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Both me and my x-husband have MS

I've looked at this site before, but just decided tonight to sign up. My former husband and I have both been diagnosed with MS. He, ten years before me. I haven't seen any posts on here about that.

We have a daughter, so of course I'm more concerned now about her risk.

Does anyone know more couples like this? My story is long, but if you want to read about it, just let me know. ...
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4-AP reaction question

Love it to death! What a drug for spasticity!! Barely a need for Baclofen.


I swear to God I am back in Fl on a little house boat type thing going deep sea fishing. I can walk and all but wowser.

Now my balance is better, so the minute it was worse I knew what it was. Has anyone else had this happen, and is it something ...
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8 month update, and a long rant.. enjoy....

Well it has been 8 months since my first campath infusion.

I actually have been feeling pretty good lately. I can't say it's a miracle drug or that it has repaired any damage so far. Although, some days my eyesight seems a bit better.

My general energy level is really pretty good and I seem to be able to manage my symptoms better. I think part of that is that I have just learned to ...
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alcohol ;)

hi everyone!
i've received my 4th tys infusion - the last 2 went fine and I felt my walking was improving though now I have the feeling it got slightly worse after the last infusion and I sometimes have mild headaches and mild feelings of nausea. I got scared it could be PML, i am a little paranoid... but my neuro does not seem to think it could be connected though she will still do ...
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NAC and Copaxone

There was a small clinical study done a few years ago (I think in Canada) looking at the combination of Copaxone and NAC. I've seen it mentioned in earlier posts. Though the study was completed, I haven't been able to find any paper written up about it. Does anyone know the results of this study?


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CPN research

Chlamydia pneumoniae bactrium - one possible cause of Multiple Sclerosis? 20 November 2008

Recently, the most convincing data ever presented relating infection
with a specific organism to multiple sclerosis has been reported
from the Department of Neurology and Pathology, Vanderbilt School
of Medicine, Nashville, Tennessee. Dr. Subramaniam Sriram and coworkers, publishing their results in the Annals of Neurology, have demonstrated the presence of a specific type of bacteria in 100% of the 37 multiple ...
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Not MS: Transplant of windpipe grown from stem cells

I saw this on the standard daily TV news today.
To recap; the operation, on 30-year-old tuberculosis patient Claudia Castillo, took place in Barcelona, where doctors also had collected a three-inch segment of trachea from a 51-year-old donor who had died of a cerebral hemorrhage. They used a technique developed in Padua to strip the windpipe of its donor's original cells, a procedure that took six weeks, to create a "scaffold". At the same time, ...
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Relationship Forum

How about a forum on relationships? A place where the single and attached could discuss all the difficulties and joys. I think I would feel kind of weird posting about my relationship problems on the daily life or general discussion forums but if there was a specific one I wouldn't.
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Novantrone and Leukemia and Greater Heart Damage Risk

My husband was diagnosed in early September 2008 as having Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) Secondary to administration of Novantrone.

There are three other patients on his hospital floor with the same problem. I think that the public has been underquoted the risk. If the risk that the Novantrone mfg quoted to doctors was 1 in 1000 (as I am told), I actually calculated the risks from their small lot of studies as 1 in 400 ...
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Wife's regimen

Time to pass here some changes I have done to wife's regimen:

500mg carnitine with 150mg Lipoic acid and 50mg Q10
1gr omega 3
200mcg Selenium (5 days/week)
2500IU vitamin A (4 days/week)
300mcg Chromium (5 days/week)
100mg Resveratrol
120mg Gingko Biloba
1caps Kelp (5 days/week)

1020mg Salvia
500mg Inosine (her uric acid levels are at higher normal level)
500mg N-acetyl cysteine
100mg Pycnogenol
500mg Quercetin

500mg carnitine with 150mg lipoic acid ...
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