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Oligoclonal bands

I've always wondered if o bands had anything to do with the current state or progression of MS so this was interesting to me.

Cerebrospinal fluid oligoclonal bands and progression of disability in multiple sclerosis.
Koch M, Heersema D, Mostert J, Teelken A, De Keyser J.
Department of Neurology, University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands.

Antibody-mediated inflammation is believed to contribute to tissue injury in ...
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Diet - so simple, yet so complicated

In January this year (07), I decided to follow a radically different way of eating.
I felt fantastic, still do and haven't had my yearly relapse (which of course could be down to any number of factors).
I started on a raw food diet and it did feel wonderful to completely lose the brain fog. My fatigue had been awful for the previous year and I only 'functioned' with Amantadine. Happily, this has improved ...
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Research articles

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Tysabri in the UK

TYSABRI® Recommended by NICE for Use in Highly Active Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis in the Final Appraisal Determination

03 July 2007

New Hope For People With Highly Active Multiple Sclerosis.

Biogen Idec and Elan Corporation welcome today’s announcement by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) in the final appraisal determination which recommended use of TYSABRI® (natalizumab) in people with highly active relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS). TYSABRI is the first treatment for ...
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Maximizing INTERFERON-Beta effectiveness

MMP-9s KILL the activity of ALL IFN-Betas.

It is a VERY GOOD IDEA to lower MMP-9s if taking an Ifn-Beta drug.

:wink: If you want to maximize Avonex (or any beta interferon), lowering MMP-9s will prevent it from being degraded by being cleaved into parts thus killing its Activity/Effectiveness.

Also getting the most activity from the least amount of near natural (human) interferon like Avonex will ...
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Starting Avonex within a month

Hello everyone, I will be starting Avonex pre-filled injections very soon. I've read every single post in the forums about avonex, but I have a few questions...

I wonder mostly about what is going on between the 24/48 hr side effects and the next shot. I have had 2 relapses since my first symptoms began 5 months ago, but I still have quite a bit of mobility. My body went numb from my left foot ...
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Google adds and IE7Pro

Arron, I have just installed an add-in to IE7 called IE7Pro. One of the features is an "Ad Blocker". I am worried that it may cut into your impression count and therefore your ad revenue. If I right click and view properties on the blank area where the add should be, I do get a URL back to Google, so it implies they registered the impression.

Any idea?

And as you can see in ...
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Any good news stories? 20+ years and doing ok?

I was out driving today looking for yard sales, craft shops, antiques, etc. and I ended up in a very rural area at a little consignment shop. While I'm in there a woman comes in and there is a man behind her. I don't notice anything until this woman 'stage whispers' to the woman behind the counter that this guy has ms and his wife has thrown him out of the house. She is trying ...
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Hello - New PwMS!

Hi all, thought I'd say hi. Was diagnosed in May this year and have had the go ahead for DMDs so am looking around for info on sites and here I am!

Take care, VX
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The Inflammation Cure by William Joel Meggs, MD, PhD

Though I have already mentioned this book, The Inflammation Cure by William Joel Meggs, M.D., Ph.D., it bears my recommendation again here. His comment on page 70 urges me to work harder to resolve my sinusitis:

"The whole system is like a giant feedback loop. The nervous system controls inflammation and can even initiate inflammation without activation of the immune system. The immune system, in turn, communicates with the nervous system through its own chemical ...
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