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Anxios !!!! Your valued openion/suggestions please.

Hi fello MSears,

:?: My meds changed by my neuro for the third time in two months.
Previous meds: Current meds:
----------------- ----------------
1.Beclafen 10 mg thrice a day Beclafen (XL) 20 mg twice a day
2.Methylprednisolon 8 mg Methylprednisolon 8 mg
3.Absolute 3G( hor fatigue) Withdrawn
4.Imuran (Deises Modifying Drug) twice a day Same
5. --- GEMCAL (Calcirtol,Cacium Carbonate & Zink )one cap a day
6. ...
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Three month mark

I am now nearing the three month mark post campath infusions.
I'm feeling pretty good, in spite of a recent fall that banged me up.
Friday, I return to the doc.
I am wondering how others are doing, as time goes by post infusions, and what I might expect.
Has anyone seen real improvement yet?
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Career Change

Work has been a struggle lately, as I am a chef with PPMS. Not exactly the best career for an MS sufferer as it is rated one of the most stressful careers and there's no way I could possibly keep myself cool. I've been feeling guilty at work for not living up to the requirements of my job and relying too much on my employees as I tend to more administrational duties. I need to ...
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thank god its only ms

just had my first mri in 5 years today. the last one said phrases like " consistant with the demylination process in ms and tm" but the lesion did not contrast. this is the first bout I have had in 5 years and I would assume that after all this time and waiting this mri would be definitive either way ms or no ms. I made the mistake in asking the radiology clinic to send ...
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Hello and goodbye

Hi All,
I haven't been around in the past few months and I'm sorry to see there is not much news on the Tovaxin site. I have gotten divorced, moved to a super rural hunting cabin, have no e-mail and I think this is my farewell. I appreciate all you have done for me over the past years and still hold out hope for Tovaxin's resurgence. I don't know how I would have coped without ...
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recently diagnosed with PPMS

Hi all!

I am a 33 year old man who was diagnosed with PPMS in March after finally finding a GP that would send me to a neuro. Bowel and bladder symptoms began 4 years ago after an anxiety attack, GP diagnosed chronic stress. Fatigue progressed, bowels stabilized, urinary issues worsened, sexual dysfunction crept in. Visited several doctors over the past two years and kept getting the same response. Legs went numb in January and ...
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Research bubble

Hi everyone!

A good friend sent me this paper to read, please do read it, it suggest we have a research bubble similar to our housing bubble in the US:
Here's the things that stood out to me;

But over recent decades the rate of major clinical breakthroughs has probably declined , even as claims for the importance of medical research have grown more exaggerated...snip..Available therapies typically ...
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CD34+ versus MSC's (Mesenchymal Stem Cells)

Does anyone know the difference between stem cell procedures that isolate CD34+ cells versus Mesenchymal Stromal Cells (MSC's):
Israel and Costa Rica treatments seem to isolate MSC's whereas the clinic in Germany isolates CD34+ stem cells before placing them back in. It seems like there is positive research and positive anecdotal responses to both. Any information would be helpful.

Also, it seems the MSC's can come from fat/bone marrow/and umbilical cords whereas the CD34+ come ...
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SPMS - What do I do?

I am a 32 year old, female diagnosed 5 days ago w/ Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.
Dr gave me 4 meds to choose from & told me to talk to my insurance & decide which I would prefer - Avonex, Betaseron, Rebif or Copaxone.
Coincidentally, in checking w Aetna, these are the only 4 MS meds my plan covers. I had decided to go with Copaxone because the minimal side effects.
BUT, this morning I ...
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Comorbidities and key factors that affect quality of life

Hi everyone, I just wanted to remind you all about a free educational teleconference on MS which is coming up. The title is "Comorbidities and Key Factors That Affect Quality of Life" and is given by Dr. Alex Rae-Grant from the Cleveland Clinic Neurological Institute Mellen Center for MS Treatment and Research.

This is open to anyone interested in MS news and research - those within the medical community, as well as caregivers and those ...
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