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how long did it take for some of you to get in JH??

Hello everybody, my name is Juliana I am new to this board...

my husband has MS and we are trying to get him into JH for Revimmune treatment ASAP due to his conditions... I was given an appointment for October 2010 :(
I was wondering how long did it take for some of you to get in.
Also if they gave you a far away date at ...

MS or Migraine?

I've had migraines for 24 years but nothing like what started yesterday morning:

Sharp, shooting pains on right side of head, from about 1" behind my ear, up and around to top of head. Very incessant. Since there is a low pressure system in the area (a migraine trigger for me) I assumed it was a migraine but Excedrin Migraine didn't touch it (usually takes care of my migraines).

Hurts enough to have kept me ...
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Did Anyone Have Toxoplasmosis?

I'm still in the diagnosis phase and testing phase with MRI's ... Cervical MRI found myelin sheath damage and lesions.

Everything my doctor asked me to possibly find an answer on why that might be happening was unexplained. I have not had migraines, head injury, severe infections, etc. etc. that I can think of.

Something I thought of is that I did have TOXOPLASMOSIS when I was in high school. I'm wondering if the disease ...
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Fear, Greed and X-Rays

Fear, Greed and X-Rays

Fear and greed are potent motivators. When both of these forces push in the same direction, virtually no human being can resist. And doctors -- despite many expectations to the contrary -- are human beings.

This is one reason why medical costs in the U.S. have spiraled out of control, yet we are among the least healthy people in the developed world.

On the fear side, consider this email I got ...
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My Copaxone has arrived

Hi, My copaxone has arrived today, It will be the first DMD I have taken.
It really brings home the fact that you have MS when the package arrives with all its injections and booklets etc:(
The problem is, I don't know If I have any faith that it will do anything plus I hate injections.
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Stem cell product from New Zealand? Anyone heard of this?

Hi everyone,

An article in a local women's magazine led me to this link. Does anyone know anything about this treatment? ... rosis.html
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Heard Back from the NIH

Just a quick recap: I've been going down to Bethesda, Maryland to be seen by the doctors and researchers at the NIH, to take part in a "Natural History of MS" study that they're doing. My case is so atypical that they've taken a special interest in it, and have done some additional testing (MRI SPECT, diffusion tensor scans, etc.).

Last Thursday I made my third trip down to the facility, and I had sensory ...
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Started Rebif on April 1st because Copaxone quit working for me. Neuro wanted me to give Rebif a 6-month shot. She said if I didn't tolerate it or if it didn't slow MS progression, she'd switch me to Tysabri.

The first dose was horrid and each since has been more horrid. Spending most days curled up in bed or on sofa due to pain in joints; skin also hurts serverly (back, shoulders, neck &, as ...
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MS website writer seeks interviewee(s) re: CCSVI

I'm in contact with the woman who writes for this site: ... 30/central

- and she is interested in interviewing someone about CCSVI - she asked me, but since I have not yet been scanned or treated, and I don't feel I am as fluent in the background as some on here, I thought I'd punt ...

So if anyone would be interested, let her (Diane) know at ...


Gici recently commented that a lot of money will be saved by this treatment if it is shown to be the singular treatment for MS (not yet proven)

I have insurance--a cadillac plan too. I have been on copaxone since it came out. It was originally a shocking 1200 a month. My husband and I at a job change had some scary time worrying about how to get it.

I remain on it though I ...
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