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The Unmentionables..and Time

Marie, Well, there are the symptoms of which we all speak freely---fatigue, imbalance, heat intolerance, impaired swallowing, foot drop, "franken-gait," spastic limbs, vision problems, slurred speech, weakness, muscle wasting, cognitive dysfunction and brain fog. But what about the "unmentionable" symptoms---bladder dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, chronic constipation and bowel dysfunction. Do you think the appropriate venous stent insertions could improve those problems? Even if they are long-standing problems?

It occurs to me that there may be a ...
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day four/yesterday

so yesterday was good, in that there were no steroids. so no gaining another five pounds overnight. but this morning, my joints are KILLING ME. and i'm tired. but what's new there. and so far no rash, which is great. so i'm off to the last day now, woohoo!
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IV Steroid Therapy...what can I expect?

We have a home-care nurse coming to the house tomorrow to begin IV steroid therapy on my husband.

What can I expect from this? Aside from the obvious, i.e., he'll be hooked up to an IV, what sort of side effects will he experience? And in a broader sense, what sort of impact will this have, in the various areas of his life over the next week. And what about long-term? Is there anyone out ...
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Neck pain and Muscle Relaxants

Sharon, that cagey lady, got the muscle relaxant Soma for her neck pain post surgery and felt great relief. She recognized relief after a massage and realized it was muscle tightness causing her misery.

This may be something others will try as well and I wanted a thread to follow the information regarding this idea. If you use a muscle relaxant for neck pain please report it here.

For me, I had stents on May ...
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Is this an MS Symptom

I have had this symptom for about ten years but was only dxed with ms 5 years ago. Baasically when I drink or eat something cold I get horrific cramps that cause me to double over, sweat, and sometimes vomit within 10 minutes. Drinking a warm liquid will stop the pain in about 15 min. Is this something that could be caused by MS or is it something else I should get checked out thanks.
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Skydog (Mark) is leaving for Stanford

Hey, Mark!

Just wanted you to get your own "little space" on TIMS as you travel to Stanford. Those of us who have gone before you have left a few crumbs along the path to help you get there - you will leave more for the next person. We will all look forward to hearing from you - glad you are taking a computer - we are like a bunch of baby birds waiting for ...

Myelopathy associated with bilateral jugular vein occlusion!

YES!!! Seek and ye shall find!!!

Spinal cord myelopathy attributed to bilateral jugular vein occlusion and impaired venous drainage....
This gal had demyelinating lesions (just like MS) on her spinal cord because her jugular veins were blocked. This is the disease model we are seeing in patients tested by Drs. Zamboni and Dake.

Ventriculoperitoneal shunt failure causing myelopathy in a
patient with bilateral jugular vein occlusion
Case report ...


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