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Does anyone here use a inversion table ?

I have been using a inversion table for about 3 yrs. Started using it before I officially had ms. I have lived with back pain for 33 yrs. Skiing jumping at 18 yrs left me with disc problems. I now use it daily. At first it made my head feel funny, but no problems lately. Used to hear and feel the separation taking place up and down my spine. Now I have actually increased some ...
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Any ideas what cellcept is?

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what do you do?

need advice. would you guys send this information to someone to whom it might be relevant? if it was you would you be less scared or more scared?
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Stem Cells for Broken Brains

Interesting video for those of you interested ... ?aid=26460
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Made my decision...

I believe I will start treatment with Rebif. It seems to have worked really good for alot of people. The plus side is its only three times a week. Is there anything I should be supplimenting the treatment with?
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Anodyne therapy

Met with a friend who is a nurse practitioner and has just started her own practice. Great news for me... I now have someone to who is willing to go any direction that I feel would work for me. In our meeting today one topic we discussed was Anodyne Therapy. Pulsed inferred to treat pain. Could it help other conditions as well. The vascular part of ms? or at least some of the issues like ...
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Patterns in MS Lesions

In researching why some people respond to steroids, and others do not, I've come across research by Drs. Lucchinetti/Lassmann/Bruck on the Subtypes of Multiple Sclerosis Lesions. These doctors have studied MS lesions for many years, in vivo and on autopsy, and have catagorized lesions into four distinct patterns:

Pattern I
-Centered around venule with sharp, demarcated edges
-T-cell/macrophage associated
-extensive remyelination
-oliogodendrocytes in lesion center

Pattern II
-Antibody/complement associated, lesions contain large quantities of immunoglobulin ...
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so, I'm talking with Drs. Brodsky, Kerr, and Hammond....

I am seriously thinking that I will re-dose.... just need to decide when and how soon, I guess...

Very upset by all of this.... but as I sit here with an IV in my arm....I'm pretty darn miserable all around.

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neuropsychology ques.

Has anyone been evaluated by a neuropsychologist?? Why has it been recommended at this time? What are they looking for? what can I use the results for??
I know I'm not function ing anywhere near 'my old self' so it's way too late to have a baseline study.
Are they looking for markers that can be used to gauge disease advancement?
I always thought it was the 1st step in the SS process, makes me ...
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AAN Abstracts for April Meeting

Hi all

The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) abstracts for the April meeting are up and not embargoed. :) The general web site is here. Some that quickly caught my eye (and there are lots of them) that might be of interest.

Examining the Association between High-Density Lipoprotein Levels and Disability in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis
CONCLUSIONS/RELEVANCE: The results of this study demonstrate a significant ...
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