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New treatments unlikely in the UK

Well, whatever anyone thinks about the so-called "free" health service in the UK, it seems unlikely that anybody using the UK NHS will receive any of the new treatments in the offing because they will all be too expensive according to my neurologist. Great. I went in to see him yesterday and we discussed Tysabri which will definitely not be bought in England since Scotland can't afford it and they're the spendthrifts in our crazy ...
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I eliminated my post

I eliminated my post
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Please help me with my symptoms

Two years ago (I was 28 ), I "think" I hurt my back lifting weights and got a sharp pain in my hand, followed by numbness of two smaller digits and then tingling in hand and arm. Tingling lasted about 4 months, but went away. Soon after I started having severe earaches and went to the doctors many times thinking I had an ear infection. They saw nothing and said it could be TMJ.

A ...
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First Injection

I go for my first injection of Tovaxin tomorrow (01/24/07). Check my blog for updates.
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# of MS cases

Curiosity question: Why does the NIH state 150,000 cases and the NMSS 400,000? Anyone know?
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Aimspro - New Trials in the works ... php?nid=22

23/01/07 - Trials

Daval International Limited now has links with a number of key clinical and scientific researchers worldwide, with a growing level of interest being shown in the setting up of randomised double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trials of AIMSPRO. A European leader in the study and treatment of multiple sclerosis has recently submitted a trial protocol for consideration by an Institutional Ethics Committee and the ...
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MS and Breast Implants

Has anyone here have Breast Implants.. I was diagnosed with MS and Am trying to figure out if possible What and Why. I am praying that I didnt do this to myself. I can remeber back when I was about 30-31 I was breaking out in sweats at night and having heart palipations, But I was working out really hard back then. I went to the Doctor but the werent sure what it was. I ...
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Exercise has changed my life!

I started exercising on January 2, 2007. I have always made excuses...I don't feel good....I can't, I'm too body hurts...I'm too dizzy, etc. I decided that I needed to strengthen my body and the weight loss would also help me feel better. I was also worried about Type 2 diabetes....I don't need another disease!

I use the weight resistance machines for about 45 minutes and walk on the treadmill for about 30 minutes...faithfully, daily. ...
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severe acne

Hello everyone, I have been having a rather weird problem with my face, posting here just to see if anyone is experiencing the same problems.

I have been taking Betaseron for 2 years know, no problems at all with the medication in terms of sickness and fever problem, however for at least a year now I have been experiencing severe acne on my face, I am 27 years old and passed a acne condition at ...
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