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Hello from the Caribbean

Good morning, I'm from New England and now live in the US virgin Islands, a terratory of the US. I came down here to escape the cold Nort East and live in paradise.There is not to many of us with MS down here.
Presently I'm using;
Vit D
alpha lipolic acid
fish oil
and medical marijuana.

Most of my trouble is wih my left side and I use a cane occaisionally. ...
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New to this site

Hi all,

I backed into this site thru Marc's Wheelchair Kamikaze site and am glad I did.

I've had ms for 12 years, diagnosed in 4 days with double vision, my only symptom ever. I was on copaxone for 8 1/2 years before I started having rumblings of ms symptoms and when nothing made them remit, I was classified as sp and went downhill very quickly.

I am now in a power chair, and have ...
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cooling clothing - i was a skeptic but now....

Hi everyone!

So today was pretty much the return of summer here in Toronto (+30 C... I think that's like 90 F?) anyways.... long story short: My roomie and I haven't re-installed the A/C yet and I got home from work just sweatin' buckets and feeling pretty lousy. I'm going on a European trip at the end of July so i ordered some wrist wraps and a neck wrap to use while I'm there. So ...
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what are the likely interventions?

Hi All -

I've been wondering about what the possibilities are for interventions if the MRV does show problems. I apologize if this information is detailed in one of the earlier threads, but I think when I was reading those I wasn't understanding things as well as I am now.

So Jeff and Marie had similar surgeries and stents, but it sounds like it could be, likely will be, different for others of us. We'll ...

white count 6600!!

OMG, the nurses couldn't believe it. WBC went from 730 to 6600.

And my neuts went from 29 yesterday to 3334 today!!

I could be gone from here early next week. Only need 3 days with counts over 1000. Today is day 1 of that.

But I will say this - I was in terrible pain last night, could barely walk - even had to call the on-call IPOP doc.... was a reaction to the ...
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Nine Weeks Post Treatment-NC

I am nine weeks out of HiCy treatment (in NC) and just finished my third week of PT (going twice weekly). I wanted to check in with you veterans and see if where I'm at sounds "normal" to everyone.

I too experienced some issues with increased spasticity beginning about two weeks out of treatment. However, since I have a baclofen pump, it was fairly easy to rectify. The neurosurgeon simply increased the dosage over a ...
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Q for Jimmylegs... *Update

Jimmy, you're the first person I thought to ask :D .

What vitamin deficiencies could cause me to see spots in my peripheral?

I'm 5 months pregnant and haven't been so good at keeping up with my prenatal vitamins. For the past week I've been seeing sparkly gold dots off and on. My blood pressure is fine and so far my MS has been pretty dormant... ...
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Thyroid *Update*

Ack! Help!

My OB's nurse called me on Friday to tell me my TSH came back at 4.9 and I am scheduled to see an endocrinologist next week.

So of course I immediately went online to research levels and it looks like the normal standard for levels are all over the map, but 4.9 isn't high at all. I am confused - maybe it's just because I'm 5 mos pregnant and they want to keep ...
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Hey all, I've had a pretty strong interest in weird coincidences (or 'synchronicities,' for those who find some of them to be meaningful and not all 'mere') ... anyway, wouldnt think to bring it up on here but I just posted about how I found out I had MS as part of a strange coincidence with another person I never met, and thought it might be worthwhile here ... maybe it's my lesions that make ...
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nutritional type & anti inflammatory diet

I used to follow the swank diet but was told to try the nutritional type diet - I am a protein type (which interestingly agrees with my blood type though I was not asked). Now I eat protein but only organic - chicken, kangaroo, a little low fat lamb & progurt (made from organic full cream milk).

I also read about the lupus diet (which excludes anti inflammatories - wheat, nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, capsicum,aubergine) legumes ...
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