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Tovaxin update from Opexa

You all (trial participants) are following this more closely than I am, so I don't know if this is old news...

Opexa Therapeutics Gives Update on Phase IIb Trial of Tovaxin(R) for Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

Sep 11 2007, Business Wire - Opexa Therapeutics, a company involved in the development and commercialization of cell therapies, today provided an update on its 150-patient Phase IIb safety and efficacy study (TERMS) of Tovaxin in multiple sclerosis. The ...
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Possible genetic explanation for difference in incidence

Could be another piece of the puzzle...more study required...

Candidate gene analysis of SPARCL1 gene in patients with multiple sclerosis.

Neurosci Lett. 2007 Aug 17;
Scalabrini D, Fenoglio C, Scarpini E, De Riz M, Comi C, Venturelli E, Cortini F, Piola M, Villa C, Naldi P, Monaco F, Bresolin N, Galimberti D.
Department of Neurological Sciences, “Dino Ferrari” Center, University of Milan, IRCCS Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico, Via F. Sforza 35, 20122 Milan, Italy.

Recently, proteomic ...
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lyme or CPn

if i have lyme is it the samee abxs
i've always felt i had lyme first
is the LP the only way to find out
my day was a little better yesterday
went to see our sons-in-law play softball last night
in quite a bit of pain this morning

but on a happy note, during my sponge bath yesterday,i asked the nurse to move the kitten because she was chewing on my ankle bracelet
i ...
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Science Cartoons

I've made some fun science cartoons available here.

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Organ, marrow, and blood donations

Hi to all,

Is there any clinical evidence as to whether or not someone with MS should be an organ donor, participate in the bone marrow donation program, or donate blood.
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Genes gone awry

I've run this through my patented, " Gobbledygook – to – English", translating machine and it would appear that, during a relapse, a number of genes are expressed which prevent the white blood cells from killing themselves at the correct time. This would mean that immune system activity, which might start out as just a normal bit of housekeeping, goes on for far too long and leads to damage:

Impaired expression of peripheral blood apoptotic-related ...
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you know i'm a pretty easy going person
i have a very high pain tolerance
but WOW
first of all this is not a plasebo effect
from aug 16 until aug 31 i felt awesome on 100mg doxy
had the bump with NAC
i expected to breeze through the next 100mg doxy added
i woke up a little more sore than usual because of the weather
but an hour after upping my dose ...
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Copaxone Sting Reduction Technique: A Personal Breakthough

If you try this, please post a reply. I know that typically there’s only about 1 reply post for every 30 or so views, but honestly I really think this is very important and I hope that with frequent replies we can keep it on the front page near the top of the Copaxone message board.

I’m not one to accept what I’m told, at least not without a lot of (seemingly annoying) follow-up questions. ...
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See what antibiotics can do...

I've had reason over the past week, to recall how ill my daughter was 18 months ago, lying in a hospital bed, unable to do anything for herself, not even essential things like breathing and sitting up, or simple things like feeding herself and brushing her teeth.

Her condition deteriorated over a period of 3 months and in spite of two courses of steroids the trend was downwards. At the beginning of the relapse, around ...
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Nightly Night Sweats

Hi there everyone - I am new to this Board and am in need of some help please! I am suffering from dreadful drenching night sweats and have done so for months and months. Doctors are at a loss to explain this which has been very frustrating. Does anyone else suffer from this and if so, how often do you get them? Is this related to MS? I am on Avonex and have been so ...
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