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new question?

Now my lower back (at the top of my buttocks)right side has this, on and off pinching type sensation,like somebody is pinching the inside of my back it started last night and is on and off today!Has anybody experienced this and were they told a specific problem :?: :?: And now all up my right side because of that ...
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New with questions

So, I was diagnosed with MS is 2007 and haven't even talked to anyone else with MS. I'm not sure why, I just never had a question. I'm a stay at home mom to a 2 year old son. I have never had a relapse.

Now to the questions. My husband and I are considering having another baby. However, we are worried about me going off the medication, the time it will take to get ...
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You guys need to start a separate topic forum for CCVI. It's 38 pages long and its gotten to the point anyone new to it would have no clue where to even start.

Thanks folks!
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Lookee what I got! :-)

Copied from my e-mail!

Dear Jane,

Thank you very much for your e-mail and letters to Opexa. We appreciate all the effort you and the others are doing and have done to support Tovaxin, by word of mouth, over the Internet blogs and by participating in our clinical studies. I have made sure that the others you attempted to reach (Dr. Fox, Dr. McGuire and Donna Rill) have all received your message.

We are committed ...
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Albhoy update.....

Took a wee abx break in November after two years of being relapse free, feeling great. Caught a helluva flu in December which floored me for a week, got over that and then it came back in January for a couple of days, then relapsed beginning of Feb, course of steroids followed and when I finished them I got straight back onto the abx, and won't be taking another break in the near future...... ...
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MS - you are always on my mind!

Wihout a doubt, the biggest struggle I have with MS is that IT is the predominant issue on my mind and is constantly taking my thoughts, energy and time that should be going towards my job, my family, myself, etc.

I don't even want to think about calculating the minutes hours, days and years I have wasted in my life thinking about MS.

I can see that it would be warranted and even expected if ...
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Head Fogginess/MS Fatigue


I am just wondering if anyone has ever experienced extreme fatigue sydndromes I just came back from my neuro. I've been complaining about major fatigue for about a year now and I described to him about the strange fogginess in my head and that I could not lift up a piece of paper because of this. He is a wonderful doctor. He notates every single thing in his file that you say to him ...
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heart trouble topic for jen (bumped for terry)

jimmylegs wrote:
jen what kind of heart things..

-Irregular heartbeat which so far never happens around a physician. Probably benign, since they say these things usually are. Comes and goes. But has spiraled upward in terms of frequency and duration of symptoms since I first experienced it 9 years ago my first pg. Not associated with other symptoms (ie no shortness of breath or lightheadedness or anything).

-The thing where you fall asleep and wake ...
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Controlling flu-like symptoms-beginning Rebif this week

I am starting Rebif this week. I was diagnosed with RRMS last week. Does anyone have any tips to controll the flu-like symptoms associated with Rebif? The MD recommended naprosyn two hours before dose and for the followig 24hours. Does anyone have a better idea? Thanks... :)
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