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FDA - Attacks Vitamin B-6

Here is an article from Dr. Mercola's website. I have not had a chance to research the claims of the article, but I did find it interesting especially for those of us who use supplements in our MS treatment plan.
Pyridoxamine is one form of the vitamin B6. It is an important nutrient for helping your body process carbohydrates, support your nervous system activity and prevent homocysteine, which has been linked to increased risk of ...
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watch this guy draw

Thanx NHE...this should work :)
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Seeking Advise !!!!!

Hi Group Members,
I had several diagnosis since 2003,PPMS,Aquisucral Stenosis,emeylinating Deises ?Prograssive MS.Now my symproms are:
1.Walking (Get better for few days and again start worsening)
2.Balance Problem
3.Bladder Disfuction (Incontinience)
2.Bowel Disfunction ( Constipation relived only when taken laxative)

The meds are:
1.Beclofen (3 * 5mg)
2.Imuran ( Deises modifying Drug)
3.Predomet ( Mythylepeadisolon )

I think no meds prescribed for Bladder Disfuction (Incontinience).

Eaqgerly waitng for tour valued suggestions.

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Green Tea

Green/White TEA can also help treat/cure a lot of your MS problems. It needs to be taken as a supplement to get the dosage at high levels and it is desirable that other things be taken along with it to be really effective.

It is all found in PubMed but it is very hard to find.

I still have a large mug of green/white tea about twice a day.

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dose one over

did today. how did you people sleep? they were taking my vitals every fifteen minutes. holy cow. my bones hurt. i'm tired. i'm going to bed. little nauseous, but mostly i have a headache. i just want the dog to go outside and do her thing so i can go to sleep.
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Scientists Repair Peripheral Nerves In Rats

Scientists Repair Peripheral Nerves In Rats Using Fat Precursor Cells
Wednesday, June 17, 2009 - Stem Cell Research News
Kacey Marra

Researchers in Pennsylvania regenerated injured peripheral nerves in rats by transplanting fat precursor cells, according to a new study.

“Adipose (fat) tissues, shown to be multipotent, have also been shown to be an abundant source of post-natal precursor cells that are relatively easy to isolate from fat tissue and in sufficient amounts to ...
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New here, just found out...20 lesions

Hope im doing this right, but i need answers and im really hoping someone can help. for the last 2 weeks ive been having "spells"....arm getting numb and tingly, feeling of dreaminess, trouble walking and slurred speech, this things happen in "spurts" said STROKE, but MRI showed lesions. My doc was unwilling to answer many questions, but said "probably ms and we will refer you to a neuro"...problem is, when i read the MRI report, ...
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phone number to Jacobs neurology clinic for CCSVI study

I can't find the number to the Jacobs neurology clinic. I know it was posted but I can't seem to find it.

Also does anyone have anymore details? Such as how long the study is. What the exclusion/inclusion criteria are? Is their an application process? And any other info you would like to share. Thanks!

Looking for answers

I've read that all symptoms are different but i was hoping there might be some clues to onset. One doctor believe i have fibromyalgia and thinks i should do no more testing. Another doctor believes i should get a brain scan. Recently lost my insurance.

My symptoms include vision problems (blobs of light, blurry vision), an extremely odd pain (tense and electircal, builds and goes away), chest pain, nausea, memory, concentration, etc. These symptoms have ...
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Looking for Feedback on CCSVI Friendly Regime

Hi All,

I'm 27 and had my first attack in October '08, and modified my diet a month later. I've since had my second attack in May that I'm almost over. I'm set to start Copaxone next week. I've got roughly a dozen lesions in my brain and I believe 1-2 on my spine.

Originally I have been trying to follow the BBD diet, and I've eliminated wheat/gluten, dairy and legumes from my diet. I ...
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