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A hole in the skull (not CCSVI, just interesting)

Again, not strictly CCSVI but somewhat related.

The brain's buffer

As well as delivering oxygen to the brain, cerebral blood flow has another vital role: the circulation and production of cerebrospinal fluid. This clear liquid surrounds the brain, carrying the nutrients that feed it and removing the waste it produces, including the tau and beta-amyloid proteins that have been implicated in the formation of plaques found in the brains of people with Alzheimer's (Cerebrospinal Fluid ...

Are you interested in genetic testing for MS?


I'm a researcher trying to collect some survey data from people with MS (or other MS family members/advocates) about their interest in genetic testing for MS.

The survey is completely anonymous and takes about 30 seconds. Your opinions on this controversial topic are extremely important, so please make your voices heard! The survey is here: ... 8VKw_3d_3d

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Thoughts on the spreading of lesions and symptoms in CCSVI

CCSVI is not the only problem in MS, but the immune systems response to exposed CNS matter plays a crucial role in beginning a cascade of inflammation that leads to loss of neurological function.

I have a thought about this. Once the blood brain barrier has been perforated (via reflux, edema, leakage caused by hypoxia) and there's an immune system response against the exposed CNS-matter, this might also affect other areas, and cause new lesions ...

I don't think I am going to do copaxone now

I wrote in another post that my copaxone had arrived and I was planning to take it. I have read a lot of research in diet about proteins leaking into the blood stream which activates the immune system (leaky gut syndrome) I then thought about copaxone. Now the idea of that is to inject proteins directly into the blood stream, now whilst it acts as a decoy for your body to attack whilst you ...
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Good results from 10 year study

First Ten-Year Follow-Up Shows That Treatment With AVONEX® Leads To Long-Term Benefits In Early Multiple Sclerosis Patients
Main Category: Multiple Sclerosis
Also Included In: Clinical Trials / Drug Trials; Pharma Industry / Biotech Industry
Article Date: 08 Sep 2009 - 1:00 PDT

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Biogen Idec (NASDAQ: BIIB) today announced data ...
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Tysabri "rebound"

Thanks to my brains (Marie Rhodes :lol: ), I have been looking into a rebound effect that is reported in Tysabri. I plan to bring this up to Dr. Dake and right now this is the donkey I'm pinning my non improving tail on. It makes sense and there is a bunch of informatin out there regarding this. This is a quickie article to explain it, but ...
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Does anyone else out there have Primary Progressive MS?

I am newly diagnosed and have primary Progressive MS. I lost most my eyesight about 6 months ago and since I have developed other symptoms with no resite from all the previous. The most annoying is an itching and pain along my right arm. Both hands are numb and the walking into walls is really a killer Lol! I have several other symptoms as well (vomiting, nosebleeds, headaches, off balance) amd I was hoping there ...
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hypoxia | memory & executive function

Correct me if I'm wrong, please, but it sounds like one of the takeaways from the Bologna conference is that the damages of MS may be due to mild-but-sustained Ischemic hypoxia (or "hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy"), caused by screwed up flow dynamics in the brain.

Brain hypoxia is the condition in which there is a decrease in the oxygen supply to the brain even though there is adequate blood flow. If hypoxia lasts for long periods ...

Lieselotte - New

Hi 39 yr old female diagnosed at 37.

Had first symptoms at 27 - numbness both legs from thighs down. Was bedridden for 4 months until it went away and I could walk again. I spent the next 10 yrs happily symtom-less.

I thought the numb legs were a pinched nerve! It was that "pinched nerve" that changed my life becauseI spent my time in bed, deciding what to do with my life.

I spent ...
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Major discovery of a significant MS disease process


Please excuse the length of this post but the significance of this discovery cannot be emphasized enough.


Bologna, Tuesday Sept. 8, 2009
Venous Function And Multiple Sclerosis
International Coterie

Four main points concerning the relationship between CCSVI and MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS were covered by several experts at a Meeting in Bologna. All the investigations that gave an answer to these 4 fundamental points were coordinated by Prof Paolo Zamboni ...
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