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I think I had an attack on Copaxone....

Sorry gang, but this might be kinda long....

I had some kind of attack yesterday morning. I have never felt
anything like it before in my life.

I had read that Copaxone users can encounter the occasional "reaction"
to the drug, even after years of being on it without having said
reaction. It usually is described as a "flushing" feeling in the
skin, tightness in the chest, shortness of breath, etc. for short
time...about 15 ...
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Hey y'all--

I have the first THREE mails out to study sites (Ohio). My state list is okay, as far as that goes, but not all these addresses are complete enough to include certain people (study coordinators). And sometimes even zip codes.

So... if you please, PM me the complete address of your own study site--and a name, if available, so we can get this ball rolling.

From snowy and blowy Cincinnati,
ME the Pain
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neurontin ques

I've been in a great deal of pain lately, mostly legs and feet (my arches) The neuro suggested I start neurontin.
Can anyone share their experineces with this drug. I hesitate to add another 'everyday' drug to treat a 'not everyday' issue.
Does it take a few days for it to build to an effective dose?
Can you use it and go off it when you're feeling better? or is it dangerous to do so? ...
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Ear problems

I am having severe problems with my ears. They are stopped up, the right ear more than the left and it is horrible. I don't have a cold or sinus or ear infection that I know of.

I don't know if this is MS related or just a coincidence. Does anyone have any comments or suggestions? I did not sleep at all last night and need some relief.

Thanks, CF
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Husband has I overdoing it?

My husband was recently diagnosed with MS last week. He was hospitalized right before Christmas because he lost complete balance and coordination on his left side (arm and leg).

Since we received his diagnosis and he returned to work I won't let him do much at home because I'm afraid that he will have a relapse. He had a problem on Monday at work where his left arm went a little numb again. Am I ...
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how to improve drug testing

I love this idea from economist Dean Baker on improving the clinical trial process. It's from an article he wrote on recommendations for the upcoming US stimulus package:

Publicly funded clinical trials

Start a system of publicly funded clinical trials. The point would be to take the conduct of trials out of the control of the drug industry so that doctors and researchers would have immediate and full access to all research findings.

As a ...
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Need prescribing doctor on Oahu - Help!

Hi there,
Our neurologist refuses to prescribe LDN to my husband with M.S. His FP is defering to the neuro. Does anybody know of a doctor in Hawaii, or Oahu specifically who is willing to prescribe it to MS patients?

Thanks so much!
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low dose naltrexone - needed in Hawaii

Hi there! We live on Oahu. My husband was diagnosed with MS in February but has probably had it for 15-20 years according to the doctors. We just researched LDN and his neurologist refuses to give him a prescription. If you know of any Doctors on Oahu who are prescribing, or any Doctors on the mainland who will prescribe to us, we'd appreciate that information.

Thank you!

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New Biogen drug seeks to repair Multiple Sclerosis damage 14 January 2009

Reversing the damage done by multiple sclerosis would be a dream come true for patients of the debilitating disease, and there is some promising research working toward that goal.

The condition is thought to occur when the body literally attacks itself and current therapies only seek to slow or stop that situation. But Biogen Idec Inc. (BIIB) is developing a drug that ...
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