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Hi from Berlin


my name is Ursula - diagnosed in 2006, no major problems so far..
After the evil rebif I now take Copaxone which seems to be o.k.
I currently take part in the green tea study (EGCG) - and I am pretty sure to be in the "verum"-group.
Would be great if this stuff could help - there are really no side effects at all (except 1 week of headache in the beginning)

Is here ...
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Lymphocytes number low in CBC

Wondering if any other Copaxone users have noticed this in their blood testing....

Interesting results from my husband's latest blood draw. His lymphocyte (T-cells, B-cells and natural killer cells) number was just out of range, low at 19%. One of Copaxone's methods of action is to bind to lymphs and keep their proliferation low. Looks like Copaxone is working! Also lowish (at 2%) were his monocytes, the guys that inform the lymphocytes and sent them ...
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Well I reactivated....

Now that I have your attention. I haven't reactivated. If I ever do you will all know it. My site will not disappear. I feel you will all probably have had Revimmune before I reactivate but if not I will eat my words.

I have a site called

I invite all of you interested in this treatment to contact me. All the contact info is there. My site ...
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4 infusions so far

I had my 4th infusion today and thought I’d put my 2 cents in. I have not had a great improvement or any that I can really put my finger on. I guess I feel somewhat better. It is hard to tell if that is just the MS doing what it does best, that is changing like the wind. I did manage to aerate the lawns this weekend without the usual feeling of crushing fatigue. ...
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Waiting for diagnosis


I am a 32 year old white male and I am currently undergoing several neuological tests. My symptoms include: headaches, extremely week legs in the AM, numbness in legs, lack of coordination, dizzy spells, pain in hips, back and side, extreme fatigue, and spells of confusion and inability to properly form sentences. I am awaiting results from blood work and an MRI/MRA. My father was diagnosed when he was younger than me, his first ...
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Another D'oh!!

More food for thought I received an email today stating:

"Upon receiving a google alert today regarding Tovaxin and not reaching endpoints etc etc. I thought I would see what Tim had to say….guess what “” is now a math site. Where did Tim’s blog go?


Hoping yours doesn’t go anywhere should the high dose stuff you’re on fail to perform. (of course I root for anyone who has the guts to try this ...
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This is interesting....

- ARR for Tovaxin-treated patients was 0.214 as compared to 0.339 for placebo-treated patients. Consistent with ARRs seen in previously conducted clinical trials for Tovaxin, this result is at the lower end of the spectrum of documented relapse rates demonstrated in controlled two-year clinical studies of currently marketed products (range from 0.2 to 0.9).

- For patients who had an ARR > 1 in the year prior to the study, Tovaxin demonstrated a 55 percent ...
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What about MS hostpital in China....

Hello, again I have question.... :?

Here I found some informations about MS hospital in China....
Now I am wondering, if someone was there or wish to go there; how succsessful are they with treatemens.....I read about some of the patients, but better will be, if I can come in contact with those peoples....
About a month I correspond on emails with them, they said that they ...
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MS-esque, or not so much?

Um, no, I'm not seeking a diagnosis from strangers on the internet. Just looking for a reality check on a couple symptoms - does this sound MS-ish, or not so MS-ish, in your experience:

I get kind a stiff/numb feeling in my right side extremities, and it seems like some of the time the trigger is related to muscles in my back. (Maybe; that's my guess). For example, if I'm out walking around, relaxed and ...
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MUST SEE video - Kyle Lagrasso

I don't know how many of you have seen this, but this story is absolutely amazing. What a great little dude.

I hope the link works.
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