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Thyroid *Update*

Ack! Help!

My OB's nurse called me on Friday to tell me my TSH came back at 4.9 and I am scheduled to see an endocrinologist next week.

So of course I immediately went online to research levels and it looks like the normal standard for levels are all over the map, but 4.9 isn't high at all. I am confused - maybe it's just because I'm 5 mos pregnant and they want to keep ...
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Hey all, I've had a pretty strong interest in weird coincidences (or 'synchronicities,' for those who find some of them to be meaningful and not all 'mere') ... anyway, wouldnt think to bring it up on here but I just posted about how I found out I had MS as part of a strange coincidence with another person I never met, and thought it might be worthwhile here ... maybe it's my lesions that make ...
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nutritional type & anti inflammatory diet

I used to follow the swank diet but was told to try the nutritional type diet - I am a protein type (which interestingly agrees with my blood type though I was not asked). Now I eat protein but only organic - chicken, kangaroo, a little low fat lamb & progurt (made from organic full cream milk).

I also read about the lupus diet (which excludes anti inflammatories - wheat, nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, capsicum,aubergine) legumes ...
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Where to go from here ?

I have been a quiet observer of this forum for a while and have found it very helpful. Thank you all for your insights. My wife was diagnosed six years ago, and has tried all of the ABC's - no luck. She has progressed pretty rapidly. We began Tysabri three months ago. Her strenght seems to be improving, however I am noticing some very disturbing things. She is having a very hard time concentrating, she ...
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white count 730 and rising

So my white count never got down to zero - but only to 110. My neutrophils did hit ZERO and stay there for 2 days. They are now at 29, while my wbc is 730. I'm on my way up..... successfully rebooting!

No complications as of yet, either.

Today was Day 3 of the growth hormone shots.

Thanks for all of your well wishes,

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This might be a dumb question, but ...

What about the role of water?

When I go to get my infusions they always have a hard time finding my veins. I know that I don't drink enough water (like, serioulsy, maybe 2-3 glasses per week) , but now I'm starting to wonder just how poor of a choice that has been.

No water + heat +stenosis = ????? (yikes!)

On that note, I'm going to go get a glass of pure H20 right ...

Random Thoughts

***Apparently my family (parents/siblings) thinks MS is something like the flu or a bad kidney infection. They were lovingly by my side in January when everything went down and I got the dx but since mid-Feb., the subject hasn't come up. I avoid mentioning it because it just sounds whiny but I would like to talk about it sometimes with them. It's as if nothing in the family has changed...but in my life, it seems ...
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Hi from Jeff, re. my stent treatment at Stanford

Hi everybody! This is Jeff (aka 'Cheerleaders husband'). Yes, I'm actually NOT a fiction of my wonderful wife, but a real person. I'm happy to share with you my experience at Stanford for whatever help and information it might bring to light. Those of you familiar with this thread probably already know about the work Dr. Zamboni has been exploring with our disease and this completely new model of a possible cause, and treatment for ...

another one for Stanford, and a question

Hi All -

I've got an appointment with Dr. Dake starting July 14th. As so many have said, he and Angela could not be nicer. I will eagerly read about those who go first, and will happily post during my time there.

Now that I have booked it, I started wondering about the implications for my using Copaxone. I will need to discuss it all with my neuro, but I am wondering if anyone who ...

vasoconstrictors, vasodilators

(I started a discussion about this in the Remission thread, but thought it probably warrants its own thread.)

Assuming there is some truth to the CCSVI paradigm, our brains and spinal cords are damaged when veins narrow down enough to create backflow/pressure.

While much of the stenoses (narrowing/blockages) are likely to be present from birth, it does seem likely that various things can make the problem worse and bring on relapses.

I don't expect to ...
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