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dizzy a week after?

Just wondering if anyone else has run into this...

I usually get dizzy the day of and the day after my IV

But today (1 week later) I'm dizzy every couple of minutes. Just little waves... lasting at most 5 seconds... but it's really annoying.
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This is freakin' amazing

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Press release Bologna September 8th

I am an italian patient originally treated from Professor Z more than 2 years ago in Italy. I improved significantly and my MRI scan are without active lesion with no more relapse at 2 years F-Up. Dr Salvi, my neurologist, is really satisfied. Last week I underwent colorDoppler control of my jugulars and azygous by Professor Z and Erica his wonderful sonographer, who works back to back with him from the beginning. All is going ...

Suggestion for the "Stent-o-teers"

With the :D growing number :D of people having the stents placed, its getting hard to remember who has what :? . It would be really good if those that have yet to do so, placed a quick summary of what they had done in their "Signatures" (

Some ...

they have successfully reversed ms in mice

this was originally posted by my friend on the cidp forum because what is good for ms is probably good for cidp
Researchers at Montreal's Jewish General Hospital say they've successfully reversed multiple sclerosis in mice, fuelling hope there could soon be treatment available to humans.

An experimental treatment that suppresses the immune system has put multiple sclerosis into remission and completely reversed the disease in the rodents, said scientists at the hospital, who made ...
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Good interview with Vollmer

This issue of InforMS has an interesting interview with Tim Vollmer. Much of what he says won't be new to a lot of people here, but he puts it all together very clearly and provided, at least for me, a clearer impression of the state of MS understanding. ... lowres.pdf
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My friend James at Stanford

Just got off the phone with my friend James and his awesome companion Kate. He has completed the full complement of tests and met with Dr. D. Sounds like his stenosis has topped the charts. Left side not working and right side, well lets say missing in action. Dr. Dake says the worst he has seen so far. Great news for James as his disability is high and reflects the diagnosis well. He goes in ...
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Peeks follow up

got my follow up MRI/MRV's and consult w/Dr D. My stents are looking great but....I am going in surgery for 2 new stents Jugular at ea. collar bone. Dake said I will be able to go home afterward if I felt OK to do so.

He was totally enthusiastic and excited about it all. Took a short survey re: fatigue and tasks also an EDSS self assessment. tell more tomorrow. H.
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review of the facts-

Think it's time to review what we know (fact), and what we don't know (conjecture)-

*CCSVI has been found in 100% of the CDMS patients Dr. Zamboni has tested. He has reported this in a peer reviewed paper. It is only related to MS patients. No other neurological diseases had it. Repeat: CCSVI is only found in MS patients. It is related to MS. SUNY Buffalo was interested in his research, and are doing an ...
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Another reason research is moving slow

I was having a conversation with my wife this morning at the breakfast table about the increased fundingObama gave for scientific research and she shared with me an interesting perspective. My wife is a young(36) researcher at a fairly big university and one of her research interests is stem cells. She and many of her colleagues applied for grants from the Federal government in order to continue testing their specific line of research. As time ...
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