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New Member Says Hi: Lyme and CPn

Hi there,

My name is John and my wife has had "MS" since 2001. Looking for answers as she has steadily got worse has been hard. We tried betaseron to no effect (actually seemed to make the desease more progressive in nature), Steriods (did nothing), LDN no great impact. I started to come to the conclusion that maybe this was not MS so started looking at mis-diagnosis. This led me to Hughes syndrome (tested -ve) ...
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in simple terms...?

hi everyone,

I just came on over from the HiCy board....I see there's a lot of action here - and I want to know more about it.

Can anyone (duh! I know a lot of you can) please explain this to me in plain English? I have the articles and links - will check them out - but am hoping someone can help me out. I want to tell others about it.

I know I ...
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My update!

Hi everyone,

Sorry, I haven't been around lately... (and geez, I missed a lot - especially the CCSVI stuff....gonna head over to that board in a minute).

I came home from my second round on May 26th. The treatment went off without a hitch. Once again, I could swear that chemo wasn't in the IV, as I didn't get sick at all. The first night, after the treatment, I was almost nauseous - but not ...
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High Hopes on Pacific Coast

Hi everyone...
I just got off the phone with Dr. Dake. He asked me a few questions about my medical history, and gave me a high-level overview of the steps to come next. He said he'll be out of town for the next few days and asked me to contact Alex to work on selecting a date for the procedure.

I feel like I just won the lottery! ...
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Improved model of motor nerve system

Researchers design first model motor nerve system that's insulated and organized like the human body

Advances in lab-grown motor nerves can lead to cures for diabetic neuropathy and help further understanding of multiple sclerosis and related conditions

Amsterdam, 21 July 2009 - In the July issue of Biomaterials, published by Elsevier, researchers from the University of Central Florida (UCF) report on the first lab-grown motor nerves that are insulated and organized just like they are ...
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CT Venography Scheduled for Thursday

After consulting with Dr. Dake, my PCP has scheduled me for a CT venography of my jugular and azygous veins, this Thursday at 9 AM. I believe Dr. Dake spoke to the radiologist at the hospital where I'll be having the procedure done, to fully brief him on what precise protocols need to be followed.

I spoke with Dr. Dake, and he wants me to send him a disk with the results. Should be interesting...

It's a go.

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Second round of infusions start tomorrow

Hey everyone,
I start my second round of campath tomorrow. I can't believe it has been a year already. Only three days this time. I hope everyone is doing well. I am anticipating an uneventful few days of sitting in the office with an IV in my hand/arm. I will post anything of importance over the next couple of days.
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Anyone else get a rash?

I was lying around today and was just constantly itching my head around the hairliine and also my lower torso. After a couple of hours of this I decided it was more than just dry skin so I looked in the mirror. I have an ever so light rash that I can hardly see, but it feels kind of like barely raised chicken skin; ie, can't even feel unless touching very lightly. It's probably nothing, ...
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Steve's Turn: waiting for the call

All the records and other documentation have been sent to Alexandra, we've already had our introduction by phone, and we've been exchanging e-mails. Now, we're just waiting for the call.

Can the wheels of healing be more excruciatingly slow??? Of course they can be---like for healing that's never dreamt of, like for healing that never comes.


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