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Thanks NHE, I still can't reply so I had to start a new post. I guess my opinion will just have to wait :lol:
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New PML risk-evaluation - AAN 2009

After at least one year of therapy the risk of PML was found to be 2.4 in 10,000.]

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Deep tissue leg massage


I have a good friend who is a RMT and she says that deep tissue massage of the legs helps people with MS because it stimulates blood flow to otherwise relatively idle muscles. Her argument is that it might improve things but certainly can't hurt.

Does anyone have any views or experience on the topic?

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swelling in foot

Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone has experienced swelling of one of their feet? I have been taking LDN for 4 yrs., but have been noticing the last few months that my foot is swollen. I went off the LDN for a week & the ankle was fine, then went back on for a day & swollen again. I have tried different fillers (avicel & lactose) & pharmacies. Any insight would be greatly ...
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I am going for it

I have been accepted in Cologne, Germany (still waiting for the exact date). It is a rather simple procedure. They remove some of my bone marrow early one week and give the stem cells (that they have filtered out) the next wednesday.
I too, figure I have nothing to loose. No chemotherapy, no embrionic cells from anyone else nor any animal. The clinics are clean and I know the procedures: bone marrow extration and lumbar ...
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What causes stenosis?

Here is lots of info about CCSVI and I tried to search more about stenosis? Especially what causes them? In ms I have always thinked that there is enviromental elemant + genes with MS. With environmental I'd think nutrition, viruses, poison, etc. Maybe things that effects / protects veins really has effect to ms course.

My wife has been on best-bet-diet since dx and in my opinion it has big influence - no symptoms, except ...
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Invalid Session

Everytime I try to post a reply I get -Session Invalid Resubmit Form. When I do try to re-submit I get the same message. This started a few days ago.
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Given that viruses, especially EBV and HHV6a, are implicated in the pathogenesis of MS, this research on interleukin-21 seems relevant. IL-21 has been studied in the context of MS. I put one Pubmed abstract (there are more) below the article.

Chronic Infection Now Clearly Tied to Immune-System Protein

June 13, 2009 -- The reason deadly infections like human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and hepatitis C never go away is because these viruses disarm the body’s defense ...
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