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A question about mast cells.

Hi, does any one know if there is any research into mast cell endocytosis in people with ms? I'm just curious is all.
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Seasonal Ulcers

Venous ulcers ahve a seasonal characteristic

HERE is our favorite researcher at it again....

Seasonal variation of onset of venous leg ulcers.
Marian Simka
EWMA Journal 2006; 6(2):23-24
ICID: 470065
Article type: Original article
IC™ Value: 2.00

Background. Many vascular pathologies exhibit circannual fluctuation, and perhaps are climate dependent. In Central and Western Europe, where four distinct seasons exist, vascular pathologies related to thrombosis have their peak of frequency during winter, while clinical symptoms associated ...
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Some Answers, More Questions

I really don't know where to begin. Let me start by listing my symptoms, most I have experienced off and on for years. This is a complete list of everything I deal with. Not a list of me matching up what may be MS related.

1. Numbness in Arm & Hand (started in April 09)
2. Blurred Vision (years)
3. Vertigo (years)
4. Heat Sensitivity (started in late teens. 26 now)
5. Trouble Sleeping (last ...
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new to the forum but had first set of infusions in april

just wondering how people felt two months post infusion, still feel the same symptoms havent decreased, just curious maybe im expecting too much too soon. dx 07/2007 thank you..

Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be broken

I am happy I have found this forum. I am a 28'ish year old Man'boy and was diagnosed with this gift that keeps on giving in mid 2008. I have relapsed 4 times since then and am ever ready to the get to the next chapter in my world win tour of MS torture. The doctor was nice enough to confirm my inquiry that I have had MS since my early 20's. hip hip hoooray! ...
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Questions for those who have the surgery

Did you need a referral from your neuro?
Who follows up with you when you come home?
How soon can you fly after the proceudre and how long do you need to stay near stanford?
I read they keep you awake duing the surgery, that is a little creepy but then again I really prefer that vs being put under. So they at least give you some sort of sedation to relax you or are ...

The Unmentionables..and Time

Marie, Well, there are the symptoms of which we all speak freely---fatigue, imbalance, heat intolerance, impaired swallowing, foot drop, "franken-gait," spastic limbs, vision problems, slurred speech, weakness, muscle wasting, cognitive dysfunction and brain fog. But what about the "unmentionable" symptoms---bladder dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, chronic constipation and bowel dysfunction. Do you think the appropriate venous stent insertions could improve those problems? Even if they are long-standing problems?

It occurs to me that there may be a ...
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day four/yesterday

so yesterday was good, in that there were no steroids. so no gaining another five pounds overnight. but this morning, my joints are KILLING ME. and i'm tired. but what's new there. and so far no rash, which is great. so i'm off to the last day now, woohoo!
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IV Steroid Therapy...what can I expect?

We have a home-care nurse coming to the house tomorrow to begin IV steroid therapy on my husband.

What can I expect from this? Aside from the obvious, i.e., he'll be hooked up to an IV, what sort of side effects will he experience? And in a broader sense, what sort of impact will this have, in the various areas of his life over the next week. And what about long-term? Is there anyone out ...
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Neck pain and Muscle Relaxants

Sharon, that cagey lady, got the muscle relaxant Soma for her neck pain post surgery and felt great relief. She recognized relief after a massage and realized it was muscle tightness causing her misery.

This may be something others will try as well and I wanted a thread to follow the information regarding this idea. If you use a muscle relaxant for neck pain please report it here.

For me, I had stents on May ...
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