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CCSVI and new research on "myelin stall out"

ScienceDaily (July 1, 2009) — Scientists have uncovered new evidence suggesting that damage to nerve cells in people with multiple sclerosis accumulates because the body's natural mechanism for repair of the nerve coating called "myelin" stalls out.

The study, published July 1, 2009, in the print edition of Genes & Development, was conducted by scientists at the University of California, San Francisco and University of Cambridge. The research was led by co-senior investigator David Rowitch, ...


I'm wondering what people think about any connection with CCSVI? I've noticed that several of us on the site have referenced having discoloration and/or Raynaud's. It's something I intend to speak with Dr. Dake about, but it would be great to hear if others have these issues in their hands and feet and what might be going on.
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A Home for Daisy Duck! ...Daisy, please post here...

Dear Daisy....
We all welcome you! Could you please respond to this post, that way we can have your information in one place, and you can take any questions the gang might ask. I'll add your previous posts here for you:

Posted: Sun Jul 05, 2009 11:24 am Post subject:
Hi: I have tried to post but am not too bright about this kind of thing. But I saw what you wrote about going to ...

MRV scans - material?

Just red from gibbledygook's text that Dr gave him MRV scans on cd. Don't know how does this MRV material look like, would be happy to see it. Can you see the problem (for example jugular's) clearcly from that material? Just thinkin what would my wife's neuro think, if he really see the problem in MRV photos? Or are they photos or like videoclips?

Me curious - asking questions again ...
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Intravenous Steroids CAUSING bladder problems?

Seems as though every time I get infused with methylprednisone (recently had 3 day course), or when I was getting cytoxan + methylprednisone, a day or two after the infusions I experience absolutely horrible bladder problems, to the point of straight up incontinence (or having to use bathroom every 5-10 minutes). Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions? Haven't had any luck researching it online. Thanks.
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if steroids help MS....


AUTHORS' CONCLUSIONS: Overall, corticosteroids significantly reduced rates of mortality, severe hearing loss and neurological sequelae. In adults with community-acquired bacterial meningitis, corticosteroid therapy should be administered in conjunction with the first antibiotic dose.

Just a comment added to point out that in this case the disease is a proven verified bacteria in the brain.

TO get cured the person needs antibiotics as well as steroids, but note that steroids are very ...
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Responses from some CT doctors

Hi everyone! A lot has been happening on here. Its almost imposible to keep up.

I just wanted to share with everyone comments from some of my CT doctors. I gave some of the articles from the sticky to 4 different doctors in the area. Two are primary care docs and two are ENT docs. I work in an ENT clinic so I gave it to the docs I work with. One, whom I highly ...
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IslandGirl Goes to Stanford

My good friend Island girl is not the most prolific poster she is new to forum life and still getting her "internet fingers". She called me the other day to check if her post was sounding OK...then did not post it!! We are all just friends on here and no one judges grammer if they did I'd be curtains my typing is horrific! Right guys?

But she reads these every day and is going to ...
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Thyroid veins

Dr Zamboni's new paper talks about the collateral circulation and how that impacts CCSVi. he mentions in the abstract that the THYROID VEINS are impacted too.

I wanted to mention something about this. Recently in another thread another TIMSer mentioned that he felt the proof that MS was autoimmune was that we have other autoimmune diseases more often than others do asserting that these co autoimmunities are endorsing the notion that they are therefore both ...
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