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Dealing with an MS parent


I'm posting here because I'm really not sure where else to turn for advice on this. My mother was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS in 1999. She has definitely declined since then, but is still pretty functional in terms of mobility, and less so dexterity. She has improved a good deal since starting Tysabri about one year ago. However, the cognitive decline has really been an issue as of late. She has marked emotional lability ...
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how often?

do you see your neuro? or dr treating your ms....
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I've got a question since I feel I'm being nailed by Anthem in the same way UHC nailed me. After telling me that all I had to pay was the $50 office visit copay, they called me back after two doses on my new insurance and told me that was incorrect and I owed them $486/dose for the last two. Does anyone else pay that much who is insured? I'm curious because this is the ...
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Heres something interesting for you

I just got an email via someone through my site who is going to JH for HiCy. They told me they talked with Carrie and in Sept they are going to start trying something different.

1. HiCy and then Tysabri
2. HiCy and then Copaxone
3. 3 different dose amounts based on a blood test they have developed.

I am trying to find out what the blood test is because that has me fascinated!

So ...
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Interesting thoughts

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New to this site

Hi everyone. I'm new to this site. I'm 28 and was diagnosed in October on 2007. I knew what was wrong before doctors would confirm. It took a month to get that confirmation. I was already on to dealing with it.

Anyway, I have a 2.5 year old son, am married, haven't had a relapse and am on Copaxone. We are thinking of having another baby. Any encouragement or any advise? My next neuro appointment ...
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Safer Stem Cells?

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Enlarge Image
Picture of embryo

Settling In. Induced stem cells show up green in an eight-cell embryo (left) and the reproductive region of a chimera (center). The image on the right shows a chimeric mouse fetus.

Credit: H. Zhou et al., Cell Stem Cell 2009
Safer Stem Cells?

By Constance Holden
ScienceNOW Daily News
23 April 2009
Working with cell cultures and live mice, scientists have devised what may be ...
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News from Opexa

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Free Copaxone

I am really bad at remembering to take my shot. I have an extra month of shot I will give to anyone who will pay me for shipping. I have no idea what to do with them. I'm coming up on the point I will not need to take it anymore either and I have no idea what to do with those either. I would hate to stop the RX, because I am sure someone ...
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Fat Cells as MS treatment

Three multiple sclerosis patients treated with cells from their own fat tissue have shown a "dramatic improvement" researchers have reported.
One man became free of the agonising seizures that had plagued him for years.
Another regained his balance and co-ordination, and a third man who was previously paralysed was reported to be running and riding a bicycle.
However, scans showed that in all three patients sites of damage to the nervous system remained after the ...
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