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Fetal stem cell/Medra?

Has anyone heard anything about Medra? Apparently they are doing fetal stem cell therapy somewhere in the Caribbean. Yea, I know, sounds hokey.
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Current Clinical Studies (US)

this is a list of current ms studies that are seeking volunteers.

Found 153 studies with search of: Open Studies | "Multiple Sclerosis" ... lerosis%22
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Cold worsening symptoms?

I know that heat makes my symptoms get worse and that hottubs are lethal but in the UK we are having a big cold snap and temperatures have been below freezing for days. I have noticed that the colder I am, especially if I am outside, the worse my symptoms get - my leg becomes very difficult to control, the dragging and dropping is severe and my walking becomes very spastic.

Is that normal?
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Sleep Patterns

I am trying to sort out my sleep patterns and why they are erratic.
I think establishing a chart might help, but I am also curious about my vitamin levels and the relationship they have.

There are times I am completely exhausted and want to sleep yet after a certain time in the evening I am doomed to be awake all night. Currently, I am only taking gabapentin.

Please educate me on what vitamins and ...
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Campath research articles

First thing - happy New Year.

A belated Christmas present for Lyon and others.

Here is a link to Dr Alasdair Coles which give an overview of his work with Campath for MS. If you go down the page there is a section called Key publications. The first publication is the research article on the 3 year Phase II trial (CAMMS 223) - open the PDF file. Worth printing out as it is quite long ...
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Has anyone of you been treated with combination of interferons or glatiramer acetat with IVIG (intravenous immunoglobulin - once a month)?
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scared newbie

Hi all, have been lurking here for a good bit, am due to start tysabri next week and have been reading stuff that has given me the heebie-jeebies re PML etc.. anyone talk me round??
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Tempted by ABX - how to introduce with neuro/gp?

I've been lurking for a while on ABX threads.

After the last few months with low-grade infections, the GP has finally put me on some kick-ass ABX, much higher dose than normal, and my god I feel so so much better. More mental clarity, more energy.

Have MS 10 years, RRMS, on Copaxone 5 years but extensive lipoatrophy on legs and backside. Had CPn age 11. Symptoms of MS started when I was about ...
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CXCL1 Decreases Severity Of Multiple Sclerosis-like Disease
Main Category: Multiple Sclerosis
Also Included In: Neurology / Neuroscience
Article Date: 03 Jan 2009 - 0:00 PST

A group led by Dr. Cedric Raine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine have explored the expression of an immune molecule (CXCL1) that interacts with myelin-producing cells, finding that CXCL1 decreases the severity of disease in a mouse model of multiple sclerosis (MS). They report their data in the January ...
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Although it doesn't specifically mention MS...

From MIT's Technology Review, v. 112/no. 1, January 2009.

Cells clean up unneeded proteins by shipping them to a structure called the proteasome, which chops them up. If the proteasome can't do its job, the cell eventually dies. By targeting a specific component of the structure, Proteolix has developed a proteasome inhibitor that is particularly deadly to cancer cells. In the right dose, it kills cancer with little damage ...
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