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Magnetic Field Therapy

A promising treatment for fatigue...

Effect of BEMER Magnetic Field Therapy on the Level of Fatigue in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis: A Randomized, Double-Blind Controlled Trial.

J Altern Complement Med. 2009 May 7.
Piatkowski J, Kern S, Ziemssen T.
1 Neurological Outpatient Center Reichenbachstrasse , Dresden, Germany .

Electromagnetic field therapy has been reported to be beneficial in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) with significant fatigue. This study was designed to evaluate the long-term ...
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Day 2

Well, I'm a little behind in updating!

After my first dose of chemo....that night I awoke at 2am feeling a little bit nauseous. Not a lot - but some. They gave me something for it and back to sleep I went.

I slept most of day 2. Nothing really to report. At 5pm they ran my second dose.

Oh, a little earlier in the day, I managed to get the nurse to unhook me from ...
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I am so excited by this CCSVI model I feel like it is time for a reality check:

It is important to remember that we, including all of us and me and Cheer, are not experts, but people whove been hurt by MS. It is also true that Dr Zamboni is cautious about his work and the findings so far. He is building his case step by step

First he offered the hypothesis
next he ...
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Hello I too am recently diagnost, Help!

Well actually I had an MRI w/out contrast and they found some lesions so now I am on to an MRI w/contrast and possibly more tests after that. My Mom was dx about 15 years ago after possibly having MS for 15 years prior. I have watched her struggle and been scared to death that the same thing would be my fate. I am 35 and in my late 20s I started working out obsessively ...
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Walkaid or bioness- both legs?

So, what if you have 2 weak legs and a very weak core...will these aids help? Does anyone have a machine that sends pulses to the core. I've wondered about the contraptions you can buy at the sport store here, where you place pads on your stomach to make it firmer...I wonder if it's safe to use on my husband. But mainly if he has the above problems, is it still possible for the walk ...
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Anxiety or MS?

Hello Everyone

im a 19 yrs old male. I have suffered from three major panic attacks, two of them caused by drugs. after a year of not touching any drugs and drinking i woke up and all of a sudden i strained my neck..i went to a doctor and he gave me this anti-inflammatory pill..i took it and went to bed but woke up next morning feeling numbed and feeling like i was going to ...
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Axonal loss in PPMS less dependent on demyelination

This study showed that axonal loss is one PPMS is less dependent on demyelination and in SPMS, providing further evidence that PPMS is not simply SPMS that skipped the RRMS phase.

Axonal Loss in Primary Progressive MS is Less Dependent on Demyelination than in Secondary Progressive MS
Emma C. Tallantyre, Nottingham, United Kingdom, Lars Boe, Bergen, Norway, Lowe James, Nikos Evangelou, Nottingham, United Kingdom.

The questions examined here were whether axonal loss correlates with ...
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Halt MS trial

Some information about the Halt MS trial.

Positive results of stem cell transplantation to treat Multiple Sclerosis reported

An article published in the Summer 2009 edition of Multiple Sclerosis Quarterly Report, a joint publication of United Spinal Association and the North American Research Committee on Multiple Sclerosis (NARCOMS), highlights the positive initial results of patients who have improving neurologic function after receiving a stem cell transplant, despite no longer taking any MS medications.

The ...
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What is it about Apr/May and Aug/Sep?

I'm just wondering what IS going on that I keep getting relapses nearly every mid-Apr/end May and end of Aug/end of Sep.

Is there any natural phenomenen that might be contributing to this? My lifestyle does not alter at these times, no big stressors - at least not any more than usual, nothing else that I can think of.........

If Vit D is a recurring issue in research, and I have had persistant insufficiency of ...
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