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Eye Issue

I'm having an attack on my left eye now :o(. The eye sight is dimmer and the contrast is bad. My doctor is away and would only be back next week. My predicament is wheather I should just straight away take prednisolone (I have my supply with me) rather than wait till my doctor is back or weather thru this relapz (not sure if it will get ...
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What are the rules for medical articles?


I find an article out of a journal somewhere and I print it and link to it in a later post. Then one day I find that the link doesn't work anymore. So there is no article there when folks go to see the support for the observations I've posted about.


I have a copy of the article that I had previously linked. But, I can't clearly find a new copy of the ...
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1 gram prednisone oral in lieu of IV solumedrol

Mr. Neuro just gave me an Rx for 1g oral prednisone x 3 days. this is in lieu of the IV steroids. IT was done this way for a number of reasons one of is that I just had a course of infusions for the Campath trial and they had a tough time with the external lines because my skin is "tough" and my veins like to roll. Whatever -

Anyway, 200mg prednisone 5 X ...
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Hi Everyone,

Well, it's a go. I'm on schedule to re-dose at the end of April. Still not 1000% positive of this choice - mainly b/c pulling it all together seems like much more of a hurdle this time. I may have to hire "help" to be with me. :(

I had a MRI on Friday. It did not show any enhancing lesions and the previous one ...
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Rough draft

Please comment so I can do the necessary editing. After I get your-all's approval, I'll be sending this to Dawn McGuire and Donna Rill of Opexa and Edward Fox of that central TX MS Center. Here goes:

Four months ago, when Opexa Therapeutics pulled the plug on Phase II-B of Tovaxin, a lot of people were shocked and very unhappy. Especially when some of them—us, rather—had, over the course of the study, become cheerleading advocates. ...
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Alcohol and Rebif

I have yet another question about Rebif... I heard that you cannot consume beer while taking Rebif. I went to their website and couldnt find anything on that. Does anyone know? I am not an acoholic by any means, however I like to drink beer on my days off. I am trying to impact my life as little as possible. So, from what I was told, you can drink beer on copax but not on ...
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at my wit's end

Hello. I am a 29 year-old woman living in Israel with secondary progressive MS (diagnosed with MS when I was 20) that has tried every treatment there is possible (as far as I know).

This includes (in chronological order):

Currentlyl, I am in a wheelchair, and in a recent visit to my neurologist, he told me that he's not sure what I should try next, because, as ...
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Studies on the genetics of MS

Genetics studies provide new clues to why people develop MS
06 March 2009

New studies are deciphering the complex picture of genetic characteristics that make people susceptible to MS, thanks to international collaborations and unique population studies. Each gives important new clues about why people get MS. Additional large-scale studies, the first stages of which are already underway, promise to uncover the great majority of genes that convey risk for MS, which would pave ...
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Campath research

Given that a number of people have received this treatment / are thinking about it, here is an abstract of some research to be presented in April about disability improvements.

Ian ... 9L_P06.145
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Euphoria before attack


Has anyone noticed that they feel really good and well just before a relapse like a real feeling of euphoria? I have noticed this has happened to me a few times now.
I can't work out if its because I feel well I do more hence bringing on an attack or if it is a biological/chemical thing.

Any ideas?
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