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More FTY720 Info

Came up on Google this afternoon...


Preclinical Studies Suggest FTY720 Mechanisms In Multiple Sclerosis May Include Direct Activity In The Brain

New preclinical data, presented at the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) annual meeting in Boston, reflect the expanding understanding of FTY720's (fingolimod) mechanism of action in multiple sclerosis (MS), suggesting direct beneficial effects in the brain. The data suggest that FTY720 may have the potential to reduce neurodegeneration and enhance repair of the ...
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Naive B cells and IL-10

Cytokines are the molecules which cells use to communicate with each other. Some of them, like IL-10, turn down inflammation, while others turn it up. In MS the levels of these molecules are out of balance, with too little IL-10 being produced.
It seems that IL-10 is normally made by "naive" B cells, which are "blank" cells that haven't been exposed to enemy tissue, while the inflammatory cytokines are made by "memory" B cells, which ...
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My Tysabri Story

I finally got to see a Specialist (only a 4 month wait) and she was great. After viewing my MRI (I had over 25 leisions in my brain area), she was concerned that I was being treated solely with Copaxone (on for approx 6 months), and immediately ordered another MRI.

Good news - some of the leisions went away completely (no scarring), Bad news - but many more appeared (over 30 at her current count). ...
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toxicity in the womb

There seems to be a drought of MS-specific stories at the moment, but I thought this raised an interesting possibility: that environmental toxins could play havoc with our immune systems before we're even born...

Prenatal toxicity linked to immune dysfunctions in later life
A Cornell researcher and his wife have conducted the first comprehensive review of later-life diseases that develop in people who were exposed to environmental toxins or drugs either in the womb or ...
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Oral treatments

Digan has kindly offered to pay the $16,000 for this publication
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First injection of Tovaxin?/placebo

Hi again everybody. Well, my much delayed first injection happened yesterday. I was a bit discouraged at first since I saw absolutely no site reaction on either arm. But my wife comforted me with her words that "God knows what's best for you" which I know is true and that we just need to continue trusting in Him. My next injection is scheduled for the end of this month. I wish everyone better health, both ...
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Support Growing for SSDI/SSI Reform

Following please find my editorial that is being published next week in the Access Press newspaper in Minnesota which addresses disability issues. A full page story is also being published this month in the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation's magazine, MSFocus, as well as in the Accelerated Cure project's next newsletter, and in the June issue of New Mobility Magazine.

The changes I am proposing have the potential to actually save tax dollars while extending much needed ...
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Mitoxantrone + Copaxone

I think this combo is in trials. It is an approach being examined at a neurological clinic in Liverpool, England.

COPAXONE(R) Treatment over Two Years after Short Term Induction with Mitoxantrone Provided Sustained Benefits to Active Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Patients 04 May 2007

Increased Efficacy on MRI and Clinical Outcomes Achieved at 15 Months Was Sustained for 24 Months in Follow-up Study.

New data have demonstrated that relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) patients treated with ...
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Hi I'm new from the UK

Hi there everyone,

I am new here. I was directed to this website from MSRC for realistic views on DMD's. I was dx in Feb 2007 after quite a bad relapse. As others have said many websites sit on the fence with some of the information they give, and as MS is a life changing event, it is helpful to see the good and the bad in the disease from fellow MSer's with millions of ...
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Drug info

For those of you who like to know about the meds you are taking (especially off label), the following web site contains a wealth of info, and has a free trial period.
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