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Pain killers, long term opiod use

I know i've taken you guys down this road before, but I have a very specific question.
A doc friend of mine prescribed me some Norco..actually alot of norco, i guess it's also the same as vicodin.
Well, I like it. Alot, it makes me smile.

However, surely 90 tablets is enough to develop an addiction yes? or no.

I do know that it was a very short period of time before I needed to ...
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I just want to remind all that according to Zamboni's preliminary findings that having the CCSVI intervention improvement varies in time.

Go to page 75 stating recovery can take 4days to 4 months and further down the page was a Z test stating lower limb recovery as much as 6 months. and also mostly RRMS

We are not a patient society. We take pills for instant headache relief...microwave a potato so it will cook in ...
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GP or Neuro?

I'm wondering who would be the likely choice to help me with symptom management. My GP is WAY more accessible and nearby but would he know enough about MS to help me? I'm not on any medication besides Rebif and ibuprofen but if there's something out there that could help with nerve pain, I'd like to try it, I'm just not sure which doc to talk to. My neuro would definitely understand the pain but ...
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Am i having a relapse

Hi all, :?:
Though, nothing can be said new symptoms, i am feeling the pre-existing
symptoms in a much seviour way.So much so ,that walking seems like ckimbing a 100 ft long staigt rock.The weekness at the loin has increased manyfold,getting up from bed or sofa is very difficult.These are the symptoms i was experiancing in 2006.

My present regimen:
1.IMURAN (Deisease Modifying drug)
along with ...
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Post Hypoxic Demyelination

Another proposed mechanism of how CCSVI creates those many scars. Post hypoxic (after a lack of oxygen to the brain) demyelination-

Here's a study of a man involved in a bad auto accident. He had massive blood loss, and his brain was deprived of oxygen for a while. He develops demyelinated lesions in his brain and has an overactive bladder.

Unlike previous reports of hypoxic-ischemic demyelination, our patient lacked any cortical abnormalities, presumably due to ...
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Ernst...have you got any help in Finland

Was just wondering if you have spoken to your doctors and if they were going to help your wife do any testing? My husband was tested with a doppler in Paris, but we haven't gotten any further yet.

Copaxone for SPMS?

Hello All,

I was wondering if anyone else heard the Copaxone was useful in treating Secondary Progrssve MS. I was at a dinner a couple of weeks ago, and I could've sworn that I heard the speaker, (a neurologist from Mpls), mention that Copaxone was now being used for SPMS.

I, unfortunately, was involved in the Dirucotide Phase III trial which means I had to stop all medications, (Copaxone and steroids), in February of last ...
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CCSVI and Slovakia, Europe

Hi everybody!
I am new here. I have RRMS since 1996. I live in Slovakia, Europe.
I am 36 years old woman. I had chance to visit many places in the USA and Canada. My cousins live in Toronto and Vancouver. But I prefered the weather in California.

I have started to ask doctors in Slovakia about possible tests and treatment of CCSVI. My MS doctor did not know about it so I gave her ...
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Bon qui qui ~ funny!

This is what fast food around here has become! funny stuff
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