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Anyone ever took this???

Hello everyone....well I would like to have some feedback on a medication I have been prescribed by my doc\tor..well it's name is Dulcolax....I have never used it before and I would like to know if it is effective???Any side effects???Did anyone here ever heard of it or ever used it??
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Gotta ask

i was dxd in 2001 all was fine until 2005 i had numb foot and hand
the neor decided i should have iv steroids i've been in bed ever since
started LDN in march my speech is better, i now longer choke, i can stay sitting up, my bladder is improving my left arm and hand are in constant spasm sometimes pain is unbelievable tried all the drugs mj helps the best what do do ...
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Enolase and Arrestin are Novel Nonmyelin Autoantigens

What does this mean? Anybody? It looks interesting but I am not sure if I am understanding it right.


Forooghian F, Cheung RK, Smith WC, O'connor P, Dosch HM.
Department of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada.

Introduction: Although myelin autoimmunity is known to be a major factor in the pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis (MS), the role of nonmyelin antigens is less clear. Given the complexity of this disease, it is ...
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alphaB-crystallin protein


I would like to get your husband's opinion about the discovery of the alphaB-crystallin protein made by researchers at Stanford and whether it could be related to CPN bacteria.

This report was posted earlier here on general forums , but I am including some parts of the post now.


A protein found primarily in the lens of the eye could be the critical “tipping point” in the spiral of inflammation
and damage that ...
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Hi to all,

I cannot believe that some people are looking for results like I have had while on Tovaxin. That these people think they may be on placebo just because they have not seen similar improvements. I don’t think these people ever read my timeline, and if they did, they only saw what they wanted to see.

I have said over 100 times that the hope for Tovaxin is to stop the attacks. There ...
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How do you deal with bouts of anxiety?

I am curious: How do you deal with bouts of anxiety? I do not mean petty anxiety but real anxiety where you feel overwhelmed? I know there are professionals but isn't it normal to feel like this when you're going through a hard time?

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Research telecon

<Moderator's Note: The following post by Bromley is meant to be humorous. Users are not limited in their number of posts to the forums at ThisIsMS as long as they are in compliance with the Rules Of The Board established by the ThisIsMS administrators. Furthermore, I have no information directly from Arron regarding any changes in his level of participation in the forums. Sincerely, NHE>

Dear all,

Following Arron's decision to quit as moderator ...
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Betaseron v Copaxone

Research suggests that both these drugs are as bad as each other!

No Difference in MS Disease Activity Between Treatments 16 June 2007

Head-to-head comparison of interferon beta-1b (Betaseron, Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals ) and glatiramer acetate (Copaxone, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries) shows comparable efficacy but continuing multiple sclerosis (MS) disease activity with both agents.
The study, called Betaseron vs Copaxone in MS with Triple-Dose Gadolinium and 3-T MRI Endpoints (BECOME), is the first investigator-initiated, ...
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TwistedHelix (Dom) is alive and well!

Dom suffered a massive computer failure but seems well on the way to recovery.

He's in the process of trying to get a new thisisms password so that he can login again.
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