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Clinical study

I was recently diagnosed with MS-lesions on MRI--one CIS-which affected my left eye over several weeks--I have been offered the opportunity to participate in the teraflunomide study--can someone tell me what exactly do they test you for prior to being accepted and during? I understand that they will be checking for changes in RBC, WBC, liver enzymes etc. but what else are they checking?
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Tysabri and sunburn?

Morning all,

so I've read about the possible link of Tysabri and melanoma (which is just fantastic * note the sarcasm), but is there any link between it and sunburn? I'm VERY fair skinned and am used to the sun being the devil.....

But I was out on Tuesday (wearing SPF 45) and i got a really bad burn on my chest/neck. I was only outside for 2 hours!! It's just very odd as the ...
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Hi everyone.

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I can sunbathe now!

Just wanted to share some good news! I have been taking LDN (4.5mg) for about 3 months and I'm very pleased with it (tho it's too soon to tell about progression yet). So far my energy is better, I need less sleep and most surprisingly of all I can enjoy the sunshine. For the last 20 years I have been dreading the summer as the sunlight made me feel so unwell but this year I ...
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Smoking speeds MS progression

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Multiple sclerosis (MS) patients who smoke have a speedier progression of the disease, a new study in the Archives of Neurology suggests.

Dr. Alberto Ascherio of the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston and his colleagues also found that smokers with MS were more likely to have the progressive form of the disease, in which symptoms steadily get worse, rather than the relapsing-remitting form, in which a person has ...
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...oh, it's a bit scary

Hi there
I started 600 mg NAC last week and started to feel very strange (chesty, sinus pain,nausea,headache) then since increasing to 1200mg two days ago my heart has started really pounding and I seem to be getting a fluctuating flare-up of a whole bunch of old MS symptoms.

From the bits I've read on the forum so far I expected something of a reaction but does this sound normal - I could use a ...
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Prayers for D and some thoughts...

Jeff just spoke to our neighbor and dear friend. Our mutual friend/mom of our son's friend is having her surgery today. D was "out of wait" (as so beautifully expressed by Marie.) At 40, she was wheelchair bound and raising her son on her own. She went up to Stanford with her sister and had multiple blockages. We'll get the story later, but for those who pray, please keep D in your thoughts today.

Do ...

More free info on Zamboni's Presentation at Charing Cross

I found the following while trying to find what information was actually in the charing cross videos and books.

on page 10

Multiple sclerosis and the cerebral venous system
At the Charing Cross Symposium on Monday 6 April, Paolo Zamboni (pictured), University of Ferrara, Italy, will present the rationale behind and promising preliminary results of an endovascular technique for the treatmentof multiple sclerosis. According to Zamboni, a topographic correspondence between multiple sclerosis plaques and ...


Anyone hear from him today? I checked his blog and didnt see anything new. I hope everything is going great for him!
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