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A theoretical kind of question

Do any of you experts know why Dr Wheldon and the Vanderbilt group focused on a bacterial rather than a viral explanation for MS, and why particularly CPn rather than any other kind of bacterial infection?
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CT Scan instead of MRV

In another thread it is mentioned Dr Dake may be moving to CT Scan instead of MRV to diagnose CCSVI. About 10 months ago, I had a CT Scan of my skull area so a neurosurgeon could see all the arteries and such in the base of my skull in case he needed to operate on my skull (he did not end up needing to operate).

I don't know if there is a specific way ...
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Not 100%

I talked to Island Girl last night she did not have any answers yet and more testing today.

She did NOT have an operable stenosis.

She literally took one for the team guys. She had her MRI MRV and then dopplers. All appeared normal, but Dr D wanted to look with venogram and make sure so she agreed to do that just to make sure nothing was in there beyond the MRV.

There was an ...
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Altitude and MS?

I am considering moving back to Colorado, I currently live in Texas right now for the past 10 years. But I miss the crisp clean air, I miss the snow, I miss .. trees lol, I miss everything. the problem is I don't seem to do as well in the cold as I do in the heat. yeah yeah I know, most people with MS hate the heat.

I am just afraid if I move ...
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new and ready for info

Hi there!
I am 30 years young and was diagnosed with MS in December 2008. My diagnosis came as a shock to me. I had been hurt at work in Feb 2008 and during a rehab program that I was paticipating in(May 2008) They discovered that I had some unusual weakness in my left thumb. I had never noticed it before and to this day dont notice it. Then I had two weeks of vertigo ...
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pain ques.

Holy Moly!!! I'm in more pain than I thought imaginable...I had reduced my dose of neurontin for awhile 'case I needed my brains for a bit..I'm paying now..
Anyway....I've got a question...
i've got incredibly intense leg pain, my left leg woke me up last night..
What's the genesis of the pain...does it indicate death of nerve fiber?
Nothing is making it go back on the neurontin...
I can't use my brain anyways when ...
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dino84, new

new to here so here`s just a small introducion, feel free to ask me anything!!

i don`t speak perfect english but please forgive me.
just 24 years young
i had ms diagnose about 14-15 months ago...13lesions in my brain,
about 3 months ago had 50 lesions.
i tried interferone once, but got very bad side effects and stopped it.
now i`ve took tysabri two times, and it seems that i don`t have any side effects ...
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For those who got MRV CDs from Stanford

I was wondering if you'd be willing to share the MRV CD contents with the community? It might be helpful while we're trying to 'recruit' new doctors if we can share some of the scans with them along with the studies? What does everyone think?

If so, I'd be more than willing to help get the CDs converted to ISOs and show you how to upload them online.

Edit: New windows instructions
For Windows Computers: ...

ms, how many lesions?

hi, im new in here and dont know if this guestion really is in the right place,
and sorry for my not so good english.

i didnt found a thread like this anywhere so:
just would like to know that how many lesions you people here have on your brain? how many lesions is really a lot??

i had about 13 a year ago, now have 50....still can walk by myself
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are scizophrenia and ms genetically linked

back in the 1990s, mom read an article in the San Jose mercury news paper about scitzophrenia and ms being genetically linked. I cant find anything on the internet about it. but I did find it linked with in the same individual. I ask because I am a possible ms, my sister, father, his sister, and his maternal aunt have scizophrenia and his maternal uncle has ms. anyone?
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