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lower back pain

Does anyone else have lower back pain? I'm still recovering from a relapse so my entire back was numb before. Now my lower back is in pain, it started as an ache but now its a sharper pain. I don't know if it's MS related and maybe the numbess is going away so now I feel more pain, or if it's from something else, like an UTI because I read they can cause lower back ...
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research progress

Gene Regulates Immune Cells' Ability To Harm The Body
Main Category: Multiple Sclerosis
Also Included In: Genetics; Arthritis / Rheumatology
Article Date: 17 Jul 2009 - 2:00 PDT


A recently identified gene allows immune cells to start the self-destructive processes thought to underlie autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS) and rheumatoid arthritis, researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have found.

Researchers showed that mice without the Batf gene lacked ...
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CHARING CROSS - paper on line for free....

CHARING CROSS PAPER...on Liberation/Zamboni's endovascular balloon procedure results.
Here's one for the sticky, Marie :)


Nitrious Oxide

I probably will have to go in for a root canal on a lower back tooth, Anyone know if there are problems with Nitrious Oxide and MS?

I am terrified of having a root canal after my last one 8 years ago. My throat was numb because of the novacaine and unable to swallow, also feeling of drowning because of the salaiva build up. Was awful sitting there for 2 hours like that. I have ...
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Ballooning, shoulder pain, etc

Hi all- It's been so wonderful to read all the stories of folks who've seen Dr Dake and had various stenting procedures done. Since I'm the first, Joan mentioned that several are curious about the shoulder/neck pain issue. Like many, after my 1st procedure, this was very slow to dissipate - I'd say it was completely abated by about 8 weeks. Very gradual, so if you are feeling like it's 'never' going to get better ...
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MS as a Vascular Disease

Don't know if this article has been cited already. Given the obvious relevance of the title, it's a good bet you guys have, so sorry if this is old info. ... MS.pdf.pdf

I have only had a chance to skim it, so I don't know if it adds much to the discussion. I did find the authors' take on the effects of interferon-beta interesting.
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When someone has a bad relapse and then makes an almost total recovery and this recovery lasts for years and years how is this related to ccsvi,
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Children and CCSVI

I was asked this question the other day. How can you explain the connection between CCSVI and children with MS? I did not have an answer.
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Rumours of my death ...

… Have been greatly exaggerated. I'm OK! Bob tells me he keeps getting enquiries about my health, so I think I'd better explain. Since November of last year I seem to have had one infection after another: they each knocked me for six and no sooner do I begin recovering from one than another one strikes. The cumulative effect has been to leave me very weak, with little energy for posting or checking out research, ...
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