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having kids

i have been on copaxone treatment for about 6 months
and my g/f and i are thinking about having kids
i just want to know if anyone is on copaxone and had kids before
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Many here have dealt with MS a lot longer than I have, so I'd figure I solicit some advice on something I've been considering.

Just a little background: I'm 38 years old, and was diagnosed last August, and started having symptoms that lead me to the doctor last mid-April. I started on Copaxone in October. My symptoms have been mostly sensory, some nerve pain, but I do feel my legs and arms get tired more ...
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Contact info

Anyone have a number or who to contact for revimmune? I am looking into the North Western treatment as well right now. Problem is I was told it is in phase II and randomized study. Some would get chemo and some would get chemo with the stem cells.

Have not contacted anyone at Rush hospital yet. I amnot quite sure what their treatment is.

Interestined in looking into revimmune.
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Not taking all my doses

I have discussions with patients every day about the importance of taking all of their doses of meds. I never missed a dose of Rebif for two years. Lately, however, I find that I am skipping 2 of the three doses per week because all of my injection sites are so tender and painful. Has anyone else done this? I am feeling guilty for missing doses, and I don't want to be a bad patient, ...
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Breast Feeding Trumps DMDs in Reducing Post Partum Relapses

Lots of news coverage today on this topic--

87% of the women who did not breastfeed after pregnancy had relapses (one year follow up)

while only 36% of the women who did breastfeed exclusively after pregnancy had a relapse.

Can Breastfeeding Reduce Multiple Sclerosis Relapses?
Sixty percent of the women reported their main reason for not breastfeeding exclusively was to start taking MS treatments again.

Women who began taking MS treatments within the first two ...
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Internet Article about Me, and Some Video...

An old friend of mine has published a short Internet article about my experiences fighting multiple sclerosis. I thought some here might find it interesting.

Also, I put up a YouTube video showing what it's like to take a power wheelchair trip through the Upper West Side of Manhattan. It's kind of funny, and it's getting some good response. I hope you get a kick out of it...

Here's the article:
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another case of pml..not ms related. ... index.html

The Food and Drug Administration cited three confirmed cases, and a possible fourth, of people diagnosed with progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) after being treated with Raptiva.

"Three of those patients have died," the FDA said in a public health advisory. "All four patients were treated with the drug for more than three years."

None was receiving other treatments that suppress the immune system.

Raptiva's product labeling ...
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HI members my name is SEEVA Has anyone heard anything about emcell
of the NATIONAL TISSUSES CENTER EMCELL ,KIEV,UKRAINE.Apperently thay are doing EMBRONIC STEMCELL WITH POSITVE RESULTS TREATING THE NERVOUS SYSTEM INCLUDING MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS.PROFESSOR ALEXANDR SMIKODUB, M.D Head of the cell therapy clinic wastreatted thouands of patients with various disesases like diabetes1&2 M.S,Parkinsons,muscular distrophy and many other incurable diseases in the past 16 years.His senior PA has send me a reply regarding MY 10YEARS
old ...
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courageous man ignores doctors

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