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It's snow ing in Texas

or atleast it did, but it's all but melted :(

these are from this morning





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Not disabled enough

Gotta love the English benefits system. I applied for Disability living allowance - a small benefit to help disabled people be able to live more normally and afford a little help with the costs of disability. I still work so it's not full-time sickness benefit. After 6 months they ahve come back and told me that I am not disabled enough. I have been on crutches or a walking stick permenantly since May. But it ...
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Prof Scolding stem cell trial

Not much in this article, but thought it worth posting.

Introducing stem cell based Myelin repair therapies in patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Professor Neil J. Scolding, FRCP PhD, University of Bristol Institute of Clinical Neurosciences, U.K., provided a report of his studies of bone-marrow derived cells for the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

About 30 years ago, investigators began to think that cell therapies might be useful to treat loss of myelin caused by multiple ...
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bad/sad news

So, it seems that I'm having an exacerbation. It isn't as horrific as my first one - but it's getting pretty bad. :cry:

Local neuro wants me to do a 5 day course of IVSM (at 500mg dose, instead of 1000).

I've been under some stress lately...and the weather just changed to cold out here. Not sure if that's part of it...but either way....I'm ...
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sad a little bit

how can someone keep the courage alive?there are times that i think about the future and then i think that i can not be in love or go out and have fun :( anyway...i always used to be strong :) ...
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Increased repair?

For both RevImmune and Campath, you read about the surprising / unexpected decreases in EDSS. Has anything similar been noted for Rituxan?

I checked what I think are the Phase II results, and they present the starting EDSS but not what it was at the end.
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Update on DR Visit yesterday

I posted this on the rebif thread but wanted everyone to know about it.

I had my biannual MRI and Neuro check up this afternoon. I have been taking .22 Rebif shots for 6 months. Dr was thrilled that there were no new leisons/ no change at all in the T3 MRI. What a relief!! No progression since starting the Rebif.

I will up my dose of rebif to .32 for a month the go ...
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MS - the gift that keeps on giving

Well 2008 has been an unusually crappy year for me. A severe fall and head injury, wicked vertigo for over 6 months now, optic neuritis in both eyes, balance and gait problems, and now a new gift from the MS grinch of the holidays... right arm numb from the elbow down and some loss of function in right hand. Wow.. what next? I can hardly wait to see. The wheel of misfortune keeps on spinning ...
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The Guy's Neurological Disability Scale (GNDS)

This was the first I remember of hearing about this; searched here and found a reference to it for a study. And it appears you can even do it yourself. The link below actually leads to access to the full text which has the test and how to administer/score it as an appendix.

The Guy's Neurological Disability Scale (GNDS): a new disability measure for multiple sclerosis
Basil Sharrack
Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Hodgkin Building, Guy's, ...
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Talked to my Dr about campath

He does the most recent 2 clinical trails for Campath and he says things are looking great for the drug as a true major MS treatment. He said it was doing better than rebif by 70 something percent.

I am doing fine on rebif so not a candidate for campath yet. He has very high hopes for it's use.

Keep all of us posted on your campath treatments so we choose our next course of ...
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