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FTY720 Update

Novartis AG said a study shows that 80-83 percent of patients taking its multiple sclerosis drug FTY720 are relapse-free compared to 69 percent of those on the leading current treatment.

Novartis, which is presenting new Phase III results to the American Academy of Neurology, said the data reinforces results announced in December that showed the annual relapse rate was 52 percent lower compared with patients taking Biogen's injectable multiple sclerosis drug Avonex.

It said full ...
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Wierd reaction???

Or normal? I injected my right stomach area last week using the rebiject. Immediately after, I had a lump there and three days later, massive bruising. Normal? Not a big deal? Maybe I did something wrong?
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glutamate and progression

I'm officially removing glutamate from my christmas card list...

Glutamate identified as predictor of disease progression in multiple sclerosis

April 30th, 2009 - - UCSF researchers have identified a correlation between higher levels of glutamate, which occurs naturally in the brain as a byproduct of metabolism, and greater disease burden in multiple sclerosis patients. The study is the first to measure glutamate toxicity in the brain over time and suggests an improved method for ...
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gray matter / white matter connection

I really like that they are looking at a common target that exists in gray and white matter.

Gray matter under attack in multiple sclerosis

April 30th, 2009 -- It has long been assumed that myelin is the most important target for the misdirected immune response in MS. This white, fat-rich protective layer of specialized cells enshrouds the long extensions of neurons. However, the central nervous systems of MS patients also exhibit damage in the ...
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Cladribine - Phase III results

Oral Multiple Sclerosis drug, Cladribine, appears effective, but cancer cases raise concerns

Merck KGaA reported late-stage data showing that its cladribine tablets significantly cut the rate of clinical relapses, disability progression and brain lesions in patients suffering from relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis, echoing preliminary data reported earlier this year.

But a handful of cancer cases in the study may raise some safety concerns for physicians that must choose cladribine over alternative therapies that have ...
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What causes the fatigue?

I think I have a moderate understanding of the way MS works, T cells attack the myalin sheath of specific nerves which affect certain body parts. What I don't understand is how it causes general fatigue.
When asked about fatigue as a symptom of MS, I never really know how to answer. I mean, am I more or less tired than the average person? Am I just lazy, unmotivated, depressed? I don't have a definitive ...
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good cholesterol is good

"Good" cholesterol may guard against MS disability

Reuters -- High levels of HDL ("good") cholesterol may help protect against disabilities related to multiple sclerosis or MS.

HDL has anti-inflammatory properties and thus it might benefit MS, a disease of chronic inflammation. Preliminary data to support this theory were reported today at the American Academy of Neurology's annual meeting in Seattle.

The findings, study investigator Dr. Bianca Weinstock-Guttman told Reuters Health, suggest that people with MS ...
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CCSVI - Test and doctor instructions question

Hi all.

I have scheduled an appointment with a vascular surgeon who studied in Italy. The appointment is on May 18th. I will present him with the Zamboni studies and I was thinking about not mentioning that I want to monitor myself because I have MS, but because I feel that I may have an additional venous insufficiency.

I have found out that MRV is non-invasive, apart from the "dye". Can this be enough? Can ...

My review of Provigil

I asked the doctor for adderall. He was against it, he stated that people build up a tolerance to it very easily. Therefore he gave me provigil. I dont know whether it comes in different doses or not but I got the 200mg doses. They are not doing me any good. I can take one then go to bed! I am looking for that evening "get me motivated" energy because I work 3pm-3am. Generally I ...
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it is bad in my legs, will it stop getting worse or continue till it is constant?
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