anybody with PPMS got stents put in? And how did it work? Or are results about this subject expected not before September 8th?
Thank you so much ...
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I have had MS since 1984. A lot of medical history, but won't bore you to tears. Anyway, I am on a new supplement that is making me feel better than I have in years! Energy, depression, sleeping, pooping, all better. Heck even my skin looks and feels better. It has all the dark berries. Is it that that is helping? The b vitamins? It is SUPPOSED to increase your own stem cell production. Can ...
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stents, drugs, and MRI

It just occured to me that stents are metal -- does this mean that once you get stents in your jugulars, particularly if they are very high up, you cannot have a brain MRI ever again?

Are the stents that Dr. Dake uses drug releasing stents?

How long is Dr. Dake putting people on blood thinners for after the surgery? You aren't on them for life, right? But you do take aspirin forever?

Thanks all ...
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PCOS, Endometriosis, Hypothyroid, still unexplained symptoms


Around two years ago I guess, I had some medical issues that were out of the ordinary enough for me to wonder if something bigger might be going on. When I looked into it, MS seemed like one diagnosis that would explain everything. A friend of mine did not know I had been very casually looking into it and upon hearing my symptoms said it sounded just like her mom with MS. It made ...
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