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At the symposium, Dake at least acknowledged something that has concerned me a lot when he said he didn't know why he wasn't seeing much azygous trouble compared to Zamboni's 86%.

Since Zamboni has seen primarily Italians, and Dake primarily Americans, is it possible there's some genetic pool predisposing Italians to congenital azygous issues? I realize most Americans were Europeans 200 years ago, but still.

It seems that if there were such a difference then ...
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undiagnosed forum????

How about a forum for those of us still looking for a dx? I know there are quite a few of us in here, and whether the eventual diagnossis is MS or not, a forum to discuss our journey, or to ask questions of those who've experienced similar issues could be beneficial.

Good idea? Bad idea? Comments?

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Radiologist and Zamboni's sample video

Hi all.

I have a wonderful radiologist who is very interested in CCSVI and we want to have a Doppler scan performed on me. He has been researching how it is done (hopefully, he has studied in Italy, speaks the language and knows some of the people appearing on the papers!!!) but he would also like o have the video that Zamboni mentioned at the conference.

Does anybody know if it is or will be ...

The Stone Is Rolling - Word is out


I am somewhat of a google super user, and have lots and lots of google new alert, blog search and old usenet searches posted to me via RSS daily.

The majority of the search terms used to be work related (Oil & Gas) but since Mel was diagnosed I've had a lot of MS related searches too.

It's actually quite a trip down memory lane looking at the terms I entered ...

Mayo Clinic identifies 2 genes as potential therapeutic targ ... 090909.php

Early research holds promise for new therapies and better prediction of patient outcomes
ROCHESTER, Minn. -- A Mayo Clinic study has found that two genes in mice were associated with good central nervous system repair in multiple sclerosis (MS). These findings give researchers new hope for developing more effective therapies for patients with MS and for predicting MS patients' outcomes. This study will be presented at ...
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small patches of numbness on my face?

So i think it might be stress related (my work has been ridiculous for the last 3 weeks) but starting this past Tuesday, i've been getting random little patches of numbness on my face. And only on the left side. sometimes its my cheek, or my forehead, or my chin.

They only last about 5 seconds then they're gone... but its just weird.

Im on Tysabri (just had #6 last week)

Has anyone else experienced ...
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MS First Symptoms and Age-Related

As mentioned, I've not been completely dx'd with MS but Doc suspects so. I would like to know what where teh FIRST SYMPTOMS viewers noticed and how old you were when it first happened.
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Steroid efficacy questions?

Hi. I looked around for the most suitable place to post this question.

Since there isn't a "steroids" option under Treatments, this seemed like the best place.

Does anyone know if steroids have a long term benefit? If so, will you please give medical article references.

I understand now that the primary benefit of steroids is reduction in length of relapse and reduction in lesion exacerbation.

Anything else?

I don't ever want to take ...
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Biovista Inc. Announces Positive Efficacy Results in a Pre-clinical Trial of its BVA-201 Repositioned Drug for Multiple Sclerosis

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia, September 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Biovista Inc. today announced that BVA-201, its drug targeting Multiple Sclerosis (MS), has shown significant positive results in the MOG-induced Experimental Allergic Encephalomyelitis (EAE) murine model of MS. BVA-201 is an existing drug that Biovista repositioned in MS and is aimed at neuroprotection. It was shown to have both efficacy in ...
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Fiance with MS

Howdy folks!

I will soon be married! My soon-to-be wife doesn't like to discuss her RRMS. Luckily she is marrying an "expert" ;-) I like keeping up to date on everything. I'll take as much of the burden I possibly can. She's doing fine right now, one slight visual-related relapse in 4 years, after which she started Copaxone. I thought this would be a good place to ...
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