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Lumbar puncture readings

I had a lumbar puncture on April first, but I haven't heard from my neuro since.I've called about 5 times for a follow up, and last week I was fed up and asked that all results be forwarded to my GP. I don't think she really knows how to read the results, she said they appeared normal, but she didn't know exactly what my neuro was looking for.

Does anyone here know what to make ...
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do women get stenosis 3x more thean men?
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New Online MS-brain training games

Just found these new online brain-training games for people with MS. If you register it tracks your scores over time. I found I needed to tweak the contrast and invert the colours before I could use it (buttons at the bottom of the screen). See:
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post-surgery hair loss?

Not such a big deal, especially compared to Lew's rash, but anyone else on Coumadin and Plavix noticing that their hair is coming out? I am definitely shedding way more than normal. It's not clumps (at least not yet), and I think it is a not uncommon side effect, but am wondering if anyone else has experienced this or has comments. Thanks.
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National Institute for Clinical Excellence in America?

This is what worries me ......

National Public Radio Story (July 21, 2009): 'Comparative Effectiveness' In Health Care Debated

The story mentions the NICE in the UK. I don't know how accurate the story is, but it concerns me that someone could one day decide that ABX, Stents or any other "off-label" therapy is not sufficiently effective in MS. It seems to me that it puts enormous value on the past and enormous hurdles on ...
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New application for Walkaide (not MS)

Watch this report (the ad at the beginning is very short). It's pretty amazing. ... ontentBody
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crab prices

for what they do you wonder! there is some links to info about the crab your neuro gets you on .. ... s-whoa.htm
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couple guestions about tysabri

so just had my second infusion about 10days ago.
everything went well but two days ago i was little sick, i puked two times in the evening and had a little of stomach pain. no fever or anything else.
i dont think that i had eaten anything wrong.
it all was over in the next morning and i felt good again.
and still i feel very good.

i would like to know that is it ...
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New Member Says Hi: Lyme and CPn

Hi there,

My name is John and my wife has had "MS" since 2001. Looking for answers as she has steadily got worse has been hard. We tried betaseron to no effect (actually seemed to make the desease more progressive in nature), Steriods (did nothing), LDN no great impact. I started to come to the conclusion that maybe this was not MS so started looking at mis-diagnosis. This led me to Hughes syndrome (tested -ve) ...
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